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@valy_s @redblacktree_ @HuffPostItalia @GuidoCrosetto La terza la vedo dura. Comunque si continuando a NON inviare armi serie la guerra la vince la Russia. Abbiamo troppa paura per dare all ucraina armi che possono colpire la Russia, abbiamo paura del bullo e gli diamo ogni giorno la merendina.

@shewithcapitalV I once worked in an office in Ellesmere Port, open plan. The scouse fella behind me ,Vince, spent the entire day making me laugh, God he was hilarious, V. Was a pleasure going to work. We had an office cardigan and a brolly haha x

Never forget that Vince Young thought a private jet was when you bought all the tickets on a commercial flight @PFTCommenter @BarstoolBigCat @PardonMyTake…

I dont care about Vince in creative or the potential sale, my question would be about the sexual predator forcing his way back into power. Seems kinda fucked.

@Sub_Pup_Vince @ChatGPTBot 🏳️‍🌈🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮❌

@susannaricciar1 @IoTiziano @m_crosetti perché il tifo non c'entra niente (almeno nel mio caso), ma è difficile farlo capire a chi ha scelto di "tifare facile". Se chi vince 9 anni di seguito non è manco in grado di "arrivare a fine mese" allora c'è un grosso problema di sostenibilità del modello.

Rinnovo Consorzio Sannio Alifano, vince la squadra del presidente uscente Della Rocca: i commenti… via @NTR24.TV - News su cronaca, politica, economia, sport, cultura nel Sannio

Cody comes out, Mania Promo. Triple H comes out, your my QB. Vinces music hit. Are you stupid pal, Sami Zayn! Do you hear these people! Vince mindfucks fans. Cody vs Sami at Elimination Chamber

@CottarelliCPI Ma adesso non lo puoi più fare, perché sennò vince la violenza.

good morning i love vince and cherry 🤺💖

@BigPop610 Smoke and mirrors man. Lol. We know what nick khan, road dogg, and vince think of aew. I'd be super surprised if roman and heyman didnt completely bury aew. Kinda how hhh and steph buried wcw during that sting feud.

@mask_bastard i could lie and say JSRF but in reality it's voodoo vince????????????

@Vince__NZ จริง เป็นเหี้ยไรนัก พวกเเก่ๆ หัวหงอกนี้เหมือนกัน กูบอกให้หัดใช้ PS พื้นฐานได้เเล้วจะได้ไม่ต้องรอกู ก็ไม่ยอมหัดกัน กูเเสนหงุดหงิด เเค่กดเข้าไฟล์ กดตัวที กดเปลี่ยนคำเเค่นี้ หัดให้กูไม่ได้เลย ไอ้เเม่ย้อย

Sami vs Roman not happening at Mania is the most Vince McMahon call to date.

@howlercon Tyler Hoechlin, Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien, Sprayberry, Cody Christian, Arden Cho, Ryan Kelly, JR Bourne, Vince Mattis, Melissa Ponzio

Cambieremo questo paese! Cambieremo il Mondo! Uniti si vince! Poi ci blocchiamo su twitter per delle inezie. #MaDoveCazzoVogliamoAndare 🤦🏻‍♂️😑

È come farsela raccontare a voce, la vita "normale" di Giorgio Parisi, che ama la famiglia e la scienza, ha tra gli amici grandi letterati del 900, ama la cucina, i balli di gruppo e un giorno vince il Nobel per la Fisica. "Gradini che non finiscono mai": @sbencivu su @le_scienze

@JesseCollings ....the Post-Royal Rumble PC,I wanna it's one of the most Open & Free PCs I've ever seen!And,why would they ask the questions regarding Vince there?it's all about the show,the wrestlers,their performances & all that stuff related the things related to them! 2/2 @JesseCollings

@TheFishMongier @favylove25 @bonqueutard93 @saint_vince_ U wey be ashawoooo nko ❓ Why u Go dey judge ur fellow co-worker❓ Na wao ‼️

@denverwlr Let me remind yall, the fans made the Yes Movment cause WWE couldn't book their show correctly. BATISTA WOULDVE BEEN CHAMP if Vince would've did it his way

Guess who is going to *Vince McMahon voice* WRESTLEMANIA ???

@JESnowden me waiting for your next Substack article on how black light wrestling is the future and how Vince and Mountain Dew are saviors of the game 🤣

@fieldteamleader Hes legitmately been my fav wrestler since I saw him in NXT. I was so happy when he got called up only for him to get injured and live in purgatory under Vince. My boy finally get his time to shine 😭

L'Orlandina vince ancora. Contro Bergamo il quarto successo casalingo di fila -…

That's obstacles must be eliminated (Vince McMahon, Roman Reigns and The Visionary Character) Never give up, you are always on top, all you need is patience and waiting Be away for a long time to: Change Character Develop body shape Take care Your physical strength @WWERollins

@seuvicente1 Vixi seu Vince, com um nome desse(Ozidias), deve ser muito do mal amado. Kkkkk

Los equipos que jugarán el Super Bowl LVII ya se definieron. Las Águilas de Filadelfia y los Jefes de Kansas City fueron los campeones de sus respectivas conferencias y buscarán levantar el trofeo Vince Lombardi. 👇…

Los equipos que jugarán el Super Bowl LVII ya se definieron. Las Águilas de Filadelfia y los Jefes de Kansas City fueron los campeones de sus respectivas conferencias y buscarán levantar el trofeo Vince Lombardi. 👇…

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