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@AdamBienkov Small changes to avoid a virus surge: do you remember? We have seen the result. What do you think these "small changes" will achieve.

@BreakIntoProg I’m predicting a surge in sales of UPSes. And if you work from home on a laptop then the battery will probably see you through (tough if you’re on a desktop or need connectivity though).

Another Surge of Greed in the Biden Era?

⭐ Rupee plunges to all-time low The rupee fell to 82.33 against the US dollar in early trade on Friday. This comes on the back of a surge in US bond yields and firm crude oil prices. #Rupee

@Niall_Boylan Ah but for every 30,000 people added to the #Irish population… the #government can then add another EXTRA politician to their ranks at the next general election - a win-win for well-paid public ‘representatives’ & ‘hopefully’ dilute the current #SF surge 👍 #HowIrelandWorks

Yo se que traume para bien o (generalmente) para mal a una persona , cuando surge algun problema x ,corto relacion y esa persona comienza a poner temas que escuchaba yo cuando eramos amigos. NO HAY 1 PRSONA QUE ESCUCHE LEE EYEE QUE NO ESTE [email protected] O PELEADO CONMIGO😂😂 es ley

@rhetorician Oh yeah. They give a specific example: "pupils identifying with Pip’s confusion about his identity, maybe not for the same reasons but being able to see the connections with their own lives" Hmmm

The discussion will address the not so sudden surge of investments within green builds to offset the carbon and reassess the effective implementation of the SDGs. To join this interactive discussion, register here:… @KEOIC @SmartAE_UAE @ArabiaCSR

The surge pricing Accra hotel and Airbnbs have is wild - I can’t even recommend anything 😅

The construction of the canon here is too much for me to engage with on one morning twitter thread. But sweet Jesus. That's my placeholder.

tap tap tap! hey everyone who dunked on me! i was holding B to try and squid surge. you are now legally required to like the quoted tweet and say "great job leo! i love you."…

Visto un par de veces más el debate de ayer (soy un poco másoca, lo reconozco) me surge la duda si algunos que hablan de unificar, lo harían buscando los elementos comunes entre todos los fisioterapeutas o expulsando y señalando del colectivo a aquellos que no les bailen el agua

@georgiaface I don't teach KS3 so have apparently missed the arrival of full-on classical rhetoric for 11 year olds. Cannot say I am sad that it had, until now, passed me by

If you had just taken them out, I wouldn't have been made!

the soul. Once he does he feels power begin to surge through his body and soul. He can feel uncontrollable strength beginning to manifest. Not only strength but memories within his mind begin to form. Memories that don't belong to him or Soahc. The new deity manifests his own--

UPDATE: I'm sad to announce that I'm having to cancel, cannot come to Comic Surge now due to illness. I'm not recovering as I like to be to attend the event safely. I'm sorry everyone.…

‘There's no beach left’: Naples hit by major storm surge as Hurricane Ian bears down… via @MSNBC

¡Buenos días! Viendo el gráfico de $BTC me surge la pregunta, ¿Qué veremos antes, los 17.000$ o los 25.000$? ¿Matamos primero a los toros o a los osos? ¿Qué opináis? 🧐


Karnataka slaps cab aggregators with notice on surge in auto ride charges…

The post-gym endorphin surge will have you understanding why the gym bros substitute therapy with gym.

Congratulations to Maria M., a SurgeTrader from Chile, on passing the SurgeTrader Audition and receiving a fully funded account of $25,000. Learn how you can get funded up to $1M at

It's a curriculum vision that fetishises magpied Classics knowledge delivered as trivia. 'Knowledge of Classical... theories, such as those of Aristotle.' And 'knowledge of devices used in Renaissance literature and knowledge of techniques of oratory from Classical civilisations'

Eliezer mexe no rosto, surge na web com aparência desfigurada e sem dentes…

@14Temujin ¡Muchas gracias, Temujin! Con gente como tú, merecen la pena todas las horas robadas al tiempo y a la familia para escribir rol. En cuanto a la inspiración, no hay truco: Leer mucho sobre lo que quieres escribir y mascar las ideas constantemente hasta que surge algo bueno.

Every exam board - who have spent the last two years telling us to stop teaching pointless Greek rhetorical terms - weeping, rending garments at this guidance.

@JewishNewsUK @mattforde Tory meltdown is what helped polls surge. @LabourPartyUK got lucky (unlike the country).

@moussa_afonso Surge sempre um membro da cambada do Nani Nahary para conversar ctgo! 😂

my broke ass cousin stole my airpods 😭 noooooooooo i cant act like im not listening to ppls convos anymore 💀💀💀

Carson Jerema: It's now Danielle Smith vs. Justin Trudeau, via @nationalpost -Trudeau’s divisive & counterintuitive polices have created the unprecedented surge in Provincial Nationalism in both Quebec & Alberta!…

in its coverage of the police training facility, has repeatedly disclosed that it is owned by Cox Enterprises.” Atlanta Police Foundation President and CEO Dave Wilkinson wrote in a 2021 Atlanta Journal-Constitution op-ed a surge in violent crime across Atlanta

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