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#Yankees traded MICHAEL KING wtf .. he a Dawg

Michael King, Drew Thorpe, Johnny Brito, Randy Vásquez, Richard Fitts, Greg Weissert y Nicholas Judice…

@snyyankees Soto's is a truly a great player and I'm thrilled we got him but I will miss all of the guys we traded to get him, especially Michael King !!!

I can’t wait to see the beast Michael King will be when Tio Ruben is done w/ him

I keep seeing this take but I don’t see who the Mets were sending over for the deal to make sense… Who’s the Michael King of the deal? What 2 guys are your Brito/Vasquez combo? Did you also have The Minor League Pitcher of the year to throw in the deal? I’m confused 🫤…

Michael King strikes out seven straight dudes? Michael King strikes out seven straight dudes.

Would you rather have a Year of watching Soto/Judge/Stanton/Rizzo or 25 games of hoping Michael King makes it to the 5th inning? Wise up People. #Yankees

Padres fans have no idea how good Michael King is don’t worry buddy we will pick you up at some point 💔

Juan Soto should have cost the Yankees someone like Jasson Dominguez or even Spencer Jones. Instead, it was Michael King.…

@TalkinYanks Only player I really regret losing in the trade is Michael King, but Cashman did what he had to do. I’m glad Soto is a Yankee!

@Michael41295076 @OutOfTheVines Horton has more upside than king. Cubs don’t have a Michael king

@06Kiu @EndWokeness Lmao, MLK (real name Michael King) plagiarized his doctoral thesis, regularly smoked crack-cocaine, raped several underage White girls and was a known philanderer. Ever wonder why they sealed the FBI tapes on him until 2027? Over 61 fucking years those tapes have been sealed.

@JoshuaRobert56 Yeah you’re right about that then. The only way the Mets could’ve matched Michael King was by giving up Senga and eating salary, which obviously would’ve been bad to say the least… #JuanSoto to the #NewYorkYankees!😱 Whoa. But, dayum, a couple of players I was hoping to see keep playing as Yankees are now gone, too, including #MichaelKing and #KyleHigashioka (bummed out about Higgy). @Leticia22930913

@JohnItalianRT @MasterRaptor436 @YankeeSource The “over coaching” Michael king and Jordan Montgomery outperformed their prospect profile.

@JohnItalianRT @MasterRaptor436 @YankeeSource It worked for Michael king, didn’t it? Jordan Montgomery?

#Padres Michael King's last 7 starts in 2023: 35.2 IP, 11.4 K/9, 1.7 BB/9, 2.02 ERA, 2.99 xFIP #Yankees Carlos Rodón's last 7 starts in 2023: 31.1 IP, 10.9 K/9, 2.8 BB/9, 7.47 ERA, 4.51 xFIP #Yankees are paying Rodón $28M per year through 2028...

@drocthekid @OutOfTheVines Absolutely! Love him. Nowhere near the ceiling of Michael king though

El comando de Michael King, principalmente del cambio y sweeper (Slider de + quiebre horizontal) es notable. Sólo vean los mapas de calor. Vs. Der. es Sinker-Sweeper, pitcheos que recorren mismo camino hasta que bifurcan, y Vs. Zur. mezcla bastante más, usa más cambio y recta.

@BurdenBurner 2026 offseason news: Michael King has signed a 7 year $196 million contract with the New York Yankees, he joins the 3 aces Yamamoto, Cole, and Rodon.

Soto Trade Re-done in @ootpbaseball Yankees: LF: Juan Soto RP: Scott Wilson San Diego Padres: C: Kyle Higashioka SP: Jhony Brito SP: Randy Vasquez SP: Drew Thorpe CL: Michael King 2B: Gleyber Torres RF: Jasson Dominguez 2B: Oswald Pereza LF: Spencer Jones

@Yankees we probably traded a future good pitcher...Michael King I would have kept him n traded Holmes...😏

@JordanJapanYT West coast better watch out for Michael King though. That man can pitch! Ready to see this Yanks lineup!

It’s actually very funny & sad that Michael King has been the Yankees’ future ace since like 2017 and as soon as he figures something out he’s immediately traded

Michael King (ex NUASA President) Hon. ORIÕN (ex NUASA DOSports & ex Honourable of the NUASA, ASRC) "Power is indeed transient" @nuasaoau_ @NabasOau @TheGreatestIFE

@OutOfTheVines it’s hard to comp Michael King to anyone in the Cubs org, and Drew Thorpe is comparable anywhere between Wesneski (plus secondary/secondaries with meh FB) to Cade Horton (based on Thorpe’s 2023 stats, MiLB pitcher of the year) tldr; no i can’t but i wanted to respond anyway

Forgotten in the hype train of Michael King is Luis Gil. Remember him? 25 yr old RHP who looked ready to dominate at the big league level. #Yankees

@drocthekid @OutOfTheVines No lol. Not even close. Cubs don't have a Michael King. Horton is worth more and the others are worth less

The Yankees low-key did wonders for Michael King’s trade value by stretching him out late last season and deploying him as a SP. Don’t think this same deal lands Soto if they hadn’t done that. I’ll really miss Kinger, but the trade was a no-brainer. You do it every time.

@THEMICHAELKAY The way to have gone was NO SOTO but to get and keep Michael King get Cody Bellinger and some more damned pitching.

@JohnnyGiunta_ Michael King and Kyle Hishagawa would have hurt us way for than Soto

@YankeeSource I wouldn't kept Michael King over Montas and Schmidt. And im still pissed at Rodon for his disrespect of Matt Blake.

@redsoxandstuff @HebHammer94 @PalmerDesigns_ Considering Seth Lugo isn’t good & the Infield Defense isn’t good AND that he would be **The Starter** acquisition Yea, They have every right to Bitch The Yankees got Juan Soto for Michael King & Scrap Metal But don’t worry, Seth Lugo is gonna make them Compete.. Fuck Sake

Bringing a plate of Michael King’s old tweets in a jello mold to the @Pimp_Lord619 Christmas kickback

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