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@MichaelLatina Image Vince McMahon everyday bragging about ratings like who gives a flying Fuck about Ratings Tony Khan needs to just shut up and put on a good show let that do the talking not ratings Idc for ratings

Check out this listing I just added to my #Poshmark closet: Vince Black Skinny leg Jeans 👖.… #shopmycloset @Poshmarkapp

Going to the barber is more than just a regular cut, we talking sports, politics, girls, and other shit that can’t be mentioned😂😈 We family! RIP to the my guy Vince🙏🏽 Your brother is taking care of my cuts and we keeping u in all our stories!

@SoDuTw @SeanRossSapp Vince probably hates Sami’s personality too much to ever turn him babyface again

Se le sangiovannine non recuperano velocemente vince Luca💫


Thanks to Vince Brazen for capturing some amazing pictures from our @capitoltheatre show! Next up is @TheSinclair on Halloween! Only a few tickets left.…

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@BuckleBombEnt He and Mia Yim need to go to Impact Wrestling. They would be better off, allow to be themselves as Vince is going to ruin them both.

@killiepie1990 @RoboGaryBusey @E_Buc @WrestlingJebus @EBischoff @83Weeks Vince has never blown up a $500k tour bus just to bump a quarter. Vince has never dropped a few mil for Tyson Fury to show up

@Vince_RVZ Bah nn j’vais être pour Milan mais si on perd ça va pas m’empêcher de dormir, pas comme la défaite contre Madrid où ça a tapé nuit blanche

@Vince__181 Par contre si le taux baisse à 0,25% là ça pue lol

@Vince_RVZ Mdrrr si y en a bien ici qu’à vu ces matchs c’est moi mais bref c pas le débat, le débat c’est que la LDC c cuit depuis la défaite contre Madrid, et l’EL on en veut pas de cette coupe de cul on a pas l’effectif pour

@eshecker Jane Seymour aka Dr.Quinn and the lady that wanted Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers, The Heart necklace commercials.

@Vince__181 Si le taux est pareil ça change rien ; que ce soit un LF ou un ULTRA c’est du pareil au même.

sarap sa pakiramdam, mahal talaga ni tita si vince andrei🥺🥺❤️❤️🤍🤍🤍

While everyone is talking about “access journalism” this week it should be mentioned that this was how Vince McMahon was able to imply he won a ratings battle (that he started) he lost last Friday.

@90sWWE @steveaustinBSR @VinceMcMahon I was there. My first ever WWF live show. got to see undertaker vs kane & austin torture vince. loved being a fan during those wild times.

I’m blocking this guy for his stupid notion that the Vince McMahon never had any ideas or wasn’t the chief cause of his own success…

@Nityy_ merci Vince y’a vrmt que toi qui pense à mon bien être, mais c’est si loin 😞

Vince Melouney t-shirts and other items are on sale this week at Redbubble. Receive 20% off with discount code SHOPEARLY through Thursday, October 21.…

Pastor: “Do you repent for the sins you have committed on Earth?” Vince McMahon:

@JeevesRockston @KingofShirgar They just copied what ecw was doing the idea came from people around Vince not Vince himself.

🔚 Finale La reazione rossonera non porta al pareggio e il Porto vince 3-1 a Vila Nova de Gaia #UYL #PortoMilan #MilanPrimavera

Vi dico come si vince: attuare il lockdown al contrario evitando la GDO. I versamenti rimandati a data da destinarsi.Evitare i rifornimenti di carburante. Essere disposti a mangiare cicoria lessa. Che cazzo ancora devo dirvi. Siete in guerra o no?

*Vince Neil 🤦🏼‍♂️; but since we're on the subject, could use some Vince Gill.

@Vince_vtb 생선 너무 맛있습니다 ㅠㅠ 구워도 좋고 날것도 좋은 생선~

@GrinchJets That reminds me of the Vince Vaughn line from Dodgeball, set the expectations low and you can never disappoint yourself lol

Lets do it! Winning means you're willing to go longer, work harder, and give more than anyone else. Vince Lombardi VoteSB19 onRAWR @SB19Official #SB19SquidBreak #RAWRAwards2021 #RAWRATIN (401)…

"Leadership is not a position; it's a decision. It's our responsibility to use everything in our capacity to bring each other together & move toward excellence." Vince Chermak, Versatile Test Reactor Program Assurance Director #NationalDisabilityEmploymentAwarenessMonth #NDEAM

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