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Greinke is going to SHOVE tonight. I’m calling it, 7 ip then passing it to Graveman/Pressly for the 8th and 9th. Tweeting this into existence just like my Correa homer tweet in game 1. #Astros #ForTheH

@CaseyWalloch "The more things change. . ." Lebum will always get top billing

@estevez__ Well let’s see what the Magician Greinke can do tonight and our offense…

@jamesmerilatt @SuperBookCO U crazy.. greinke isn't slowing down this offense

Why Zack Greinke Shouldn't Inspire Confidence In Astros Amid Pitchi... ( It is quite possible Zack Greinke gets the ball for the Houston Astros on Tuesday and gives ... Add your highlights:… #RedSox #MLB

Ce soir, il y a deux scénarios possibles avec #Greinke : - il performe tel un futur hall of famer qu’il est, et c’est la win assurée. - il prend cher sur une Eephus (qui fait saliver @MikeAcoupsur , je te vois !) et ça finit avec 7-0 après 3 manches pour @RedSoxFra #frmlb

Red Sox F5 ML at -125 already in the account today. Greinke move smells of desperation...hasn't started since Sep 19

Houston (1-2) @ Boston (2-1) ⚾️ Greinke hasn’t started a game since September 19. Astros are 2-6 in his last eight starts. under 7-3-2 last 12 He is 2-5, 5.09 in nine starts vs Boston. He is 4-6, 4.18 in 19 postseason starts.

Kike Hernandez O1.5 Total Bases. @OddsJam showing this line should be around +110. We are getting this at +120 on DK. Hernandez has had 2+ hits in 5/8 postseason games. Greinke has not been good at Fenway Park in his career. Let's cash this one.

😂😂😂 I could maybe understand if the Astros rolled out a starting rotation like Cole, Verlander, and Greinke, but they’re making excuses for guys like Valdez, Urquidy, Odorizzi, and Garcia. Let’s be real, the Sox just have a murderer’s row…

@DodgersNation Easy, Kershaw, Hershiser, Greinke, Urias, Lowe

I would have used Javier as an opener tonight if I was Dusty… his stuff was filthy in game 1… you need to get the first 6 outs w/out The Sox exploding … use Greinke after… you can’t get beat early again

第4戦でGreinkeとJavierがイニングを食わない限り、ミドルリリーバー達が3連投する可能性があるのか。 積極的な投手交代は、第5戦を不利な戦いにする。しかし交代し損ねたら、レイズ(ALDS第4戦)の様に勝てた可能性がある試合を落としかねない。 明日の継投策が、シリーズの分け目になるかな。

@Icehelmet Looks great, but the gravity is for sure not 9.81m/s^2 :-)

@NautOrbit They're def cheating, in my opinion, but that doesn't mean we can't fight back. Greinke is up today so I hope he helps us pull off a win

@TheAstrosLocker @Ken_Rosenthal If you think about it, as they are wearing down, would seem there's a natural tendency to forget the basics as you're scuffling to throw when the stakes are highest. Couple with McCullers hurt and Greinke losing it, perfect for cut storm. Sounds trite, but help is not on the way.

As for pitching matchups, Dusty Baker is starting Zack Greinke. Alex Cora counters with the Victoria, B.C. Canada native, Nick Privetta. Greinke, former CYA winner with KC Royals, has an 11-6 record w/4.16 ERA. Greinke has given up 30 homers in 30 games in which he's appeared.

The 37-yr.-old Greinke (he'll be 38 on Thursday) has appeared in one 2021 post-season game, a one-inning stint aga. the Chicago White Sox, a game that the Astros lost, 12-6. Greinke did struggle down the regular- season stretch; he had one hold and took 3 losses.

@michaelschwab13 Well, if anybody is savvy enough to not tip, it’s Greinke.

@michaelschwab13 Gee…hopefully Greinke gets them off there toes.

Good morning #AstrosTwitter #AstrosPeople & #HTown around the 🌎. It's #Greinke Day! We've a ballgame to win today. Let's fight for it. Let's go @astros ! #ForTheH

Will Zack Greinke even make it out of the 2nd or 3rd inning?? • 4 appearances since august 29th • allows a ton of home runs • mentions how he hates playing in these type of situations Thank you Dusty Baker for not starting Christian Javier

Hopefully the Red Sox don’t let Greinke off the hook tonight. He only throws 87-89 now so he needs to live on the corners or else

Friendly reminder that Zack Greinke got his first career win against the Montreal Expos, who haven’t existed since George W. Bush’s first term. When Greinke debuted, Yordan Alvarez was 6 years old and Justin Verlander hadn’t yet been drafted. #Astros…

#Beisbol #MLB Playoffs: Astros se le jugarán con Zack Greinke para abrir J4 en Boston…

Pivetta vs Greinke? Maybe there will finally be good pitching on the AL side, NL had had good pitching duels all playoffs it feels like.

Ah, two playoff games today, including some afternoon baseball. The Dodgers get back into the series, while Greinke helps the Astros even it up. @SuperBookCO

Greinke, respectfully shove it up Boston’s ass today

@BenDuBose I’ve never seen a fan base with such an extreme over reaction to being down 2-1. Sox have been streaky all season and everyone is just throwing in the towel... they can’t use those extra runs in these games coming up we just need a half decent showing from Greinke and Odo

The Astros desperately need better starting pitching, and it's hard to imagine Game 4 starter Zack Greinke being that guy.

The Astros desperately need better starting pitching, and it's hard to imagine Game 4 starter Zack Greinke being that guy.

It's Greinke day.... lord 🙏 let him pitch 7 shutout innings today. #ForTheH

@_brianestrada I think they tried but the timing of the injury was bad. A week earlier and he makes another rehab start. But in some ways, Greinke at 38 not even being stretched out heightens the heroic upside. Also, Javier is ready and capable for length when needed.

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