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Odious Democrat Congresswoman Jasmine Crockett Refers To Texas and Florida as ‘Deplorable States’…

Jasmine Crockett, congresswoman from Texas.. Is the bomb.. On Hayes....she was " shining'... About Texas cruelty.....and Kevin.... It was something

“We gone talk about it” - Jasmine Crockett voice

@Morneque @allinwithchris Don’t let him hear you. Our filing deadline is Monday 😊. I’m gonna fight my way back into the house at this moment.

@leghorn1357 Believe this is the right choice .. Tanya didn't waste any time either.. And I STILL wanna marry Rep Jasmine Crockett..

Jasmine Crockett is just another lying worthless piece of shit

Democrat Rep. Jasmine Crockett dismisses Texas and Florida as "deplorable states" because their duly elected legislatures pass conservative bills

How great is our party that we have rising stars like Jasmine Crockett working on behalf of the people of Texas. Vote Blue. There is hope for Texas yet. 💙🇺🇸

@JackieFortin362 @allinwithchris That’s a manuscript. Lots of problems. Kinda like the perfect storm. I’m gonna do something oral on immigration to begin breaking it down but we can’t begin to fix anything with these darn dysfunctional r’s. Mind you they struggled to select a speaker. We have a ton of proposed……

@JasmineForUS @allinwithchris Someone ring DNC leadership....Jasmine Crockett is a star in the making. How do we get her in the fast lane? She is impressive.

After a judge granted a Texas woman’s request for an emergency abortion, the state’s attorney general sent letters threatening prosecution of any hospital or provider who allows her abortion. "He basically said, 'Ignore that, I don’t care.'" says Rep. Jasmine Crockett.

Jasmine Crockett is my new favorite US Rep! Her honesty, directness, and confidence are inspiring. Thanks for the introduction @allinwithchris! @JasmineForUS @chrislhayes

Jasmine Crockett killing it on All in with Chris Hayes

Tonight, y’all should tune into @allinwithchris for a familiar face. Tomorrow as you are cruising to work, tune into the Breakfast club! We have so much to discuss from Texas & Abortion to Dc & Presidential Impeachment Inquiry!

MTG Is a terrorist. Not a real American. She should have been the one cleaning the human shit off of the wall on Jan.6, after her gang of terrorist. Read "Watch Jasmine Crockett Tick Off Marjorie Taylor Greene In House Hearing" on SmartNews: #SmartNews

@sanffrank1929 I love her. Jasmine Crockett did not come to play or trifle with the likes of a has been like Greene.

Watch Jasmine Crockett Tick Off Marjorie Taylor Greene In House Hearing…

Watch Jasmine Crockett Tick Off Marjorie Taylor Greene In House Hearing…

Watch Jasmine Crockett Tick Off Marjorie Taylor Greene In House Hearing…

Tonight marks the first night of #Hanukkah. Chag Urim Sameach to those celebrating in #TX30 and around the world! May these next eight nights be filled with nothing but peace, light and joy.

@NoLeftTurns A suggestion to Jasmine Crockett ..go crawl back into your dog house.

The holiday season may have you in the spirit of giving, or maybe in the spirit of adoption! Join us Sunday at Jubilee Center as @DallasShelter will be on site for adoptions & resources. Plus, get help with casework related to federal agencies. Sign up:

@HeatherThomasAF no, and my God loving state did this. Jasmine Crockett is right Texas they don't want you to speak out. I love my state, the best state ever. I hate with a passion, or state's government.

@NoLeftTurns Congresswoman Jasmine Crockett uses racist terms... and that's OK. NOT!

It’s disgraceful that companies are increasing their profits at the expense of women’s health & safety. I joined @RepRaskin & @OversightDems in a letter demanding tech giants to combat abortion mis/disinformation on their sites. We need immediate action!…

@Faj873 @socalpopulist There are plenty that are like that lmao. Cori Bush, Ayanna Presley, Jasmine Crockett to name a few.

Pearl Harbor Day 4:52 JOE vs MARK 22:58 RINO debate, Vivek, Van Jones 30:55 WILLIAM 40:01 "Protect Trans Kids" 47:12 @libsoftiktok Teach 59:57 "Emmanuel" 1:14:53 Jasmine Crockett 1:26:06 Gavin 1:36:31 Aborsh 1:45:38 JOHN, KY 1:55:36 "Mary, Did You Know?"…

At Tuesday's House Oversight Committee hearing on Title IX and trans athletes, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) stoked fake outrage about Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D-TX)'s comments about "deplorable bills" coming from The Heritage Foundation...…

@RepAOC @RepBowman The head bobbing arm waving New York version of Jasmine Crockett….equally inane!

@LauraLoomer @TishJames That's the Trump/Loomer game: Tish James: RACIST! Jasmine Crockett: RACIST! Fanni Willis: RACIST! Yes, we get it; when a POC says something you don't like, they're racist.

@RepMTG Watch out MTG Jasmine Crockett will dog walk your ass

82 years since the attack on Pearl Harbor, we honor the 2,403 servicemembers and civilians who died that day, and join their families in remembrance. They died defending our democracy. We must be willing to stand up and protect it.

@Marechtare_ Jasmine Crockett can give the best BJs! She has no other REAL affirmative skills.

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