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@BCFC please don’t ruin my weekend before it’s even started tonight KRO

San Diego Padres Plan to Host a Violent Rodeo—Take Action Now! via @peta

@DEBOSS7788 If you earn that much you have ways to minimize your income tax through investments. I can tell you the top end if town are doing ok despite these taxes

@theretrojames75 @pixieandbee1 At night, Scala radio doesn’t gave many adverts at all.

@Never_Again_UK_ Russia. we know Putin had something to do with this.

@realstewpeters @Israel Name one good thing stew peters has done for humanity 😄

그런 거였나. 뻔하면 어떤가. 마음이 중요한 거지. 가만히 있는 거보단 실천하는 게 마음이 더 편했을 거다. 나도 그랬으니.

@ME_1948_Updates On the left you see the "open air prison" and on the right you see what an open air prison actually looks like. Done lying yet terrorist?

@AlnaouqA Proof that it's not a genocide or an open air prison. Well it looks like an open air prison now, be careful what you wish for with your lies.

Paying for therapy proves that no one cares about your problems

@vebjornselbekk Du gjorde en god figur på TV i går og fikk godt frem bekymringene. Dette kan være første steg av en trend at religion igjen skal infiltrere lovverket. Dette viser at vold og trusler lønner seg.

@leoisforgiven Trent Brown is done in New England, no sign Cowboys are extending Smith with Steele looking good every time he’s out.

@boydermy "Type O Negative's musical style has been described as gothic metal, gothic rock, and doom metal. Steele cited Black Sabbath and the Beatles as main influences on Type O Negative."

Excuse will always be there for you. Opportunity won’t.

@thatgirl2387 @vebjornselbekk @Seljestad115097 Det kan så være, men ytringsfriheten skal også gjelde meninger som andre ikke liker.

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