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@CathoZealo H Clinton is a demon, literal. Baby eater. Haley too you reckon?

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@highbrow_nobrow @HeartlandSignal Does critical thinking/eloquence erode proportionally to the amount of times you scream at your children YIKES! lady button up your shirt harlot

@Nalin_Haley This is the moment she is saying the 3 "provinces". Probably using her phone

Nikki Haley is just high energy Hillary Clinton with a slight Right twist.

I got no love for Nikki Haley but for once I want a woman politician to drop the stiff upper lip act and pop off. The way Vivek Ramaswamy was mollywhopping her nobody would begrudge her telling him to shut TH up like Chris Christie did. #GOPDebate

@RibaldBarterman @eyeslasho Well, that farcical exchange in which he claimed Haley couldn't name three "provinces" in Ukraine where she (according to him) wanted to send troops because she didn't interrupt him wasn't exactly endearing to anyone paying attention.

@Antara233 noen sắp tới rồi chúc bạn vui vẻ

@Cernovich They couldn’t, but she could, and did. Haley 2024 !

@VivekGRamaswamy Such a waste - time could be better spent by Nikki Haley and her team studying the map of Ukraine.

@TheCharlesDowns find someone who loves you like how nikki haley i mean Nimarata Nikki Randhawa loves wars

@RandyRitchie12 @PastorDScott This dudes tripping. His dudes in pretty much 3rd now to warmonger Haley lmfao. He should be third Behind Trump then Vivek. Ron is fake and is no Alfa. That’s Trump. Something you will never experience.

Nikki Haley’s husband works for defense contractor. That tells you pretty much all you need to know about politics today. People like Vivek and Trump that the media pushed you to hate so much. These people risk it all. Their own money and fund themselves. They say what they want.

@annvandersteel Frame??? This Trump-era party is neither Conservative nor Republican. It is PURELY Populist Nationalist with Autocratic Cult of Personality leanings. The ONLY Republican that handedly beats Biden is Haley. Do you want to win, or continue with your cult fetish?

@DeSantisWarRoom @megynkelly Ahh NO. Trump Won, Vivek was second, Ron was 3rd, Haley doesn’t matter and Chris is a turd

@EliseStefanik @Harvard @MIT @Penn Tell me again, the words of Nikki Haley? "Finish them". And of the Israeli jerk minister "Nuke Gaza". The hypocrisy, biaseness and dehumanization of Palestinians at the behest of your sponsors is so evident that little to zero respect is left for any American politician.

ABC - 12/7/2023 - #TheView points out the money in politics as @sunny mocks Nikki Haley for thinking she wouldn't be influenced by Big Donors

@CarolWi71107124 @TheLeoTerrell @NikkiHaley I'm done with this cult of personality trump fetish. This Trump-era party is neither Conservative nor Republican. It is PURELY Populist Nationalist with Autocratic Cult of Personality leanings. Haley is the ONLY one who soundly beats biden

@simonateba @GovChristie @NikkiHaley @VivekGRamaswamy I laughed at the post debate show with Geraldo and Chris Cuomo, they said the loser was Ramaswamy. At the same time X was ablaze with users posting about how Ramaswamy swept the floor with Nikki Haley. He was the clear winner.

@MeganCBarry So weary of Holler McCall affiliated contrived candidates. Anywho, I'm fully confident that Nikki Haley will suit you just fine should that occur.

@adTumbler @RustyJEST @maggieNYT @gtconway3d @alanfeuer My sis tried to convince me to register as a Republican so I could vote in the primary & help vote Haley in. I strongly disagree with many of her premises, but it seems like she or Christie are the best choices. yes, I do think it’s harder for a woman of color to be nominated

@TeamHaley @NikkiHaley With Haley’s pathetic performance, how could she possibly lead a lost republic back to sovereignty when she allowed in silence dufus Christy to come to her rescue? Even tho she’s a rino Hillary she’s weak because even Hillary held her own being scorched by Trump.

@Actify12 @Notyouravgmom31 @davincentjames @BillAckman @Harvard Trump or Biden? Trump. I live in Massachusetts so my vote doesn’t even matter. Vivek > Desantis. Desantis is 🗑️ either way though. He’s slightly better than Nikki Haley, but hates free speech. I don’t hate anyone. Pointing out Jews’ hatred of the west doesn’t mean I hate anyone.

@2RawTooReal @bluebloodmama I agree. They have no other purpose except to stop Biden from winning. The corporations have bought and paid for them like the Koch Bros backing Haley.

Haley most likely gets messages -updates-from her team-campaign manager somehow -maybe cristy tips her off-when you hear she later could come up with >ukraine-If shes not cheating shes 2busy lying thru her teeth-smiling when he talked about her corrupt rich endorsers

@CBSNews @finnygo Wait didn’t Haley call Vivek dumb in the last debate? She basically said her boots were ammunition implying she wanted to somehow hit him with her boots.

@davidicke If so 100% divided 17% is around more than 5 days, they are 100% foolish. So did you recommend they stopped watching Nikki Haley more than 5 days? 🤣🤣🤣

@Nalin_Haley Sure she did. After a break and after talking to an aide.

@willchamberlain I will still tweet “Nikki Haley 2024” at leftoids because the concept of a woman in politics who doesn’t vote how a person of her gender is supposed to (cough Democrat cough) pisses them off.

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