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Debates tend to act as inflection points in voter perception of candidates. • Debates #1 & #2: the rise and fall of Vivek • Debate #3: the nail in the coffin for Tim Scott, rise of Nikki Haley Last night we witnessed the beginning of the end of Nikki Haley’s campaign.

It’s because Tim Scott was so boring it didn’t realize he wasn’t there # Define a variable that does nothing scott = "Tim Scott"…

@KaladinFree Am I tripping because I did NOT see Tim Scott there 👀 🤣🤣🤣

Testing out Grok. The hallucination about Tim Scott at the end is kinda weird considering it has access to real time data.

@thehill Vivek will eventually get the message tim scott finally got… there’s a bunch of excuses.. then you’re out. How utterly ridiculous that we’re to believe the GOP is suddenly against aggression.. it’s a white Christian party…that’s all. Also…Vivek ‘s dad is not a citizen .. so……

@MattWallace888 @dom_lucre So White Privilege exists? Gotta let Tim Scott in on that

@The_Trump_Train Byron Donald's or Tim Scott or maybe Christie Noem or Marco Rubio....or possibly Tulsi Gabbard . ..all good choices ☺️

@SChimamoto Maybe, but he's too young. I would prefer Nikki Haley, Kristi Noem, Kari Lake or Tulsi Gabbard. Or Tim Scott. And others.

2024 Republican Presidential Nomination Betting Odds • Donald Trump (74.4%) • Nikki Haley (13.4%) • Ron Desantis (5.9%) • Vivek Ramaswamy (3%) • Chris Christie (0.8%) • Tucker Carlson (0.7%) • Tim Scott (0.5%)

@GovChristie @NewEngCollege 2.5% is where you are at. 😂 Tim Scott's only half point behind and he's out 9f the race. 😂

@GunnyJ @JamesPa1947 All I can think of is closeted gay and insanely rich. Tim Scott and Clarence Thomas are examples of each.

@ByronDonalds Tim Scott as already lost the race for VP. You can expect to lose your try as well. America First.

I don’t think so. Tucker likes his privacy. Gotta be from a swing state. Tim Scott, Nikki Haley or Ben Carson.…

@Texasgirlkiwi Try telling that to Tim Scott and Byron Donald’s!

@GovChristie 😂 😂 you're polling at 2.5%... Tim Scott is still polling at 2% and he dropped out. That's funny shit right there. Half a point ahead of someone thats not running. 😂

Im old enough to remember goofy MFs pretending that Joe Biden was afraid of Tim Scott but by all means go nuts guys

@RobertMCle @Demo_C_A_T @Prashan76045325 @Dysgruntledd @Gapeach_3102 Vivek says he doesn't want the #2 position and I think he could do a lot more in a cabinet position than a figure head position. He's not the consolidating party trump needs as a running mate they cover a lot of the same demo groups. Trump would do better with a tim scott type

@WallStreetSilv It will be SC Senator Tim Scott @SenatorTimScott He has indicated he would not seek re-election to the Senate after winning in 2022 by 25 points. At 58 he brings an important younger demographic, a great personal story and a valuable Southern State. He also brings none of the……

@RY8aners @NebraskaFreedom It’s difficult to impossible to continue to defend him. He never misses an opportunity to blast the presumed GOP nominee @TrumpWarRoom. For goodness sake, he threw his support behind Tim Scott (brilliant way to gain influence for our district 🙄). He loudly applauds McCarthy……

@The_Trump_Train Yes! I also think Kari Lake, Kristi Noem, Byron Donalds, Josh Hawley, and Tim Scott would be good!

@The_Trump_Train No. Niki sucks as well. I like Sen Tim Scott for VP.

@SummerForPA Respectfully, it has nothing to do with your race. It might have everything to do with your ideology . Tim scott is one of my favorite members of our United States Senate. He is a Black conservative.

This guy is at 2.5%, a half percent above Tim Scott, who dropped out a month ago. Thus, being advised to exit stage left and enjoy a nice meal is not a particularly radical suggestion.

@charliekirk11 Maybe a better choice than Tim Scott. Although I don't think there is anything wrong with him. I'm just wondering how it will fly this time around with voters.

@GunnyJ They think they are the special chosen ones. Often times they wind up getting their silly little feelings hurt like Tim Scott thinking the white supremacy party wanted to support his presidential run. Performed a fake female girlfriend scam and all.

@Panhead2020 He likes Tim Scott too. He really does and you’re right if you’ve got a good senator, you need to hold onto them.

@AnneRifleOakley I would mention Tim Scott, but we need him here in SC Would make a great governor

Hey wait a minute Republicans do have Tim Scott as their token one black person.…

@Michell71078349 @smalls2672 Do you have lovely things to say about Ben Carson? Candace owens? Byron Donald's? Winsome Sears? Tim Scott? I didn't think so,so YOURE RACIST

@lavern_spicer You are saying all of the Black people have shitty jobs that will be taken by Illegal immigrants? Can’t wait for them to take Tim Scott’s, Ben Carson’s, and Clarence Thomas’ jobs.

@dalepfill @JamesHu29812484 Yep after the eff’d over women by Roe! She’s bought & paid for by the rich & 🤑 she’s loving it. Her daughter married a black man so she doesn’t care about her own family. Rs hate POC unless they can use them: see eejit Tim Scott😳☠️👀

@The_Trump_Train I think there are better choices like Kristie Noem, Newt Gringrich, Tulsi Gabbard, Tim Scott, or even John Kennedy.

@MDSinnerman @AFpost Yes, but Tucker shines compared to the rest of the likely options (Kristi Noem, Ben Carson, Tim Scott, MTG, Mike Pompeo)

@RepPressley @RepBowman You mean the same way they called Tim Scott, “Uncle Tim”? He was treated by the left as if he didn’t belong simply because he thinks for himself.

@NeilLowenthal1 Is he more, or less annoying than Tim Scott? 😉 I was hoarse from screaming at the TV. In Iowa, political commercials are non-stop. (And yes, I know Tim Scott is no longer running. 🤦🏻‍♀️)

Senator Tim Scott's Shocking Announcement: Presidential Election

@btrivett07 Literally no one is scared of her except maybe Tim Scott because he doesn’t want to get blessed out by her over the curtains again

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