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@BeachlessBum @Dianad53365564 @bcvorwerck @corblimeyoriley @ResistanceInRed Disproven, lol. You really think they would be in Antifa gear or wearing BLM shirts? Feds in white office shirts? Gullible much? Obviously they would wear Maga gear, that's what an infiltration is. Golden opportunity for enemies to greatly damage the right's cause, Ray Epps lol.

It would be on all MSM news she reminds me of Ray Epps telling people to go into the capital and is the man in jail absolutely not were is Ray Ebbs?…

@YammerTime01 @DWUhlfelderLaw Exactly, just like Ray EPPS who was an imposter in Trump gear. He caused more violence than anyone!! Jail him.

She sure was! Documented 12 telephone calls to Ray Epps two weeks prior to J6. Why is Nancy conspiring with Ray Epps. Epps was just charged with felonies from J6. Will Epps be found guilty and what prison time will he serve?…

@lindseystrand4 @AaronParnas J6th was obviously a setup, entrapment, a false flag and people are looking at treason charges for trying to end the first amendment with a planned and provocateured event... When they release the tapes, the fed provocateurs will be exposed, like Ray Epps the orchestrator.

@GeorgeTakei You likely assume too much. Look at her record on sentencing J6 rioters. Ray Epps gets a little pat on the butt, but others get 22 years. That's more than murders get. And by the way, you do know what happens when you assume, you make an ass out of only you!

@SebGorka Bring in Ray Epps along with her, we need to hear his story

@6abc Of course they did…and let me guess…our treasonous President did nothing wrong, Epstein “did” kill himself, the Clintons have no involvement in any homicides, and Ray Epps does not exist.

@MYwaniw Yep, putting Biden in as president is pretty much the same as the sentencing Ray Epps got. Just another in your face.

@bcgregory @TheThingCurrent @NunesCurt @caringguy1957 @HansMahncke Idgof.. when Trump who was miles away gets blamed and a man named Ray Epps who encouraged the breaching of the capitol isn't even charged for his role, sure feels like a set up to me

@wendyp4545 Can they put Ray Epps on the jury? Because they will if they could!!

@lions571 @julie_kelly2 I give up, I don't need any other sources, your memes and videos are convincing enough on their own: Nancy Pelosi caused the Jan 6 riots by conspiring with Ray Epps. It all makes so much sense, I can't believe I missed it all this time.

There were hundreds of Ray Epps at the Capital on January 6th.

@AngryFleas @EatZeBugzz The one Ray Epps whispered to before the first breach occurred.

@SovMichael @ConceptualJames I appreciate the hard work and research James has done. Reading some of these academics has to be very difficult at best. Christians should be grateful they have an informative resource. I would bet the CN crowd is infiltrated by a lot of Ray Epps types.

How many agents or assets of the government were present on January 5th and January 6th 2021? How about Ray Epps? 👇👇👇…

@Stewey444 Ray Epps?!? 🤔 Yes! I agree‼️

@nytimes Great job guys. Keep letting them out and more of these stories will happen

@zarichards just think child molester Biden Ray Epps and Adam Schiff. Can all be be cuddle fuck buddy's in prison. Along with child molester Bidens bought and paid director of the FBI. So instead of blowing smoke out of your ass get your facts straight

@robinslj @SoonerDawg @RebashawnWright @greg_price11 @FreedomCaucusGA @realColtonMoore Yes, leftists, most of the time, use their guns in mass shootings, assassination attempts and suicides. Ray Epps and the Federal Bureau of Instigation led the way into the chambers where laws are made. Many people had different motives that day.

@EdKrassen Problem is that j6 protesters were ALL jailed and that it hasn't even been covered and these hooligans 1 of the thousands of them who destroyed and caused havoc gets jailed and the liberals point 👉 it out as equal justice?! ... ray Epps still is free and he is on video inciting……

@MrAndyNgo Nothing says racial justice like destruction and looting of the liquor store 🤦‍♂️

Why haven't they released ALL of the tapes of J6? Where was the security we have in America even at high school football games? Why is Ray Epps on film egging the crowd on? Was it a set up??…

@JHAB60 @JacUnderATree @InvestigateJ6 @laralogan Ray Epps was the one that ingestated the riot then left so he wouldn't get caught he's a FBI coward.

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