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vcs querem htops em honeymoon sim ou não

@rudy_choyrudin Yok vaksinnya yok digencarin lagi Gerak lagi yok pemda2 lainnya Biar cepat berubah jd endemi #IndonesiaSehatIndonesiaKuat

@actualitecd Équipe eboya ko zala 1er, Équipe ya tension!!!

[Rudy Hunter] Did you help your friends with this: [Free Download Gift from Rudy] ❓

Maybe if I kill myself working, all the rest of my problems will go away too.

@Siyese_101 @Rudy_wannous @PierreBouAssi لكل يلي بصوتو لهل المسطره بقلن خرجكم وبتستاهلو ومبروك عليكم وطز فيكم وفيه.

NBA AWARDS PREDICTION #NBA75 ROY: Jalen GREEN DPOY: Rudy Gobert (certeza absoluta) All-Star MVP: Giannis! Finals MVP: LeBron logico MVP: Kevin Durant Most Improved Player: Tyler Herro 6th Man: Carmelo Anthony sem clubismo/jogadorismo

Yeah, Rudy, Thanks for the memories. You said your part.…

@gailmarie1958 His 'request' has more labels than Mark n Spencers..that's my point. Instead of being lazy and accepting whatever is put in front of you, it would be much better to do some research yourself. Don't expect me to spoon feed you. Nice try.

@Travistritt Oh no, extra ugly big boss man isn’t coming to town

@finnmccoolpup @RobinHillery I wike to steal kweenex from hoomums night stand before she frows them aways! She caughts me fhis time!!! 🦊#dogthief #dogsoftwitter #sheltiebros

كـ)ـــود خـ)ــصـم جـديـــد 4 أْيـهـــيربـــْの_ Acm4756_の_ نــّؤنْのnn88の_ مـآكْسْ ْ my436ْْ ْ ريـفآの_R1のْ اونـاْس انـاْسのmZ28_の_ ◥• ﻜٕوِدٓ • ◤ ﷼ ﺧٕٓصٍٓمٍٰ ﷼ Love your parents. We are so busy growing up to the extent that we often 8iwft

noelle and rudy not shooting their fucking shots yet only implies to me that noelle's mom and toriel are raging homophobes that are monitoring their families for any gay movement

@ChernobyII Es que la idea es que ingrese el dinero el mismo día. La multa te haces la bestia y pedís rebaja o esperas ofertas sobre el tema Ese cepo no te deja opciones

I’m just tryna stack up and lose weight for the rest of year.

@davidjsmith1232 I worry that Rudy is going to have one of his best seasons and be completely overlooked because of voter fatigue.

A friend who really cares may take some extra time to try to u... More for Aquarius

Y el va a regresar como redentor 😂🤣😂🤣😂 no quieren soltar su minita de oro!…

Stay strong kami. Rudy jeszcze będzie miał swój rerun, a przed tobą Itto, Yae, Ayato, Shenhe i Xiao.

A friend who really cares may take some extra time to try to u... More for Aquarius

@solanium_io @CryowarDevs Excellent Project Has a great value in crypto currency world Have a high spirited and great team of professional @Riannnn_id @ODTogether6girl @RiskiSa38014711

Di nmn ako si Rudy Baldwin!!

@ChukkaBennett If it wasn't for OG Chuck, there may not have been an Estee in the family. Think about that young miss 😁

You might be easily wounded by any statement where it seems li... More for Aries

@09Mark1 Injured his spine. Rudy T almost died!

@ItsJustJustin03 @Aaroncabrera_ Take the low hey out look at the talent he has around him he is holding the browns back

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