Top Tweets for Taco Tuesday

@MarTEAnisEddy It's Heather and Emily. Fancy Pants and Taco Tuesday won me over this season...

Love seeing the neon green wins from taco Tuesday. Very lucky that st brown got that reception at the end. Anyone who played the taco would understand, take the wins when they come! ✅

We are FOUR days away from our Spirit Night! 😍 Join us for our Spirit Night at Torchy's Tacos in LaCenterra this Tuesday, October 3rd. Stop by anytime from 10am - 10pm and do NOT forget to mention you are there for CRHS PTSA!!! 😄 Mention CRHS PTSA when you order. #CPOE

It’s about time fajitas stand up for themselves. Tacos have claimed and captured Tuesday’s and now this is your chance fajitas to claim Friday as Fajita Friday. Fajitas needs their LeBron James

@itsSaulGoodman I would definitely post a selfie wearing it and would also wear it every Taco Tuesday for life! #RIPLALO

Huge Taco Cabana Sign being fabricated by SignCoAmerica #signcoamerica #tacos #mexicanfood #tacotuesday Ready to put your mark on Houston? 🤩

@yxnaqq tabinggii ung kabila naka angat ung kabila medyo baba kaya pala di pantay nanakit

Happy TACO FRIDAY!! 🌮🌮🌮 If you missed Taco Tuesday, Taco Wednesday and Taco Tursday you're still ok, you can have Tacos every day! Tacos don't know what day it is & I suspect they don't care anyway, so especially on Friday treat yourself to some Happy Hour Tacos.…

@BingoLong73 This is suspect how is the Camara man just chilling recording this. I think he and the bear are rolling together. They done messed up lil man for life. He's never participating in taco Tuesday or hitting any skins on a bearskin rug 🤣🤣

gsgi tabingi balikatt kooo anoo too???

@yxnaqq inom ka na gamott lovee koo ill kiss you lateer paguwi sa call iloveyouu

@keenparts2 @sir_loinof Even Better. Hang a new Pictured employee of the month, every month, with one's wife in every picture. Under a sign listing the current year. Guaranteed to get a husband homemade tacos EVERY TUESDAY!

Yeah, sometimes when I have to take a huge 💩, I feel the same. But dude, women don't get their periods after Taco Tuesday.…

GM GM! Happy Taco Tuesday 🌮💞 If you find this post, share Taco GIFs👇😂😂 #TacoTuesday #NFTcommunity #nfts

@Atbrightone taco tuesday... wassie wednesday.. thirsty thursday... friendtech friday... bro half the week is sorted

I’m Going To Red Lobster For Lunch On Tuesday For The $20 Meal lol And I Want Tacos For Dinner

#岩本町 #神田 #東京 #ランチ 👉北出食堂👈 #タコライス #メキシカンライス #taco #NYC 〒101-0032 Tokyo, Chiyoda City, Iwamotochō, 1 Chome−13−5 +81 3-6240-9920 Closed Monday Tuesday

@WrockFit tuesday afternoons? for tacos?

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