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Oklahoma Gov. Stitt authorizes state employees to substitute in schools as COVID cases surge… via @YahooNews

@PrefereBrawl Sparky vai fazer comeback kkk Mas n entendi direito ._.

dispatch is still sending out "surge medics" though so there's still county wide impact going on

Screw "end to the Pandemic". The Omicron Surge proves nothing except that if a new variant comes out with the lethality of Delta and the spread of Omicron, our country would be decimated.

@PrefereBrawl Só chamo de surge, wattson pra mim nem existe

Australia news live update: PM says George Christensen’s vaccine views ‘dangerous’; Victoria records 18 Covid deaths, NSW 32 as case surge continues…

The Grammys have postponed to April 3 over concerns about the omicron surge. The show has also been moved from LA to Las Vegas.

@CHVNoticias Mmm,me surge la duda,"primera dama"!¿para hacerlo legal se casaran???

Ya me acuerdo por que no juego esta basura La Emz y la penny todo el rato cambiandome linea para ir contra el dyna cuando yo me lo follo siendo surge 👍🏻

NEW: Coronavirus surge pushing back elective surgeries - @stephengoin live in Cleveland on @fox6now

Plan nocturno que de vez en cuando surge solo: 2 de la mañana, leds, música con cascos y cosas que te vienen a la cabeza...

The North Texas omicron surge could peak in the next week or so; here’s how to protect yourself…

COVID-19 Hospital Capacity of CONTRA COSTA REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER in MARTINEZ, CA): Data indicates the hospital's bed occupancy, but do not represent local hospitals surge plans to accommodate more patients. |… Jan 18,22 data 7th😱

@SaninPazC No hay que tener una muy alta cultura para entender el Tweet. Sólo haber leído algunos mitos y leyendas de torre amarilla de la editorial norma en el colegio. La arrogancia usualmente surge de la ignorancia sobre el otro, quien recibe el mensaje.

Idaho officials reported 4,722 new COVID-19 cases and 12 new deaths over the holiday weekend. Due to the recent surge in cases, approximately 28,200 outstanding positive laboratory results are pending local public health district review and follow-up.…

From 2,435 Covid Cases on January 1 to 28,481 on January 18, Kerala Sees Surge…

Esta instalación de Andrés Denegri surge de su visita Jatiwangui(Indonesia). Combinando la foto, texto y registro audiovisual, aborda las corrientes migratorias, su impacto en la comunidad y la experiencia individual. "Dua Malam" está en @Museo_MAC de Forestal hasta el vier 28.

@benitakolovos Surely the headline is "Prime Minister accepts his failure to properly protect the international border, with fit for purpose quarantine facilities, results in too large to handle Omicron surge" #ScottyFromFailures

⭐️ Una nueva bacteria surge de un volcán submarino en El Hierro...…

@Rose2Debbie @PRandallcares I’m sorry you think masks are so detrimental. What are the biggest harms? As teacher, I don’t love wearing them in the classroom, but in the middle of a surge it’s hard to see why removing them now mashes any sense. My own kids are doing fine with them as are their classmates.

France Logs Nearly Half A Million Record Covid Cases Amid Omicron Surge…

@OlafTBerserker - Mas... e quanto aos homens que perturbavam meus súditos? Assim, uma figura masculina, negra como a noite, surge da neblina com a barba e mãos ensanguentadas, sendo logo repreendido por sua companheira. - Wolyo, tenha modos! Não vê que está na presença de uma legítima rainha?

Urgent potato and baby formula shortage as wild winter weather causes travel chaos and Covid staffing problems surge…

Enjoy the surge to around 40° later tonight because much colder air is to be arriving on the scene Wednesday A.M.--temps will be slipping back through the 20s as we go along with northwest winds at 15-20 mph, gusting to 30-35 mph--wind chills to be down in the single digits!--AD

@ElShaungo_ @USPS @USPSHelp Wish the best of luck with that Bro, USPS u guys are #basura

Low COVID vaccine rates lead to more hospitalizations for Omicron Surge in California Lost Coast forpost

@arwon @andrewwhiteau @dogboy64 *observable statistics that coincide with easing of control measures which show an upward surge etc.

@SullyAllDayLong @ABC Not, it is not. You are lying because the heads of hospitals have been on World News and said that 80% are still unvax. Yes, because you were fine, all are you ever go outside your little bubble. I lost 5 people in the last Delta surge. Empathy and not lies

o amor mais sincero é aquele que surge sem você se quer imaginar em que ele já está na sua vida, na sua frente… o amor mais sincero é aquele que lhe faz muito feliz quando o tem, e que lhe faz muito triste quando perde, a experiência de amar alguém de verdade é inexplicável…

Breaking: Divided Jefferson Co. board rejects administration's plan to ease COVID-19 isolation, quarantine and contact tracing protocols in the middle of Omicron surge; 4-3 vote came after opponents called plan "dangerous...reckless"…

They are talking about the Center For Covid Control testing sites that opened and where many people tested at the height of a surge. Please be careful everyone.…

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