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@22_30h Plmdds sim daqui a pouco surge gente podre usando svt shape

@MarioOjedaRevah @BanullaDiell @TheEconomist I'd agree China is very authoritarian and probably not the model to emulate. But inasmuch as Cuba is doing poorly, most of that was overblown and a result of new sanctions placed onto them by the US. They had a much better delta surge than we did.

@felipeacunago @andreamok95 Qué motivaba votar por Sichel? Básicamente alguien que surge con el respaldo de Andrés Chadwick (entre otros rostros del presente Gob).

Acho incrível que toda vez que eu tô bem com alguém e feliz, alguém do passado surge pra causar estrago na minha vida

UK Experts Call for Plan ‘B’ As Virus Cases Surge; Highest Number of Infections Recorded Since Mid-July…

UK Experts Call for Plan ‘B’ As Virus Cases Surge; Highest Number of Infections Recorded Since Mid-July…

@LozzaFox Better let the internet providers know there might be a surge…

@Naqsfnr @vexuzfn eine runde + du hast kein surge geholt, deswegen gestorben. Du throwest einfach ganzen cc und denkst noch du bist gut

XRP Price Could Surge the 5x To Hit More Than $5! But When?…

UK Experts Call for Plan ‘B’ As Virus Cases Surge; Highest Number of Infections Recorded Since Mid-July…

Sold most of $SSET @.028 & $QBAN @.0016 (got all my cost out, kept small position) & bought $GTEH @.0009 I usually sell after profit of 10% to 30% but the penny stocks I research have potential to double/triple fast (up to you when to sell). The @PennyStockSurge continues!

Following a months long surge driven by the delta variant, new daily cases of COVID-19 are falling once again in the United States. To d ...

@PabloSabbatella Esta chequeado esto? Hay varios statements donde lo niegan. Creo que si hay investigacion que prueba que con bateria baja tenes mayor disposicion a pagar “surge pricing”.

@DeanJames83 @LBC If you add the impending winter flu surge and inevitable Covid surge in winter as well, plus the backlog they are trying to clear…we’re about 3/4 weeks away from where we were last year. The whole point isn’t to lockdown. It’s to keep hospitalisations steady throughout winter

Templo do futebol mundial e quando acaba o jogo, mesmo frustrados pelo resultado adverso, eles querem registrar o momento, a alegria e a emoção de estar vendo o Flamengo ao vivo no estádio. Aí surge os fiscais de emoção dizendo que é um "absurdo" tirar foto...

If they are credible, their models tell them inflation will smoothly return to target without much effort. This seems complacent given the size, likely duration of the inflation surge and the spread of chunky price increases. Credibility needs to be earned, or at least refreshed

@zerohedge Sudden surge in demand for Oreos near me? weird!

This is horrific. With an undoubted surge around the govt’s so called “freedom day” nobody senior seems to have had any regard for the steady rise FOR MONTHS. I am sick (literally) to death of the lack of leadership, safeguarding, accountability and care from our government.

@teeth66 @MarcheseJack @RyanFlo98077565 @lindseyadler Play hard? Only Yankees player I saw playing hard were the kids that came from the minors as a backup for that covid surge

If uranium is dead how come there is a surge in new Parliamentary Democracy proposals?

Dog Meme Coins Surge, Has Elon Musk Sparked a Battle Royale?… via @CoinQuora


Retail sales defied expectations in September, rising in back-to-back months and highlighting the resilience in consumer spending amid supply shortages and the surge of the delta variant, writes RSM U.S. economist @tuannguyen0709.

When Politico’s efforts to upset the Dem applecart backfire⤵️. 🤭Which journalist will be savvy enough to check the size & volume of donations to McAuliffe campaign & surge in sales of Carole King music in the next few days?…

Jay Rajyaguru, Regional Planner with #FDOH, shares with our @usfcoph students about the importance of planning for surge capacity and monitoring the impact of #COVID on our hospitals to be able to alleviate pressure on the system. #EmergencyManagement #MedicalCounterMeasures

@ProfessorFergu1 NPHET don't have businesses or skin in the game, they don't care about shutting businesses down, if there's a covid surge, which there probably will be because we're in for a really bad winter, the vaccinated especially. They want to protect their own jobs, that's it.

Moscow Mitch McConnell, supported by other GOP lawmakers, urged Americans to get vaccinated ‘as rapidly as possible,’ in order to avoid an even greater surge in COVID-19 cases similar to what the country saw last fall.

Ethereum Breaking This Barrier Could Spark a Significant Surge…

Eu não entendo qual a dificuldade de "criadores de conteúdo" (principalmente do Youtube) se apoiarem! Ainda que sejam nichos iguais, eu duvido muito que haja esse tão temido "roubo de inscritos" como uma galera aí pensa! É por isso que nunca surge nada novo...

NYC's murder surge is on the pols, not the pandemic — and they must act… via @nypost

NFL Week 7 power rankings: Undefeated Arizona Cardinals on top, Dallas Cowboys surge to top 3… #DallasCowboys #CowboysNation #DC4L

"U.S. public companies added the most diverse slate of new directors on record to their boards over the past year, with a surge of Black nominees and elevated numbers of women and first-time directors, according to two new studies." #WomeninSTEM #TheAthenaEffect #STEM @WSJ…

@inaLaanDheere @CDCgov I don’t have all of the data. We have been seeing younger patients than we did the first surge.

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