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@Meredith5162 @FoxNews They're federal charges. Newsom doesn't have a say.

@RStarkeyMD Dude, you're maybe 3 years older than me, presumably due to your obsession w the Beatles. In the late 70s, we didn't have that mercurychrome or whatever bc it sounds awful. I think you're making it up anyway, you probably heard it in a Paul Simon song.

@CollinRugg Newsom’s state is bringing up charges? Hmmmm

@bennyjohnson Election meddling from Newsom. Typical.

@BuffyWicks Newsom tried to cut funding for ICAC until @SheriffJCooper called him out. Zip it you pro pedo loser.

@the_hindu This is the beginning of Gavin Newsom replacing Joe Biden.

@nettermike Yeah, that’s not gonna happen. As much as I dislike Newsom, I don’t believe this post.

@wendyp4545 This is a Quadruple-headed arrow for Weiss. 1: It shields Hunter from testifying. 2: It’s being done in CA, so it’s protected by Newsom. 3: It plants a seed that “No one is above the law” ie Trump. 4: It helps to paint Joe as the “Unwitting Innocent.”

The D's now think they would be better off with Gavin Newsom; not that the MSM has grown some ethics.…

@RobSchneider @RobertKennedyJr I very much enjoy Trump/RFK debate points because both of them are pro America. When’s the last time we’ve had two opponents we’re both rooting for? Maybe even Vivek and Desantis apart of that too. How can anyone trust Biden/Newsom/Christie/Haley?

@bennyjohnson Republicans only had a four seat majority going into 2023??@SpeakerMcCarthy is gifting his seat to Gavin Newsom. Last week, the @HouseGOP gave up another to GovKathyHochul. Democrats would *never* do this.

@GavinNewsom Define “assault-style weapons” Newsom. Give a definition to what it means, I’ve never seen one. In fact, nobody has ever seen one. Saunter back into the closet you little poofter. You scare tactics and propaganda are all stale.

@lalovestrump Is Newsom repealing prop 13 without having voters vote on it?

Governor Newsom, AKA, the Unmasked Offender, has a big deficit problem on his hands. California is now in the hole by $68 billion. What will the poor tax and spend governor do?…

Gavin Newsom’s Mostly False claim about Ron DeSantis’ support of amnesty for immigrants - PolitiFact…

California has the most outrageous liars and bull s*it artists: Gavin Newsom, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Eric Garcetti, Karen Bass, Kevin De Leon, Mayor London Breed, Chief Michael Moore, Mark Ridley-Thomas, Maxine Waters, VP Harris, and George Gascon. Did I miss anyone?

@foxnewspolitics Dems put Manafort in jail for tax evasion..Newsom will see Hunter gets a fine.

@MrAndyNgo He’s been indicted in California, Newsom old joes buddy’s state! This isn’t serious, it’s to keep him from testifying next week and joes pathetic attempt to make it seem there is equal justice when there isn’t!

@jenvanlaar @GavinNewsom amazing his own bot-self posted it lol lizard newsom

But of course, Presidential pardons of drug addiction related tax evasion of a former veteran would deter anyone too old to be POTUS from actually politely just bowing out to be with their son. Sigh… 😓💔 i feel terrible saying this but Gavin Newsom should be POTUS.

@HadEnoughCA1 @jenvanlaar @RStarkeyMD Omg I kept as much as I could but getting plowed down in front of my house by my mom's friend was impossible to hide. Mainly bc of the blood...but no broken bones bc even at 6 I wasn't some pansy ass whiner. And I did drink my milk 🤷‍♀️

Hunter indicted in Gavin Newsom’s backyard (Pelosi’s cousin) is such a joke. NOTHING will happen.

Checking a box is important for Democrats. Gavin Newsom seems has to have one. Plus, the bovine on The View think he is Fabio. With a haircut.✔️✔️✔️ California faces record $68 billion budget deficit, nonpartisan legislative analyst says…

@libsoftiktok The email blast says, "Califonia Governor Gavin Newsom just passed a new law that will fine retailers..." A governor can sign a law, but not pass a law, from my understanding. Maybe it's different in California, tho. 🤷🏼‍♂️

You will be voting for Gavin Newsom, as if you really think Joe Biden will make it to January 2025. For one thing having Hunter being indicated, must be a lot of stress for an 81-year-old man.…

@nettermike Unconstitutional Law, No way Newsom can enforce this.

@TheView @JohnFetterman As a Republican, I would vote for this man before Gavin least I agree with this guy on some things. Newsom is a Pelosi family member

@CBW556 Dimslee is a pale imitation of Gavin Newsom, so this makes sense.

@OCpatriot_ @davtra50 @willscharf @BasedMikeLee Me too. Newsom’s a marxist. Look what misery he has caused in California. He’d be a nightmare as President.

@FoxNews Dems put Manafort in jail for tax evasion.. Newsom will see Hunter gets a fine. Equal justice??

Newsom wants to be president to run/fix America. Bro you couldn’t do either here in California.

Look at this news article from The Daily Caller: Gavin Newsom Moves Christmas Tree Ceremony Online To Keep Pro-Palestinian Mobs From Interrupting…

Posts like this are a reminder of just how racist and misogynistic this country is. If y’all want Gavin Newsom or whichever white boy of the month over VP Harris, you better figure out how to win an election without the Black vote. Good luck with that.…

@JesseBWatters How long before Joe pardons Hunter? He’d be done politically, b/the senate would never remove him, esp. during an election year. Joe would be “encouraged” to serve out his term and “let the party pick a successor.” This way Joe doesn’t have to dump Kammy. Newsom on the ballot.

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