Top Tweets for Trump 2.0

Sure… unless Trump 2.0 happens and then all bets are off……

That's actually a very correct depiction of you. I heard somebody say on TV that Trump 2.0 is going to be great bc now he knows where all the bodies are buried & Dems & RINOs are running helter skelter…

The most rabid foam at the mouth attack on Trump so far and that's saying something-and from the most boring politician who ever lived. The Establishment are soiling themselves clikpic Trump 2.0 Will Bring Chaos for World Order Gordon Brown, The Guardian…

@hamptonsliz @TheYoungTurks @marwilliamson @DNC @POTUS @cenkuygur @deanbphillips I would not even vote for an 81 yr old John F. Kennedy. AND, Marianne Williamson's policies are EXACTLY what we need now. If she wins against Biden in the Primary, every SANE voter will come out, many authentically voting for her & many enthusiastically voting against Trump 2.0

@DiedSuddenly_ I’d definitely prefer more Bannon and less Kushner in a Trump 2.0 administration.…

@queenannepatti @raggapegs Wrong. The globalists laughed at Trump because he made them look like foreign morons. Our enemies feared Trump. No one fears Biden. You are the embarrassment to the US. More countries are electing Trump 2.0's. Biden is a COMPLETE failure and you're responsible.

@NewYorkStateAG You have told the biggest lie Trump bought his property in 1985 for 10 million and you want America to believe it has only gone up 8 million when a 2.0 acre lot with a mansion for 120,000 million and Trump has 17.5 acres and if you do the comps value 1.3 billion

@cloudsurfer118 Yep, the real Elon has been executed, you are watching Elon 2.0, Trump in the White House run his account and own X 😁😁😁

@CSojourner He's gonna be president no matter how much rhetoric, memes, meltdowns and threats. Trump 2.0 is coming. Is your passport current?

@rojawi @GOP No doubt under Trump 2.0 they'll be detaining legal citizens and residents who "look" foreign, as well as letting vigilantes shoot migrants

Vivek tries too hard to be Trump 2.0. Ideal VP for Trump.

HITLER 2.0 Biden admin wants to ban menthol cigarettes. In CA, Dems now have a law a store can be fined $500 for not having gender neutral toys. Dems wanna dictate what you can eat, drive, your appliances, what you smoke and tell stores what to order. And TRUMP'S a dictator?

@JaneCaro Ahh yes Trump is hitler 2.0 hysteria. Get a new soundtrack

@Mollyploofkins There's something seriously wrong when with 330,000,000 people in this country we're dealing with Trump Biden 2.0. Einstein's definition of insanity.

@RedWave_Press @simonateba @nytimes @VivekGRamaswamy @GovChristie @NikkiHaley Not hardly. Vivek is Trump 2.0. He has most all of Trumps positions but goes alot farther. Vivek has exposed Haley for the worthless RINO she is.

@NewsHour @IAmAmnaNawaz @Liz_Cheney @GeoffRBennett too. Great episode. So glad you interviewed@Liz_Cheney, reported on fake electors and discussed need for supporting Ukraine. The stakes of Trump 2.0 need to be analyzed as often as possible.

@FirstShane I'm listening Shane and I agree I never expected dystopian reality in the future to look like this and to be America's fall at the hands of Witch burners Beetle juice indeed 🙄 Mike Johnson is Trump 2 . 0 on steroids He's a huge threat hears God in his head 😵

@TomiLahren My neighbors at my other place are Haitian Trump supporters. My Cuban work crew too. They all said “I like Trump.” I guess they thought I was a full blown MAGA Dude. I believe I just looked at them with surprise. It’s unclear how they feel today. Doubtful they want Biden 2.0.

@Firstcomm1 @tmcc156 @JillFilipovic He knows how shit works now, Trump 2.0 is going to be interesting to say the least.

@donnabrazile Donna, if you really care about Trump 2.0, why don't you call for Democrats to STOP building #CopCity with the police unions and the IDF in Atlanta?? @ChuckModi1 @CopCityVote @ForestDefence

@eyeslasho You're not "monitoring bias" on that poll. People who watched the debate. Trump people are disproportiontely NOT watching these debates, knowing they're pointless. Isn't it then natural for Trump-lite or Trump 2.0, Vivek, to poll the worst among that set?

Trump 2.0 would have serious ramifications for AUS if Murdoch/IPA’s relentless push for Dutton as PM succeeds. Now, more than ever, we have to push back on Trumpian BS and hold our MSM to genuine account. A second Trump term would be nothing short of catastrophic

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