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@leidynbernardez Yo lo comparto contigo bb 💗🌸😌

ults per year 2018 - bp, nct 2019 - tw, bigbang, ikon, izone 2020 - loona, got7, izone 2021 first half - loona, got7, izone 2021 second half - loona, got7, 2pm…

In gebieden in Amerika waar veel zwarte en jonge grizzlyberen een probleem zijn, wordt met alarmpistolen en rubber kogels geschoten. Zou dat geen oplossing zijn voor schaapsherders en de wolf? De wolf moet leren bang te zijn voor de mens.…

i can’t wait to get paid so my bank acc can stop having a lani watching the lotto mv moment

No grilled cheese sammie is complete without one of our homemade dips. Add a fav like tomato soup, chimichurri, ranch or Buffalo chicken dip to your next order.

@port_misery He was on The Closer and Major Crimes.

Sammie went natural first 😭😭😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣…

@elpacines @SoccerAM Still lost the ball after cavani gave him the pass 😞

This is what people think they'll look like when I say I could trim them but now that Kanye rock it maybe they won't mind 😅…

They asked where Sammie little ass at… that was 21 years ago 💀

@llau_music u never saw rhat- omg they pushed it so hard and then shat on liam two days after

The inconsistency of an important authority figure may feel hu... More for Cancer

I'm taking calls at…. Give me a call before I become busy!

depression depression..hayssstt hirapppp😭😭😭di na kaya pero lumalaban paden!! walang sukoan to ehh..🥺🥺😭

Friends and peers could seem easily offended today. You might ... More for Gemini

Stop shooting your shot if your under 26. Ion have fruit snacks for y’all.

You may have the right to tell someone what to do, but that do... More for Capricorn

Sammie was acting like I was going to take him for a walk and went I went to spell out time I forgot how to 🤣🤣

i think the dumest thing solo lrries ever did was try to convince us liam did this for louis and then to add to that stupidity they turn around and say lilo arent friends and all of that awful crap abt liam- like stfu the world doesnt revolve around u

ygx are jus so good man 😭 also pls i really love how they got the kwon twins too like skdkdkd my fave boys

My body feels like one big giant bruise 😭

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