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Threshold (T) Tops Weekly Crypto Gains With 88% Surge - Benzinga #NFT #NFTs #NFTNews

Chinese EV giant BYD set for surge in 2022 profit as sales jump

Disfruta con el podcast "Yo no fui, @GalianaRgm y JR para el blog @galianaycia en @ivoox @ApplePodcasts @spotifypodcasts Episodio 18 - "IVA" El debate surge a partir de un tuit de @larazon_es 🎧🎙👇…

@TheMainShow_ They just say shit to get reactions and viral clips. They do not care if they're wrong because the initial surge is all that matters to drive engagement. Their "hot takes" are all performance.

📍 Kacchi, Balochistan: #Pakistandfloods destroyed sources of fresh water in Kacchi. With support from the humanitarian partners, @UNDP restored access to a fresh water supply in the communities. An example of #HDPNexus in action! #ResilientPakistan

Experts are split over whether #COVIDvaccines should become a yearly shot, but Dr. @meganranney says, “especially if you’re older or have chronic conditions, a booster is better than no booster when you’re in the middle of a surge.” @Nature

Fergusson's column reminded me that global imbalances and (not coincidentally cross border capital flows) peaked before the global crisis. Was that healthy financial market integration, or distortions from lax global bank regulation and a massive surge in reserve accumulation?

Brad Setser (@Brad_Setser ) (probably rhetorically) asks: "should the surge in China's exports ([relative to] its GDP) from 2002 to 2008 be seen as healthy integration, or evidence that China's exchange rate was wildly undervalued?"

@FreeSpeechRED yes there were 5 Death Governors responsible for 10s of 100ps of unnecessary deaths. They helped to create the illusion of a SURGE, which of course started the Fear mongering

Llueve Automáticamente yo: - surge café o que decís?

Lakers fans doing crazy research 🤣 give it up… 1 game outta 82……

@NewsyNick @AustinCarr I love that Austin took just 3 grafs to personally trigger me with memories of Surge.

@atrupar Believe me, if there is a surge at our border it's not Canadians heading south but Americans heading here. You're all welcome just Leavenworth guns behind.

Shit this, Surge and Sprite Remix. Mannnnnn what a time.…

• Surge de una incomodidad cotidiana, desde el cuestionamiento a un hecho social que transcurría año con año

>don’t wanna think while fighting >plays baiken just play sol dawg…

@DeJodidaNomas @wadodecorrido @vtolosapaz @alferdez Personalmente no saldría a desmentir cada rumor que surge. Les llevaría todo el día tiene trabajo que hacer

Just to add one more thing: the intersection of sci fi fans who are scientists, in Los Angeles, is actually a *specific group of people* going way back - distinct from NORMIE FRANCHISE FANDOM, which is the nerddom that TBBT largely portrays - these guys would belong to that.

"Attention Investors! 💰$MART, a token on Binance Smart Chain, is known for its lucrative rewards of 6% per transaction for holders. With a recent surge of over 20,000% in 24 hours, now is the perfect time to check out the chart and invest. Be part of a growing technology with 🔽

Cuando salís de casa agarrás lo que es indispensable para vos, ¿no? 🚗 Tu vehículo también requiere de una serie de elementos fundamentales para andar en la calle o ruta por si surge algún imprevisto. #DERECHOalFUTURO con todo lo necesario. #ViajáSeguro

Similarly, should the surge in China's exports (v its GDP) from 2002 to 2008 be seen as healthy integration, or evidence that China's exchange rate was wildly undervalued? (the PBOC was buying over 10% of China's GDP in the market to keep the CNY down by the way after 06) 5/

@adampixelrush I’ve actually seen quite a lot of Shadow vs Surge stuff on twitter past month. Didn’t expect you to add to it lol but I’m not complaining.

@hartaberfair @DasErste @KonstantinKuhle Der Bullshit-Begriff "Klimakrise" wird auch durch Wiederholung nicht wahr. Die Erderwärmung ist eine #Klimaverbesserung. Deal with it.

@adampixelrush Shadow vs Surge. A battle that NEEDS to happen! Like screw Shadow vs Blaze or Shadow vs Sonic.

@Cannydc1 @gmai_sutton Yes, the surge in support had little to do with it…😂 Corbyn won more votes than Blair and more than Starmer will ever get.

tenho para mim que é esse tipo de mentalidade que promove essa cultura de sugar daddy e afins. afinal, o moço que acabou de sair do ensino médio não condições de ter carro. daí surge essa preferência por homens mais velhos com a "vida feita"…

@FinchTH Especially with BQQ and XBB kicking around/prominent, many anticipated a very large/noticeable "surge" resulting from Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years [unmasked] parties/dinners/activities--basically didn't happen [very minor, if at all] Anybody else [besides me] surprised??🤔🤔

All well vaccinated Western countries are experiencing a surge in excess deaths...coincidence I'm sure.…

@JeffCavanagh1 @AbundantLandUse It literally is indisputable. The 'surge' in '22 hospitalizations came during the '21-'22 winter wave & was mostly primary infection Children are not susceptible to reinfection or opportunistic infections See, I actually read studies & analyze the data, unlike you, apparently

"De esta relación distorsionada surge necesariamente (...) una conciencia traspuesta que las transformaciones y modificaciones del proceso de circulación propiamente dicho prosiguen desarrollando."

Why did FTX collapse? 💸🌳 🟧 FTX was one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges that collapsed in late 2022 after a surge of customer withdrawals earlier in the month. The event shook the volatile crypto market, which lost billions, falling below a $1 trillion valuation.

@reBang I didn't see what thread your comment was in.

@Vert1cus @Treebeard1671 @TheMcKenziest How many other EV or even hybrid model batteries have spontaneously combusted like Tesla’s batteries have? You don’t even have to include the Tesla’s that burned from salt water storm surge during hurricane Ian.

Quando surge um escândalo de corrupção com o Ministro do Lula, a mídia já procura um foco para desviar o assunto, hoje é Regina Duarte.

@Mistyswoman It's weird. After losing a, few hundred mine stood stool, then a surge, now still again. Odd!

De los creadores de" xarreta a fresca"... Surge el podcast de geopolítica más esperado sobre un gran líder alemán... Próximamente en los oídos menos escépticos

@lifelessplum If a clean and simple base entry with volume surge? Just below pivot. THIS WORKS.

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