Top Tweets for Pence

@The_Zeppenwolf @SuzyLiberty2 They're the ones wiping their ass on the Constitution and the flag. Ask Mike Pence.

@ThePhoenixPress I don't think my artists take people as payment. 🤔

@gopher_marc @dom_lucre Trump tried to kill his OWN VP to keep power BY FORCE ignoring the voice of the people. Trump tried to kill PENCE in front of the world to end the constitution to give himself unlimited power taking away from the people. Trump is using and manipulating MAGA to do his dirty work

Bu ülkede devletin milletin kasasından 700 milyon kredi alıp, geri ödemeyen adamlar el pençe divan ağırlanırken, evinde kendi halinde götünü siktiren kadın, ters kelepçe ile alınıyorsa, something is wrong.

@JuniorinNJ @justachemist002 @pameladubsky49 You need to rethink your comment! That was a group of violent people, breaking into the capital to hang Mike Pence and take out Nancy Pelosi! He told them to stop! SMH, Your view is distorted!

@Cleebe1 @PatsBigSister1 @TizzyEnt @jollygoodginger There actually are NOT “a lot” of good police officers in the force. That is debunked daily.

@atensnut @realDonaldTrump knows they are all fake especially Vivake DeepFake Ramaswampy. @realDonaldTrump learned how far the left will go last time....#pence and he is not engaging with these fools.

@A_C_Pritchard Have you even heard Geoff Play Guitar? He Doomizes a buch of different music.…

Children earn 8 pence a day digging up minerals that make billions of dollars for mobile phone companies…

@joncoopertweets Him and pence now have free time to give each other RINO REACHAROUNDS.

@I_Am_JohnCullen @Mike_Pence Pence was a puppet traitor early on most likely due to being compromised....

This is a perfect example of how Democrats bring butter knives to the gun fight. NOT ONE THING WAS DONE TO HOLD GYM JORDAN accountable for ignoring his subpoena- NO TAKING POUNTS / no s tin taken. Nothing. and now we’re here.…

@RevDuv @BethMooreLPM Beth Moore can still win this … if only Mike Pence has the courage to do the right thing.

DINO RFK Jr. changes tune, admits he flew on Jeffrey Epstein's jet 2X. RFK-Jr’s offered conflicting responses re his ties to sex offender Epstein. 10/31, a Kennedy spokesperson said RFK Jr. had flown on Epstein’s plane 1X. Now Kennedy says at least 2Xs.…

A Day That Will Live In Infamy: Remember Pearl Harbor 82 Years Later…

@LizCrokin @dom_lucre Add, please look into the Richard Lugar Center in Terre Haute, IN & GA the country. Indy up through Goshen/Warsaw/Kokomo/Grissom ARB IN reveal tunnels, etc. And Pence was just down the road. Just curious if others uncover what I've "suspected" for a very long time. ❤️🤍💙🇺🇲

@VatanSever3734 @baran_gonder @HarpCografyasi @Abdquil İdrak yolları enfeksiyonu sizinki. Afgan veya başka bir ırk ile sorunum yok. Onların kaderi ile bizimkine bakın. İngilizi gemisine binene, Yunanı Kurtuluş Savaşı'nın kazananı olsaydı keşke diyene, karşılarında el pençe durana sorun. Benim yolunda gittiğim medeniyeti takip etmiş.

@TheoAshNFL Purdy gonna steal the MVP like the democrats smh. If Pence has a spine and does the right thing Dak can still win

Two Michigan couples are arrested for abusing foster children, fraud

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