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On this Day in Pro Wrestling History: 9/28/1998 – Vince McMahon was about to make an announcement when the cameras cut to Stone Cold driving a Zamboni through the backstage area and then to the ring. Crashing in to the ring, Austin then started a beat down on McMahon.

Check out Vintage NBA Champion Vince Carter Toronto Raptors Size Youth XL 18-20… #eBay via @eBay

Vince il tweet comme un fou, chaque semaine il se contredit et personne dit rien 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

“It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get up.” – Vince Lombardi #PAKZINDABAD

Athletic Brighèla-Zandobbio nel segno degli ex. E ad Azzano San Paolo vince il fair play…

Grande Mister @lucarigoni07 che vince il derby Primavera con l'Hellas #forzalane

@JesterinJacket It’s even better because one of the main reasons she went back was because they promised her she could work with her husband & then they immediately fired him. Vince is unmatched in his pettiness.

Mondiale del Fungo, nuove regole: vince chi raccoglie più rifiuti…

@Gazzetta_it Ormai non è più interessante. A prescindere da chi vince è troppo monotono. Guardi la partenza è dopo 2 giri cambi canale. Forse sono più interessanti le qualifiche della gara.

@AndrewBaydala JD is very sensitive, blocked/kicked me from YouTube chat just for saying "Vince McMahon"

@spondainter Ci manchi . Oggi dov’è il tuo successore ? Sta facendo conferenza per spiegare e spronare ? Si sta prendendo le responsabilità che competono al numero 1? Dopo 7 anni parla italiano ? Appare solo quando si vince con le coppe? Trova le differenze . Dopo 7 anni. #Moratti #Zhang

@nut_history Not on that, more so on the new pitching rules with the clock and limiting pick offs. Ricky Henderson, Lou Brock, Vince Coleman would’ve had at least 20 more per season. Still doesn’t mean Acuna isn’t a great player.

Example of what NOT to do and a reminder to always please take shelter! Close range video of a Large Tornado near Jayess, Mississippi a few years ago! LSC Viewer: Vince Toney | April 12, 2020

@ibeastIess Vince McMahon can have his own thread dawg😭😭

@_kennythoughts I didn't even know Vince HAD a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

@Vince_Van_Dough @in_the_RGB we use this technology to see eclipse back then here because government told us we’d go blind if we see directly to the moon! really love this piece. Also, GM VVD

@ovppodcast I have no doubt Vince wanted to do a Superstar/Hogan storyline but it wasn’t meant to be

@andrea_tamponi @smenichini @RishiSunak @BBCRadioManc Evidentemente lo fanno in troppo pochi perché ad un certo punto se ti rimangono solo 2 o 3 trasmissioni e nessu tg dove andare perché eviti un confronto serrato sparisci e il primo politico che sopravvive all'interrogatorio vince.

@SecBlinken @StateDept Awesome! The great coach Vince Lombardi once told one of his football players “son, everyone is good at something. I am going to tell you that you are not good at football. Go find out what it is that you’re good at”. Mr Blinken, you may have found what you’re “good at”!

@laziati78 Hanno avuto tanti ostacoli nel loro amore da altri e a volte da se stessi ma hanno sempre superato l'amore vince su tutto❤️

@SeanRossSapp The god-tier storyline would be Vince under the mask. Hey, if the mask fits.

@JWPSports Tebow is way too high. I'm not saying he shouldn't be listed but come on. Higher than Vince Young? Based on what? Vince Young won maybe the greatest championship game of all time.

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