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I’ve been playing this thing for months!!!!! And it just gets better every spin - God bless M1OnTheBeat & Carns Hill, 169, X10, Jaiah, Ghosty, Likkledotz, Roddy Beatz, and Jay Blu. 🙏🏽

ラクオリアーーー🥹🥹🥹 テゴプラザン今月中に決めるんじゃなかったんか!!!

Why you ain’t just make a hoe cake? With cornbread??…

Solar shingles make sense, but do homework — Roddy Scheer, Doug Moss - Jacksonville Journal-Courier

@alexmassie It kind of is, though. Just not intentionally.

@3776Mitsue ありがとうございます。いろんな方のおかげで参加出来ることになりました。感謝しかないです😊

Toxic trait?? I’ll isolate to heal then come back like I never left . Ain’t no sharing, but I’ll encourage you to talk about your troubles. Don’t be a roddy 😏

@NicoleMcMilllon Put up the same 27-7-7 as his career avgs, won mvp, all nba like 6 times, 6x allstar, all nba def, scoring title, made the finals and the ECF, all while his best teammate of that 7 year period was Mo Williams.. So I’d say he did pretty fucking good

Sometimes it’s not beef. We just grew apart, doesn’t mean we can’t still say hi when we see. People need to know this.

@benjimk Ce pays fait l'objet d'un projet de prédation sans précédent par ses propres fils et après on cherchera les coupables en occidents. Plus de 3 cycles électoraux organisés, autant de ressources financières allouées, mais on se demande où sont passés les camions, véhicules acquis.

@history99917180 Once more, I am driven to reflect on the fact that I have never seen you and BoJo in the same room at the same time. 😳

@Keromelo Q sensacional cara. Vc merece o mundo. Q todas as portas se abram pra ti agora 💜

早くも第二回が! 前回行けなくて本当に後悔したので次回は必ず行くぞ! 今度は体調万全にしなくては!…

@Roddy_Neilson Nonsense, I was providing patient care before I was a PA, as an AHP, and have continued this for 8 years as a PA.

I'm out the cut on these niggas I do the work in the back of the Honda ~ Roddy Ricch

@PatrickThole2 @YvesBuya1 @bembajp @DenisMukwege D’où sort ce torchon.., alors que toi tu peux faire vérifier sur le site américain et voir effectivement l’homme de kashobwe détient réellement le passeport même pas @ChristianMwando n’a pas nié

@spectatorindex They will find themselves where they were in 1969.

I can't sleep💤 so I've been watching this hockey game between the New Jersey Devils & Seattle Kraken. Seattle's icy blue color scheme is dope. 🏒 #SeaKraken

@RoddyQC Welcome to one of the snp's array of talent Roddy.

@Roddy_jun いえいえ🤗 ですよね~😭 はい! 見返してやりましょう👍 Roddyさんありがとうございます(≧∇≦)b とっても楽しみです👍

@syo_jyaku ありがとう! メタル業界から離れすぎたからしかたないのかも。 一から出直して頑張るよ。

The Falcons got Matt Ryan Tony G and Julio and Turner and had Roddy. Imagine if they asked him to just work with HD and Peele after his rookie season.

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