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@STRAPPEDUS For the record I like Summrs, terrible album though

@STRAPPEDUS Second beat was fire but Summrs was trash on that song, first song… can’t even defend that one it’s 🚮

I read Miloah died in a battle with Gharnef, soon after the fiend sold his soul to Doluna...

@thefiend_kaike @athirsonf12 @choquei Tudo comprado. O que importa na profissão dele é a Copa, isso não tem e nunca terá.

@Grishamfight what time does early access release todd?

@el3mentry @fredpdbeck he literally had prime on the table and logan says there annoucement tomorrow lol

@huntychan THE CINEMATICS, Louis C.K. Sold out MSG billboard behind her not going away every time she cuts and her saying cancelled men can never work again, this has to be ironic

@JCPxDESIGNS Wow that was bad. Like The Fiend/Rollins hell in a cell bad.

@McGregorRousey im all for it, garbrant can finally retire before his iq gets to the negatives

@WrestlingWCC Im sorry but the fiend was better even the old song was better. Change him back.

@Grapplurr @BenTheBaneDavis or it could just be that someone doesnt like him, you dont have to like everyone you meet

@UbiD49 @WWESoloSikoa @WWERomanReigns @HeymanHustle @WWEUsos He fought Drew.. Daniel.. Jey .. Cesaro .. Nd a 3 way ..him , the fiend , braun at the thunderdome, PPV's Not sure what else or if any more

@ClownWorld_ Classless, like their football teams fans

@AmyCrx_ its really stupid when people do this but i do think theres some men out there thatll really just agree with a woman bc they like them so they want that girl to like them by agreeing with whatever they say

@StrangestMedia Ok but the guy on the right took hours hers was basically in real time, and his car is probably still dirty inside

@Frvnkie__ How are you so sure about that? You interact with am for the TL top before pls paa🤲🏽

@MrThompson__ @WWEGareth How Roman is the best thing on TV right now The Rollins babyface run was dying before The Fiend feud and he is super over right now. Finn is doing the brst run on the main roster Goddess Alexa was getting stale and needed a character change so how it all made them downgrade

@danorlovsky7 my commanders showed how to stop the eagles. Keep the offense off the fiend and the chiefs can do that. They have the best QB.

When the fiend hit the they already kno the deal , Hand Me The Money , Imma Hand You The Pill 💯

@FIGURESELITE Idk if the fiend is returning. In an interview bray said it’s basically dead to him.

@ShadayaKnight He's quite weird but I think he wants to bring out the fiend because at the end it seems like he was pushed off the stage

They are about to spawn another ~£70M player in the next 2 years…

@JASONPO54339544 hard to choose between roman and the fiend😭

@Iamboxing I hate it when people take their time with fights, if you believe youre the best why not fight the best, why fight people who are not on your level

@theRealEnzoMac enzo theres a solution to help these people, history would have to repeat itself tho… 😂

@Darien_Orvin so youre telling me all i have to do is be a evil dictator and im the best at mma, alright easy give me a couple of years

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