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@chriscrustynj Pulling up to 8 mile Kyle Rittenhouse mode if you reply without liking one more of my tweets Crusty.

@FixNewsPlease 1. This actually doesn’t resemble what Kyle Rittenhouse did in ANY way whatsoever 2. If a guy threatens to kill you earlier in the night, then later in the night starts chasing you, his friend fires a gun in the air behind you, and he tries to grab your gun, yes you can shoot him

@Sir_Fahrenheit Oh no. I did that as well and had a panic attack that I was logging back on to that hellscape but a few people told me they didnt see my profile. Who knows. I deleted mine to dodge the Kyle Rittenhouse accounts

@JR10170033 @PamelaEdwards @AnneInCoDown @ChrisJustice01 @RGeorgeBarnes @AngryFleas @ChemicalA03959X @Strandjunker Apparently not a damn thing, but let's look at CNN. How much time did CNN spend on Kyle Rittenhouse compared to Darrell Brooks. CNN spent 44 hours in a year discussing Kyle Rittenhouse. Daryl Brooks in a year maybe 20 minutes. Does that make sense?

🤣😂🤷🏻‍♀️ Kyle Rittenhouse’s New Book Is Totally Bombing on Amazon and Cryin’ Kyle Won’t Be Happy… via @nicolejames

@Hawk_Smash86 FR. Man was doing his job. IMO we’re lucky more people didn’t get killed. These are the same people who want to say Eric Garners death was justified and Kyle Rittenhouse was in the right. The cognitive dissonance is off the charts.

@LeeGoffIII I want you to be right! I don’t give trump any more credit than a Kyle rittenhouse with a gun. Yes, dangerous until you take away the gun. But it’s the federalist society, heritage foundation project 2025 and the gang that has me very worried. It’s downhill from here for them,

@Kayama_Koomori @FixNewsPlease How are we still on this Kyle Rittenhouse bs? He was proven innocent in a court of law.

@VegasRaiders200 @ericmetaxas Nope. It was Joseph Rosenbaum pedophile who went looking for trouble, by chasing and ambushing Kyle Rittenhouse behind unprovoked, had no business there.

@Tod_Tod73 @TWEETnElvis Why are you supporting the pedophile and woman beater that were killed? One of the men would only date single mothers with young sons and then sodomize them. The fact you’re more infatuated with Kyle Rittenhouse than that pervert shows you’re more inline with the child rapist.

Why do conservatives want to fuck this little creep so badly #kylerittenhouse

“Harvard President was a DEI hiring”per billionaire hedge fund manager Bill Ackerman Ackerman thinks universities discriminate against white men He supported Kyle Rittenhouse defense fund and his actions He tried to doxx students at Harvard last month.

@another_poster @krysiak_sarah @BobJohn53618882 @MAGABarbie317 @itsJeffTiedrich Don’t actually want that. I was just trying to end the last conversation about him because his fans absolutely annoy me. Youre also right idgaf about murder. Honestly I didn’t even care about Kyle Rittenhouse until people started saying they wished he killed more black people

@sirmichaelwill @EdKrassen Yeah, after the way Kyle Rittenhouse was railroaded, I wouldn't trust the courts either. They're so biased against Conservatives. Wait..., what? Kyle was exonerated?!! #ShutTheFuckUp

@Mikebattuello Yes, I’m sure Kyle Rittenhouse will be out there with his gun … this is straight out of their playbook of attempted intimidation

@BurrikksM Does that apply to Matt Gaetz’s underage girlfriends dad too? Should we ring him up and let him know? Is Kyle Rittenhouse fair game for his victim’s parents? Taking the law into your own hands doesn’t work

@Coachingmy2boys @HotMoozik @Jami08885175 Oh he will Once he joins a white supremist Prison Gang Those were kyle Rittenhouse Tears in front of that judge

@Getsmart4 Correct sentence for anyone who chooses to kill with firearms. Killing with a gun is never a youthful error. This person can not be trusted again. Just like murderer Kyle Rittenhouse.

@liberal_jamie Can we protect our city like kyle rittenhouse did?

@MicahWiggi2869 @BobJohn53618882 @MAGABarbie317 @itsJeffTiedrich August 25th 2020, Kyle Rittenhouse crossed NO state lines.. Next.. He never went to any protest.. Next, he supported BLM, not the rioting... Next.. he never possessed or carried an assault weapon.

@BobJohn53618882 @MAGABarbie317 @itsJeffTiedrich Trying to create false equivalencies to validate your own argument is not gonna work here lmao. Im not talking about anybody else. Im talking about Kyle Rittenhouse on August 25th crossing state lines to get to a protest he doesn’t support carrying an assault rifle

@GuntherEagleman It’s why people need to start acting like Kyle Rittenhouse.

@surrenderedflow @AP4Liberty Is that you prosecutor Binger? Ladies and gentlemen of the Jury, Kyle rittenhouse provoked those child molesters into chasing him.

@TheEXECUTlONER_ January 6th - Kyle rittenhouse, South Carolina, - I have more

@FishEIbow @xxfuneraI @Tyson_James_ theres a video of them two rapping in kyle rittenhouse fan shirts too its insane

@KwikWarren Because closet case Mike Johnson is depraved. Only men with hidden sexual desires of man sex R so obsessed with turning on their fears. If only he would just simply have sex with another man he might C the light & turn off his hate. I understand Kyle Rittenhouse is available.

@BadWeaponTakes You’re assuming that you can out gun Kyle Rittenhouse and that’s been proven to be hard to do….

@ChowRabbit @BadWeaponTakes .... This is quite literally what Kyle Rittenhouse did...

Guilty until proven innocent is what the world has come to.. A good thing about the pandemic..I was able to watch the WHOLE Kyle Rittenhouse and Johnny Deep trial. Mainstream media was just out here spitting lies about Kyle and Johnny..and basically everything else 😅

These are documented events on video. They should not be able to profit off the clear antisemitism of their actions on GoFundMe. Innocent people like Kyle Rittenhouse couldn't raise funds, but Jew-haters can?…

I am seething. A man with a gun can legally shoot+kill someone, even a minor, breaking into his car in this country. Kyle Rittenhouse is a GOP hero for crossing state lines+killing 2 ppl with an AR 15. But a woman seeking pregnancy healthcare is a villain, because, #ProLife ?…

I have never met a single person who both hates Kyle Rittenhouse and can accurately describe the sequence of events that took place the night of the shooting.…

@SIfill_ @designmom I am seething. In this country, a man with a gun, can LEGALLY shoot and KILL someone for breaking into his car. Kyle Rittenhouse,17 yo went to another state and shot 3ppl with an AR 15+is a GOP HERO. But a WOMAN is DENIED life/fertility saving HEALTHCARE, because... #ProLife ?

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