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Rep. Katie Porter doesn’t mess around. Well done Katie!…

The US is like this because our Congress is absolutely littered with plants from corporations, fossil fuels & the military industrial complex who take "campaign donations" to vote the way they're told. Can you imagine a Congress of civically moral types like Katie Porter & AOC?

@CitizenRevere @RepKatiePorter Ask the GOP as they are the Socialists in this regard and this is primarily, their doing! Then, they have the Audacity to say that the Democrats are Socialists! Dr. Rukminesh Mehta, PsyD (abd)

@RepKatiePorter This is why it is so ridiculously easy to give to Rep. Porter's campaign. #TakeNoteIndiana

@RepKatiePorter Good questions, @RepKatiePorter & Why are we engaged in socialism for Fortune 500 corporate entities instead of American human beings??? *** #NotCapitalism *** Fight #CorporateSocialism ! Let's end this hypocrisy and corrupt double standard.

Thank you ⁦@RepKatiePorter⁩ and ⁦@RepMikeLevin⁩ for your leadership on this. We shouldn’t be subsidizing a dying industry, especially one that causes so much environmental damage.…

@amyphanwest So happy that Katie Porter is uncovering the truth about the oil spill off the OC coast. You would be helping with the cover-up! 🌈❤

@BriereBear @BowmanNancy @BigCatFan_Fast @RepKatiePorter To have the proper effect, taxes on oil companies s/b as surtaxes on profits, so they can't be passed on to consumers.

@RepKatiePorter For President!! Or for my adopted mom or mentor, or anything. MORE OF THIS!!!…

Dear @POTUS, please hear, We, the People! We need help. We need relief. We need our votes protected now before it is too late. This is not hyperbole. Would anyone care to amplify this so everyone who needs 2see this does? @jennycohn1 @glennkirschner2 @robreiner @RepKatiePorter

Oil company at center of Orange County spill received $31M in federal relief since 2016, Rep. Katie Porter (D-Irvine) said during a congressional subcommittee hearing on Monday.…

@RepKatiePorter Probably because we, the People, need and want oil produced domestically rather than being forced to import oil from hostile nations. Shove it, Katie.

The guy from @jpmorgan trying to convince us that they are going to fix health inequity because bank clerks are the most disadvantaged people in America. I recall @RepKatiePorter agreeing.... #HLTH2021

@RepKatiePorter Educating and educating people in itself is a great wealth that we are proud of. Science is a wealth and we are building the future on a scientific basis.

@Blueequus775 @ModocNF @SenFeinstein @SenAlexPadilla @RepKatiePorter @RepSwalwell @RoKhanna @tedlieu Public Land belongs to the American People, NOT rich Ranchers who are grazing their livestock on Public Land, & have bribed BLM Federal Employees to remove OUR Wild Horses! Time for the American People to claim the Livestock on Public Land as Public Property & remove & sell them!

Love Katie Porter. Even without her white board, she’s brilliant!…

@Blueequus775 @ModocNF @SenFeinstein @SenAlexPadilla @RepKatiePorter @RepSwalwell @RoKhanna @tedlieu Why isnt anyone telling us I bet they won't remove any cows and they are blaming wild horses when it's the cows destroying the grass

@RepRichardNeal @SunLife @SunLifeUS @SpeakerPelosi @RepKatiePorter @WhiteHouse WTAF is this Bullshit. You have go to be kidding. @business @businessinsider @MSNBC @CNN This can't go thru. Stick with @POTUS Bidens original plan…

@RepKatiePorter If we want to get serious about converting to renewable energy, we need to stop supporting oil wells that don't make money. Time to let capitalism shut down these failing businesses.

@RepKatiePorter Take your money, bleed it with crappy debt so they can charge +$4 a gallon for gas.

@RepKatiePorter Rep katie is straight up Awesome!! 😀

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