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New attack on Voting Rights Act threatens Black vote protections: ‘It’s a problem’… via @MSNBC

Update: Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp has signed the GOP’s new congressional & legislative maps. However, the federal court that struck down the previous maps will soon rule on whether the new ones still violate the Voting Rights Act. The court’s next hearing is on Dec. 20…

@DanRShafer It resonates with me. I'd like to keep my rights and the rights of marginalized groups. Thank you very much. It took one sit out by a few in 2016 to give us a SCOTUS that took away women's right to make healthcare decisions. They gutted the voting rights act.

@TrumpDailyPosts 🤣🤣🤣🤣he was paid $900K to say what you wanted him to say!🤣🤣🤣🤣

While McCarthy and his party voted NO on veterans benefits, border funding, lowering the cost of insulin, etc., Kevin was living an extravagant lifestyle! I mean who doesn’t like $85 steaks or fine wines? Especially, if doesn’t come out of your pocket!…

@JDVance1 If you'd been in the Senate in 1965, you'd have opposed the Voting Rights Act. You're an embarrassment to Ohio.

@atensnut No, the best news of the day is you saying you will leave when President Biden wins!

@GOP @EliseStefanik 🤣🤣🤣🤣do you even know what moral clarity is? I’ll answer for you NO! You and your party support a rapist, a thief, a wannabe dictator, an adulterer, a known liar, a bully, etc! So you and your party do not have the right to judge anyone else!🤣🤣🤣🤣

@BeachLife4Me65 @GOP @EliseStefanik I have never been to Mar Lago, but I have been to Doral and let’s just say Elise would need to lose weight before she was considered for a waitress position…she’d also have to wear a skimpy uniform.

@sdward1 @GOP @EliseStefanik Always supports LOSERS! Let’s not forget she endorsed Santos! If she was such a staunch defender of our country and all its people, she never would have voted to oust Liz Cheney!

@DougWahl1 Yes I do; but if he is guilty, then I would expect him to pay for his “crimes”.

@TrumpDailyPosts Just like you never accomplished anything while you were president (other than bow to Putin and Kim Jong Un) republicans have done NOTHING for the American people!

@JaneLydiaB @TrumpDailyPosts @RonDeSantis @NikkiHaley @VivekGRamaswamy If YOU cared about this country, you would not be supporting a twice impeached maniac that tried to stage a coup to stay in power. Biden vs Trump:

@dom_lucre Biden signed into law the Emmett Till Anti-lynching bill and he the signed an executive order for the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. Republican lawmakers gutted the Voting Rights act and affirmative action. Republican congress refuses to take a vote on the John Lewis Act..

Congress is expected to begin voting next week on the final version of its annual defense policy bill, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). If it passes, as appears likely, the outcome will symbolize a defeat for the GOP’s raucous right flank.

@JoshforGeorgia How do we get there? Governor to veto gerrymandered maps in 2030? Federal voting rights act? Because State House/Senate/Supreme Court appear blocked.

@RepJamesComer @POTUS @FoxNews Hey, how was your interview with Jake Tapper? He HUMILIATED you…now you have your go on Fox to lie your humiliation away!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

@farmgeek I don't think that's fair, John. Especially if you're basing on newshub! We see how far right Nats crawled for power, to appease Act/NZF, we also see a bunch of xx voting for that sxhk. It may take time to turn that around. As with 2020, the middle are key to ...

@AdamKinzinger and you voted against the voting rights act which would help vote out these MAGA extremists, help eliminate gerrymanding and vote in rational republicans. MAGA can act this way b/c they will not get voted out.

Americans are learning suspending the filibuster to restore the voting rights act is a bridge too far for @POTUS he's not capable of that. Doesn't have that authority. Yet he has the authority to ignore international law & engage in a genocide. 😶😶

"district maps that multiple courts have ruled violates the Voting Rights Act" awesome, subject-verb disagreement in the lede…

@AnfelisaSpiorad @DemocracyDocket @JasmineForUS @marceelias Yeah, this bugs me too. It reminds me how much the redneck states got away with ignoring the Emancipation Proclamation and the Voting Rights Act. Apparently nothing has improved. They require enforcement. Our Federal government is not protecting us at all.

How Important is the Eighth Circuit’s Recent Ruling that the Voting Rights Act Does Not Contain A Private Right of Action? @Prof_Amar via @VerdictJustia

breaking news, urgent now and beyond future! save our healthcare of abortion, retirement age healthcare, healthcare! save our john lewis act, voting right act, and much more! save our supreme court blue wave Party! @ Healthcare For All, other etc.…

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