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@BasedDrifter @nunnreport @LegendaryEnergy Sure there was. He gave Paul Ryan & Mitch McConnell everything they wanted, and didn't fight for border security at all. He's a clown. And a liar. And yes, his "wall " was mostly a waste of time because he built very little of it.

seeing paul wall at the airport as i almost trip on my shoe was so movie of me

SINGLES: Ruben Studdard - ‘W.I.F.E.’ | Prod. Claude Villani, Anthony C. Bell Monaleo - ‘Crying On Your Birthday’ | Prod. Kid Hazel Flyana Boss - ‘Bitch Imma Star’ | Prod. Marky Style Paul Wall Ft. Termanology, Bun B & DeAndre Nico - ‘No Apologies’ | Prod. Statik Selektah

@Exodus15_11 @WWURD_Official It it wasn’t the same message at all. The idea of Jews and gentiles being in one body is nothing close to gentiles being without hope without going through Israel with the middle wall of partition in place. Radically different. That’s why Paul called it a mystery hidden in God.

@Dolphins7051 @wyregal @WildChild42O @GovChristie @realDonaldTrump NOT cover that. Over that 10 year stretch to build this wall. The cartels will or already started tunneling. Which a wall cannot stop. But the maintenance is how Trump would work the Peter to pay Paul stroke which is what the Dotard does best. Don’t kid yourself. The wall would

Every time I hear that verse by Paul Wall on Drive Slow 😮‍💨😮‍💨

@theadvocatebr the REAL paul showed his self in public. Officers will tell you this is how he acts DAILY behind the walls of brpd hq. his spots showed out and the real man is seen.

Dumb Money / Keriz Parası çok yakında sinemalarda ! 💰📷 Paul Dano ve Seth Rogen, küçük yatırımcılar ile milyarderler arasındaki GameStop - Wall Street skandalında kendilerini zıt uçlarda buluyorlar.

60th birthday present from January from Shona by Paul Furneaux finally up on the wall.


@Paul_katunze Not in some Kampala neighborhoods, it being on the wall feels safer

@paul_steele So shocking. Had the pleasure of seeing this tree Sept 2022 on Hadrian's wall trek. Cannot believe someone would do such a thing. Why indeed?

1990 el álbum The Wall Live In Berlin alcanza el puesto #27 en Inglaterra y el #56 en EE.UU. 1992 Muere Paul Jabara, cantante y compositor (Donna Summer-Last Dance) 2007 Álbum: Black Rain • Ozzy Osbourne obtiene la certificación Oro

@cloudatzmus it’s like voting for paul wall vs voting for an old yt racist. both are bad but one is kinda funny

“paul wall???? when he was chubby????? with the braids???? that was my shit” Trang is outrageous. 😭😭😭 @TrangDNguyen

Mike had never heard the hit song Grillz by Nelly ft Paul Wall until tonight.

TBT 2007-2008 Taji, Iraq Artists like David Banner & Paul Wall will always be held up with the upmost respect for risking their lives & their managers lives to come in those war zones of Iraq/Afghanistan to visit us & boost the morale. Big SALUTE to them forever 🫡✊🏾💯💯

@Simply_Paxton He look triggering af based on his smile in this pic. Thinking he Paul Wall meanwhile he Kid Rock cosplaying as Jon B.

@ebarbie_ It's all I could say bc paul wall doin a lil sum for me too "If slaughterhouses had glass walls, then everyone would be vegetarian."-Sir Paul McCartney…

@Paul_katunze When the screen is hung up on the wall, it will create more space on the stand where it would have sat initially and then again it also prevents destruction accidents from kids when it's hung up because they can't reach it

Love these Vinyl sessions....just turn up the volume! Sunday Evening Soul, Funk & Jazz Vinyl Pop Up - Paul's Wall via @YouTube

@LegionHoops @WindhorstESPN Portland could trade this offseason Lillard, Jrue and Chris Paul 🤯 There's more point guards that they can trade and redistribute on the league? Westbrook? Jonh Wall is retired? 😂

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