Top Tweets for Porky Pig

Coyote vs. ACME spoiler: According to someone who has seen the movie, Porky Pig also makes an appearance, and there is also a self-referential joke about how he doesn't wear pants. lol

Looney Tunes Mania Necktie - Red Tartan Plaid Tie Bugs Bunny Donald Duck Porky Pig Tweety Bird - Mens Fashion Accessories - Novelty Tie Gift via @Etsy

maybe porky pig and donald duck were onto something when they went without pants

@GovChristie @realDonaldTrump Chris Christie is in the race for one reason only - to have all-you-can-eat buffets at every campaign stop, and trips to Dunkin Donuts while on the road. Porky Pig doesn't know when to say "Th-th-th-that's all Folks!"

@SalMarra927 @MarioEmmet Did you hear that Looney Tunes outtake with Mel Blanc as Porky Pig saying "son of a bitch"?

@IanJaeger29 Yeah, he would make a good president. He's way better than Porky Pig, Ron Desanctimonious,Snoop Karen Karen aka Nikki Haley, But I wouldn't pick him over Trump. Vivek For president in 2028.

@GovChristie Why is that, Porky Pig? Donald Trump has not been convicted of any crimes, and in all likelihood the trumped up felony trial against him will be delayed until after the election because of Executive Privilege. Can't wait for Trump to sue your fat ass so hard you'll lose weight.

@truereckons1 @nzlabour I bet Porky Pig is going to resign in February once all the taxpayer funded holidays come to an end. Ive a middle finger waiting to greet him

@SlipstreamPin @YouTube If this pinball doesn't end every game with Porky Pig saying "That's All, Folks" I shall be disappointed.

@Truth_Junkie2 You say that like it’s a bad thing. Well, at least he should put on a t-shirt and porky pig around the White House.

@CursedAni @nobynobi_02 DiC Luigi = Porky Pig AOSTH Dr. Robotnik = Daffy Duck King Harkinian = Bugs Bunny

¿Y Porky Pig no era otro de los "aliados" arrechisimos con los que se llenaban la bocota los del interinato? Todos son unos desgraciados.…

Day 08 - I Haven't Got a Hat (1935) this short is notable for featuring the first appearance of several of Porky Pig and was one of the earliest Merrie Melodies animated films. Directed by Fritz Freleng. #classicmovies #animation

@VivekGRamaswamy Honestly, Dick Cheney in high heels and Porky Pig should not have even been able to stand on this stage. There's only 3 people that have any right to talk. The GOP has some major problems and MAGA needs to finish cleaning house.

@dtoxmilenko @vomitex 2000s music videos are weird man first video i do is gonna take place in an alternate version of saudi arabia controlled by porky pig as well as force ghost kurt cobain standing next to me for it's duration

its such a common thing in my life for people to treat me like i shouldn’t exist

@imbabytate I’m begging to hear anything off BOYS live, or that girl, mean girl, pedi!!!

When it comes to other projects like Space Jam: A New Legacy, King Tweety, Tiny Toons Looniversity, and other projects, he alternates voices with Bob Bergen (Porky Pig) and Jeff Bergman (Sylvester, Elmer Fudd, Foghorn Leghorn) as the roles are decided by different producers.

@realTuckFrumper Who's going to tell Porky Pig to shut up...

@kelly_cadigan Sarcasm does not translate via text so I HOPE that's the issue. Like Trump or hate him, idc but you can't seriously think porky pig is the savior this country needs...... right?

@GovChristie @VivekGRamaswamy Why are you projecting your status as a corrupt blowhard onto Vivek, Porky Pig? Why are you working so hard to get us to vote for him in the Primary?

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