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el dolor de cabeza hace casi 3 dias bastaaa, siento que no puedo con nada

@Zoelespindola80 tiamu zo (se bajo por miedo a que su novia le gane en solistas jeje 🤭

相互の人も鍵かけて失踪してんだけど(笑) たまに見に行ってたけど未だに返信してないらしいしめちゃくちゃ催促されてるし。 こわ〜……この人来月あたり注意喚起回されまくるだろ。ひとりふたりじゃない。複数人からリプされてる。

@that_rebelle @1TrophyWife1 @DSBIC @Lyn1995Anna @KarenHugersHair @RowanJetteKnox @stormrobinson @gratefullife20 @TheMFingCOO Didn't say that. I even said what would you say in the case of people who believe their abusers to be their protectors, if You're "not them". I was just saying regardless of whether I'm you or not - there will always be your view and the people who are viewing.

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