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Buddy Hield 0/6, you a goat for that

NBA RECAP 🏀 Keep forgetting these Keshon Gilbert ✅ Giannis Akumpo ✅ Cj Mccollum✖️ Buddy Hield✖️ Unfortunate day, buddy 0/6 from three, cjm 4/14 and loses on 8-12 minutes thanks to a 40 point blowout. felt good with the reads , will be back tomorrow‼️…

Indiana Pacers '23-'24 Haliburton Hield Brown Toppin Turner Brooklyn Nets '18-'19 Dinwiddie Russell LeVert Hollis-Jefferson Allen Epitome of FUN basketball

De enige die in het kabinet van Rutte haar rug recht hield @MonaKeijzer En nu gelukkig weer terug.…

Lakers vrs pacers Davin ham strategy Vando on Haliburton 🔒 AD on Turner 🔒 Prince on Brown 🔒 Lebron on Toppin 🔒 Dlo on hield 🔒 Lakers winning the In-season Tournament I don’t see how Pacers beating that Lakers Defense

@JoopSoesan @wierdduk Sommige problemen zijn volgens holocaustverheerlijker Wierd niet op een schone manier op te lossen. Neem de joodse maffia die voor de evacuatie Warschau in zijn greep hield.…

@HuibteHouten @leenhondgijs @NOS Jacob (Israel) die zijn broer met bedrog bestal en z'n blinde vader Abraham voor de gek hield.

René Froger hield dit geheim twee jaar verzwegen

buddy hield turning into kevin huerter on saturday will kill me

12 - 7 Double Doubles M.Turner 26P 10R T.Haliburton 27P 15A G.Antetokounmpo 37P 10R A.Davis 16P 15R CLOSE DOUBLE DOUBLES B.Hield 8P 11R #NBA #DoubleDouble

@Sean_Davi They’ll a box and 1 or triangle in 2 style with Vandy at the top and lots of switching, I’m afraid. Buddy Hield might be having some looks.

Goedemorgen ... Mijn dagdienst is een late geworden. De wekker kon dus wat later, alleen hield mijn interne wekker gewoon 5 uur aan. Maar bijna weekend ! Koffie ?

Buddy Hield 7/9 from three on Saturday 💔💔💔

@Sean_Davi great game to start cam and vando together, but of course TP gonna turn into Buddy Hield

@Xanthos24 My thing is whoever guarding Buddy Hield better not be caught ball watching

Buddy Hield.. Buddy. Hield. Buddy. Hield. 3 for 11. 0-6 from 3PT. In 30 minutes of action. While Pacers score 128 points as a team. 8..? 🖕🏻

@TimMaxwell22 Barnes and Picks for OG or Siakam is fantasy. I remember me on Bagley and Hield for Picks. Or the Lakers meme with THT and Nunn with two firsts. We must be serious. Without Keegan, no deal. And i want Keegan more than as all Raptors

@gloccsout Ik I hate that nigga but if buddy hield does this nobody bats an eye

Imagine If Steph had Bruce brown obi buddy hield and Myles turner…

@JeremiahEastman @JoshEberley What happened when the hawks put the same defense on Tyrese that everybody including the pacers play on Trae every night? How many points did Tyrese score in that 4th quarter? Didn’t Trae clamp the fuck out of him multiple times and had to be saved by buddy Hield?

🔸 Nesmith/Mathurin didn’t do much, but the streams were absolutely worth it on a lighter slate and weird week. 🔸 Brown struggled but it’s worth holding if you can. 🔸 Hield struggled (0-6 3PT) but chipped in 2 steals, a block, and 11 rebounds. That helps. 🔸 IJAX w/ 16 mins?

@Knicks97107463 @NewVybzBoss I don’t think Indiana is a great (they are good) shooting team I think they have two things the Knicks dont. Buddy Hield who QG is supposed to be like & Myles Turner spacing the floor. Once QG starts making 3s our offense will look a lot better more consistently. I said it……

Gotta be Reddish. Put Dlo on Hield. Bron on Toppin.…

NFL sweep 🧹 NBA looking an 0-2 night Buddy Hield had poor shooting game. Shot volume was there. Just couldn’t drain them. Zion just didn’t put up shots. Was outshot by everyone else in starting lineup and underwhelmed rebounding. Onto tomorrow. #dfs #GamblingX…

The Pacers lineup of Haliburton, Hield, Brown, Toppin and Turner have an offensive rating of 141 for the season 141 !!!!!!!


December 7th NBA Recap 📉 - Zion Williamson O 4.5 Rebounds✖️ - Buddy Hield O 14.0 Points ✖️ - CJ McCollum O 5.0 Assists ✖️ - Giannis Antetokounmpo O 45.5 PR ✅ There's no excuse for going 1-3, that's for sure. I will say this: I don't think anyone saw Buddy Hield (40% from……

I sat down with Tyrese Haliburton and Buddy Hield before the Semis. Hield described nerves he hasn't had in a while. Haliburton said this is the most consequential NBA game hes's played. They won anyway. Column on the Pacers being ready for their moment:…

Buddy Hield and Zion 100% went clubbing last night idc what anyone says

Like I seen Buddy Hield guarding Giannis & giving it his all. Then you watch the Pels & they going through the motions lol

We're finally going to see Buddy Hield & Myles Turner on the same floor as LeBron James. On the other side of the court

Hield & Turner vs Lakers finals is an unbelievable script lmfao bravo Adam Silver

@NBAdabad tudo isso pro buddy hield meter 9 bolas de três na final e o pacers copar

❌Buddy Hield shooting a whopping 0-6 from three. Just some straight BS let’s have a day tomorrow.🔮…

When I catch buddy hield and Beasley man 😭😭😭😭

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