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@NoContextHumans Pixar lamp is the Murderer, cuz how tf.. that lights up unplugged? That mf is alive.

Good news for anyone who's ever dreamed of telling everyone you work "at Pixar", if you have enough money you can now sublease one of their unused buildings and work from there…

Yall this intro omglike I want this to be a Pixar film

The Boy and the Heron should win best animated film of 2023 over all the mid bs Disney'/Pixar put out 🗿

@BatNAlley C'est un Pixar que j'affectionne tout particulièrement, d'où le craquage. Bon j'avoue à 20€ vu le prix ailleurs, ça m'a aussi décidée 😅

@jcsow @terlaaris bo bohay, capricorn, nicotine, pixar

@elonmusk if it hadnt been for the Pixar Films, Disney would be toast by now..then they latched on to DC Comics Marvel teen Fare..but it is sad toys where their Movies are out of touch with the reality of most of us..Nice Images that promote Hawai, California but where are the good Writers

🔥ヴァイスシュヴァルツ🔥 ブースターパック『PIXAR』 入荷しました‼️ 購入制限特にございません‼️ お求めの方はぜひ当店までお越しください🙇 #トレチャン大須 #ヴァイス

@williamlegate I always think of Musk as what Jobs could be with 20 more IQ and even without that he did a great job at Pixar

The future of standards: USD (universal scene description) usdz (apples own usd system) Open sourced and developed by @Pixar ITMF - an open source standard of ORBX developed by @OTOY GLTF - the open standard for webXr developed by @thekhronosgroup ‘The JPEG of the 3D’

elio and inside out 2 could swap release dates but if inside out 2 probably won’t be finished in summer. If it a pixar’s original movie but Disney animated could be a sequel. Zootopia 2 could release in November 2024 and frozen 3 could be November 2025.

Mdr Désolé, c'est tellement gros et ça va tellement être accepté docilement par la majorité que ça me fait rire jaune. Ils ont trouvé QUE ça pour empêcher les "Hooligans Anglais" de braquer les touristes et faire les cons devant les Cams du monde entier ? #JO2024 #PassOlymique…

@dostoievskiss deseo que la gente que usa arte ia estilo pixar vaya al infierno al morir sin importar qué

@Pixar Cool. They deserve to be seen on the big screen.

Almost 6am thoughts: Need a psychological horror pixar movie where Mr Potato Head has every part of his body replaced bit by bit like the ship of theseus until he's forced to question if he's even the same person anymore & the consequences and actions that come from such a thing

Persona con una IA estilo “pixar” cae en un tuit de Andrés atrasado pedir un deseo…

Home to my heart Disney Dedication Collection Pixar inside out bing bong เสื้อ มีไซส์ 44,56 ตัวละ 1,590 รวมส่งค่า #hometomyheart #Hometomytee #brunchtimecollectibles #moleculogy #diamondgrains #auroraspotion

This Bob Iger - CEO of Disney - which swallowed Capital Cities/ABC, as well as... Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, ...The consolidated entertainment assets of 20th Century Fox And... (See infographic.) 🙄…

@SmokeAwayyy @ChatGPTapp You already can. Use the api. Pay to play. The more you spend, the more you can play. Tier 5 dalle 3 rate limits allow for 50x HD images in Pixar quality concurrently in 20 seconds. Gpt 4 turbo is essentially unlimited. You get tier 5 after you spend a grand.

@jereisverycool @luigi_marinus_ @Pixar no really???? The post was 100% serious and totally wasn’t a joke and made with the intention of tricking people 😨.

this need to be happened because GENO got a new style with new skin as well #bolt from #Pixar #Disney 🐭 if that's could be though #Fortnite…

@Dios_0ficial Una actriz más nominada al Oscar del nuevo lanzamiento de Disney Pixar:

@KatAtDisney That’s a no from me ma’am! Also which bathrooms are these? It’s driving me crazy. I was thinking Pixar pier hotel

@noodles_and_tea Radiator Springs vibes / the way those Pixar illustrations could be stretched in your style, I am only ONLY seeing positives here

Sell ABC (except the rights to the Walt-era TV episodes), Marvel, Lucasfilm, and Fox. Bring back Vault Disney as both a 24 hour TV channel and a large presence on Disney + Bring back 2D animation to Walt Disney Animation Studios and have Pixar do most of the CGI

Pero a lo que quiero llegar con esto es que la Gente no les importaba si ganará ni el Gato con Botas ni Pinocho, sino que querían que perdiera Disney/Pixar

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