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@JamesMackleson9 @WrestlePurists Nobody but Vince knows the bigger picture he is building for each character. Granted most are not wins to the fans, but look at The Rock, Stone Cold, Yoko, Hulk, Undertaker, etc... the wins are a lot less today yes, but he is old, and out of touch, but Vince knew a lot back then.

@ringerwrestling @AliWWE @evantmack @floboboyce @RealJackFarmer @brianhwaters This isn't a "keep that same energy" thing. I've loved Ali since I saw him break out in Jersey All-Pro and AAW. If you believed Retribution would thrive and any of Ali's ideas would have made it in a company ran by Vince McMahon, I don't know what to tell you.

@PatrickO_Leary @RobMWhitney @NosebleedsPHL @vince_lobiondo When you are down lift your head off the ground there’s a lot to be learned

@MrP5871 @_iam_kashyap @allan_cheapshot Taker has said that he didn’t Brock was the right choice. That was Vince’s doing. Taker knew the streak would end but he wanted it be to someone where it would help their career. Brock ending the streak didn’t do shit for his career.


@EddieTrunk I keep telling you to have Ace or Vince send the Lear Jet, but you never listen.

@MyDamnToys Allow me to correct my previous post. Fiend MIGHT be there if they give the gimmick and costume to somebody else, like with Fake Razor Ramon & Diesel back when Hall & Nash left. It depends what Vince's Stooges come up with...

vendo pessoas diagnosticando o da Vince com tdah

@SeanRossSapp Mustafa Ali prints money any time he is on the screen. How is it that fans know what makes a star in 2021 and Vince and Co. are still stuck in the dark ages?

In Vince's defense though, Brian Boitano would absolutely kick an ass or two. That just seems like something he would do.

@cuzfuckitt @ratedaqua @WrestlePurists Plus don’t forget that Finn Balor created the Bullet Club. I think that reason he ain’t getting use the way he supposed to. Now I get it. Vengeance huh, Vince?!

Vince Dicola recounts his Sico the Robot theme music and how Sylvester Stallone first reacted to it. #RockyIV

The Briscoe Brothers make a case to join Vince McMahon’s WWE…

@VinceEckert vince do not kick my ass over Gene Krupa please

@WrestleCringe Who decided it was cool then? And why isn’t it cool now? Who made these decisions? I wanna see the memos? Also, difference is that Vince did it at a time where hepatitis was rampant and did little to make sure wrestlers were clean. AEW does it when testing is a high priority.

@WrestlePurists @FightfulSelect We don't need Vince and Bruve ruining her stock as well.

Rider85 just bought Vince Carter's Base Set Moment #2376 !…

@NaTashia_Lindo @Vince_lesiba @Annie_Modiba Yeah was doing some DIY removed it, think the kids misplaced it been looking for it since sunday

Vince McMahon just jobbed to Brian Boitano.

@WrestlingIsKing @TheArnShow Vince musta been furious they weren’t wearing matching trunks

@JaimsVanDerBeek *Vince voice* Also not appearing at the Royal Rumble..... KWANG!!! "THE MODEL" RICK MARTEL! THE BERSERKER! HULK HOGAN!!! TITO SANTANA!

@YAWAVince Hoi atay ka pag dugay mo oi. Atot kaayo ka vince.🤭

@kiddbanditpro Pretty sure it was *meant* to be Austin Aries, but they never resolved it because Vince on a lark decided to call up some blokes.

If Vince Young wasn’t the size he was man.. imagine this happening to Baker or Kyler Murray lol…

@MyDamnToys He and Vince do not get along, so unless Vince dies tomorrow and HHH takes over...

Absorb just bought Vince Carter's Vintage Vibes Moment #24 !…

@Vince_Domino “Gonna go get some more later, but this’ll do for now.” Shs grinned widely, obviously proud of herself

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