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Learn about high availability in #AzureCosmosDB for #PostgreSQL databases! 💻 Discover how to ensure your data stays accessible and reliable with Microsoft's advanced solutions.…

Microsoft Teams Town Halls will replace Live Events

@gauravsabnis I don't know what you mean, but I see Google where I think I have seen Microsoft earlier.

Exciting times ahead with Mercy & Microsoft teaming up! 🌟 By blending #Healthcare heritage with advanced #Cloud & #AI, we’re on a mission to elevate care & enrich experiences for our healthcare professionals! Read more here: #MSCloudHealth #HealthTech

Current Update Of The OpenAI Chatbot: ChatGPT Can Now “Google” In Real Time: ... Midjourney neural network. The search is performed in the Microsoft Bing search engine. After receiving a response from the network, the user can ...

Dans cet épisode de The Catalyst, Aaron Brooks et Doug Smith, directeur général des solutions à Microsoft Canada, discutent de la technologie d’IA de Microsoft, et plus particulièrement de Copilot, l’application qui change la donne. Écoutez l’épisode :

@AnnaK4202 @Vincenz78441140 @Andrea27920710 Ehh, direi di sì Come pure le amministrazioni pubbliche sarebbero (sarebbero perché le applicazioni della legge in Italia valgono solo per i deboli) obbligate a preferire software open source (e magari gratuito) anziché il monopolista microsoft

@alemaunzinhuu @Microsoft Tem uns 3 anos que migrei pro uso do 365. Tem altos promo de assinatura anual. Office na nuvem em qlq lugar pra trabalho e espaço extra no onedrive. Daqui um tempo a M$ vai criar um pacote assinatura universal com todos os serviços possíveis dela kkk

Tantas formas de recuperação de conta e a Microsoft só se bases em número de celular, e pergunta de segurança. Como eu vou saber meu melhor amigo de infância??? Tipo na época que fiz o e-mail meu melhor amigo da época aparentemente não considero mais, tanto que nem me lembro 🙃

@TreJerome @AlexZapolsky @SouveraineTech et malgré tous les moyens à disposition, des failles béantes de sécurité existent chez Microsoft, je vous laisse lire mon dernier article très fouillé…

@asphalt Pls release Microsoft update!!!

🚨Alert: Microsoft warns about a phishing scam targeting Teams users! 🔐 Phishing = Fraud 🔒 Ransomware = Pay or Lose Data 🗓️ Active since 2016 📩 Check emails carefully 🔑 Use least privilege & 2FA Could you outsmart a cyber scam? 🤔 #itsupport #cache4it #CyberAlert

Microsoft posts ‘early stages’ code for developing Windows drivers in Rust @d3vclass

Microsoftが「Windows 7/8」から「Windows 10」への無償アップグレードの提供を“完全に”終了へ 何が起こる?(ITmedia PC USER) #Yahooニュース…

Entra ID display names for SKUs and Service Plans are planned to change on October 1st. Read more on Azure AD’s latest name change explained:… #cybersecurity #EntraID #microsoft

Top headline from the Microsoft Cybersecurity brief: "Microsoft has released a variety of cybersecurity resources, patches, and tools to protect users from cyberattacks." See more from this brief right here: #Microsoft #Cybersecurity…

Why Microsoft Windows Boss Panos Panay Made a Surprise Move ... - #business Insider

Need something to read while sipping your ☕ on #NationalCoffeeDay? Check out our Opal Blog! We're sharing 5 useful features in Microsoft SharePoint: #opalbiz #microsoftsharepoint #sharepoint #cloud #organization #collaboration #filesharing #tech

Mastering LLM prompting is art and science, with experimentation crucial to get the optimal output. Watch as @alexgraveley and @JohannesGehrke share expert insights into tactics for optimal prompting. #AI

Your Global Tech Connection 🌍 aMS events have circled the globe, and now they're landing in Southeast Asia! Connect with fellow Microsoft enthusiasts, gain fresh perspectives, and enhance your skills. Don't miss this opportunity! More Details:……

Mega spannendes KI-Rennen: Microsoft + OpenAI Google + DeepMind Tesla + xAI Meta + Meta-KI und jetzt Amazon + Anthropic Der KI-Boom wird immer größer und größer.

📩 Effective communication made easier. Draft an email—then get coaching tips and suggestions on tone, clarity, and more from Copilot in Outlook:

The Microsoft AI research division accidentally leaked a Shared Access Signature (SAS) link with 38TB of sensitive data starting in July 2020. The question now is, how did this happen? Read the full story here:

🤖 How can #AI boost customer satisfaction? Dive into this #Microsoft infographic to discover the top 5 focus areas for enhancing customer experiences using artificial intelligence. Personalize at scale and make every interaction count! 🔗…

Cybersecurity is not just about what tools and technical security you have, it’s about your people and culture. Take a look at how to report phishing emails in Microsoft Outlook:

Reply and tag someone with impressive tech skills. 🤓

Nous améliorons notre infrastructure d'IA 🏗️ ! Découvrez ce que nous faisons pour vous aider à mettre à l'échelle l'IA générative avec une disponibilité de service accrue 👇 #GenerativeAI #AI

👮‍♀️ French authorities have raided #Nvidia's offices during an ongoing antitrust investigation into the cloud sector 🔍. The focus has been on anticompetitive practices in graphics cards. 🖥️… #Amazon #AI #Microsoft

🥳 Orchestry now offers support for provisioning & lifecycle management of Viva Engage Communities. Our recent blog shares how Orchestry simplifies the creation, management, & discoverability of Viva Engage Communities. #VivaEngage #Microsoft #Orchestry

İş Zekası ve Veri Analizi Uzmanımız Ayşegül Yiğit, #BilgeAdam Teknoloji Medium sayfasındaki yazısında; verileri Microsoft #SQL Server ile bir veri dosyası arasında belirtilen biçimde toplu olarak kopyalamak için kullanılan #BCP’yi tanıtıyor:…

Senior NHS surgeon, 64, struck off over Covid conspiracy theory videos, including that the killer pandemic was 'a multibillion scam being manipulated for the benefit of Microsoft founder Bill Gates'…

小型モジュール炉どこかでもう一発流れ来そうですね😃後は系統連系における負荷装置の進みと遅れなどの力率調整装置関連なども面白そうです😺 Microsoftが原子力エネルギーの技術者を募集。年収2千万円以上…

RIP Google jamboard. You were a solid tool. I’m sad to have to migrate to Microsoft whiteboard.

Thank you @Microsoft for joining us this morning to deliver an engaging session on generative AI as part of our popular internal ‘Futures’ sessions, which focus on new and emerging technologies. The insights and knowledge shared will support our digital transformation journey.

@BrokenGamezHDR_ One started by the nerds over at Microsoft. Who the hell cares about player count?

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