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懐かしい… ソフトベンダーTAKERUとか今思うとめちゃくちゃ画期的だったよなー…

@IAmJericho @AEW My favorite Chris Jericho memory was my 1st wresting show. I was 10 years old. It was a smackdown where stone cold returned and blew up the dx express. My favorite memory of the night however was holding up my Y2J sign and having Jericho come out and point at my sign. I felt like

Literally how the fuck did this manage to happen

@IAmJericho @AEW My favourite Jericho memory is the Wrestlemania match with HBK. Perfect story, perfect match, and two of the best to ever do it. #JerichoContest

israeli ethnic cleansing is based on massive children killing, assassination of highly educated people of Gaza (photo) and, as you must have seen yesterday, arresting random men and lying to the world about them being Hamas freedom fighters. #GazaHoloucast #Gaza_Genocide…

tangina bakit ko ba hinayaang i let go sya, mahal na mahal ko sya

@Vincent85_WWF Wow that's violation to jericho just wow I don't like jericho but there's no need for that

Nna ke godisa tsala yaka ya tlhogo ya kgomo Billy Mamorare. Mpho mokoena from jericho #Thagamoso

@EmilioCadernMne me tomó un ratote darme cuenta que traes la cara pintada😩😩😩 t amo

@kashiwaneko1ive 外野手で採用してまともにレギュラー取れた選手が2010年の秋山以降誰もいないとか異常…それ以前も誰まで遡ればいいかわからないレベルで、この球団どうなってんだと今更戦慄してますわ… 後藤も内野から外野だったし、その前だと2001入団の栗山? ほんとやばい…

Ok minor concern on whether or not my pc can manage MHWilds it comes out LOL

malas sayang kape natapon pa HAHAHAHA

My favorite chris jericho moment was at full gear 2023 when i attended my first ever wrestling event #JerichoContest

@IAmJericho @AEW Seeing you live for 1st time at MSG in 2015 is my favourite Jericho-memory. I was on vacation in NYC & decided to visit the show on a whim, not knowing I'd have the honour to finally see you live & attend your 25th anniversary. But All In London is a close 2nd💜 #JerichoContest

@SynthPotato i’m so ready for valhalla. it’ll prolly be the only game named valhalla worth playing

i imagine the bermuda triangle being one way GTA 6 will stop the player from reaching the games border. iirc it’s a confirmed location from the leaks.

@lnterjectYT @IAmJericho The List Jericho was honestly one of my favorite Jericho personas.

@teqzwga Weiß auch nicht was da in mich gefahren ist, ich schiebs mal auf die 2 stunden Schlaf.

Jericho v. Guerrero started off slow but these guys are out here COOKIN now 🔥🔥

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