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@WWE @mikethemiz @MaryseMizanin Let me guess . Edge is gonna throw black paint on them

@WrestlingInc I enjoy the storyline but bring The Fiend back!

@mearn Well the fiend didn't get released, so...

Well... I am but a defenseless layman in the martial arts. Be that as it may, I cracked an entire canister of whoop-ass on the fiend. Surely you too must find that strange!

@MyDamnToys the fiend sound effect played on raw last night your prediction might be true 🤞🏻

@timeimperfxct @BackupHangman Losing to Goldberg wasn’t THE problem(It was A problem.) The problem was The Fiend gimmick was still fairly new. By putting the belt on him then means they were already talking about him losing, which shouldn’t be thought about until the company figures out how to do it.

Would The Fiend be considered a surprise at this point (for Rumble or AEW) or have y’all moved on from that ?

@Windham6 rumble is very close will the fiend be returning hopefully

@timeimperfxct @BackupHangman I’m talking about when he won it ad The Fiend not when he won at the Elimination Chamber.

@BoxingJb i dont think ryan garcia could beat him at all, i dont think if there was a rematch with Teo i think he beats teo as well… the only two i know who can convincingly beat him is loma and maybe haney

@Notidiot5 @dubbow2 @DAZNBoxing @Canelo canelito will probably move up to 175 indefinitely and try to unify those belts i dont really see him staying unless a big money fight (which is ggg) which happens to be the most interesting fight available at 168

Will The Fiend Bray Wyatt return at the royal rumble

@JaimsVanDerBeek @thee_theoivory Let it play out scenarios of the past two years: Hurt Business, Keith Lee, Lesnar squashing Kofi, The Fiend, Balor, Karrion Kross. Long term storytelling is not sitting people out or having people middle out with no direction, I don’t understand how people twist that

@HighFlyLo Lol that show is wild, like what do they mean if people got behind Retribution, how would you even do that. And what would that actually mean. People bought every piece of the Fiend merch and they axed him quick time.

Look, I want to support Alexa Bliss and her Fiendette character, but what's the point? With The Fiend, Windham Rotunda's entire career of failures was woven into this unbeatable, vengeful monster. So, what's The Fiendette's story? Some doll named Lilly? #WWE #WWERaw #RoyalRumble

@rolla_real @MarkoutMountain No chains or bull ropes? Sting/Vader is one of my all time favorites. That’s the only “classic” match Bryan got a great match out of the Fiend using a strap. Every other instance of it it is more that it’s an awesome match and a lot of fun.

@nerieeele Pero bueno que no iba a malas es que no me acordaba???????

@danewild Vincent Kennedy mcmahon simply…his expenses and his storyline ideas completely exploded Randy Orton was always the favorite for him and this for years it is not a secret for anybody

I would have Bray re-debut as The Fiend at a number 27 spot and have him square up with Randy Orton, Seth Rollins and John Cena, away to destroy his past and regain control over his own destiny once more. #WWERoyalRumble…

@PoliticoTeacher @Samfr Looks like you two agree... On the doorsteps of this Red Wall seat, won by an anonymous Tory after no campaign, there was no interest in Johnson. And passionate hatred of 'Corbyn' (the fiend who wanted to abolish the Queen and the Army and private ownership of car and house).

in my restless dreams, i see that town... silent hill. you promised you'd take me there again some day... but you never did. well, i'm alone there now, in our special place... waiting for you.

The Fiend Bray Wyatt returning at WWE Royal Rumble? I really don’t know But after Raw, it makes for a fun video 😁 #WWERaw #RoyalRumble #WWE #TheFiend #BrayWyatt #Windham #WWE 👇🏻 🔹

@AllElite_Dragon The WWE has become really disappointing since 2016 and it’s new era and especially with vince all the talents like Wyatt bryan of Luke Harper have all been released and i think it’s a good thing and it’s a good thing wyatt on AEW would be much better used and even maybe champion

@Rayditzfn you're right. How do we stop the fiend that is Mortdog from making ur mom jokes?

@BreoxSfm @Windham6 Not the fiend I did love just regular Bray tho leader of the wyatt family

oh no, it's the Fiend With No Name! whose name is Mean! so yeah this is a straight up sequel to Kitty's Fairy Tale

@snkr_twitr Forgot to put my head starts in 🤦🏽‍♂️

@FRAlexaBliss @AlexaBliss_WWE That's the outfit that Alexa Bliss was wearing when she met The Fiend.

@premierleague Brighton deserved the 3 points tonight

@LungSusage They had put à lot of effort in that day and everyone was excited To know what the entrance would be like including that match was expected

The outfit that @AlexaBliss_WWE posted on her Instagram was she wore when she and The Fiend met... 👀🔮 #AlexaBliss #TheFiend #WWERaw #RoyalRumble

@TheFiend8437388 Even the people who didn't like the fiend character thought this entrance was bad ass. the way he was presented in his debut match was amazing.

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