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Why? Why? Why? This is so dumb and such a waste of time! No wonder the KDHE said “we’re done!”…

Guess it could have been worse. Could have been a false missle alert, ala Hawaii 2018.…

@sora_luis If we’re basing things on durability alone, I’d favor Greinke too

@MakeMineAmalgam Spider girl spider girl does everything her dad could, buUut lives in a better world!

@FanDdm I saw the likes of greinke, Kershaw, Rodon being thrown around as options. Kershaw and even Greinke are risks obviously but you’re not signing them long term nor for a big price so I think they try their hand at that and then go from there out of the lockout.

@WardyNYM Oh boy. I'd rather have greinke who's more durable.

@TheClemReport @Jared_Carrabis @TimWakefield49 I used Greinke with the 56mph curve and a 98mph fastball.

@snidog Been saying it all off season. For the right price, Greinke makes all the sense in the world.

@NCrystean @moviebeauties (Please don’t be offended) even models/actresses that star in soft core films deserve as much recognition.

I don't hate the idea at all of Greinke as a rubber-armed fifth starter with potential upside; I don't think he's the answer to any important questions the Dodgers have, though.…

This is doublespeak for “we give up. You out there obv don’t care what we experts tell you to do & how to end this pandemic & keep people safe.” Like an exacerbated parent w/ a bunch of teens saying “fine, go jump off the cliff with your friends - just don’t call us any more” 🤦‍♀️…

So many in this state never even tried!! And then other leaders actively worked against anything public health officials tried to do to help. I think the KDHE is giving up bc they are tired of beating their head against a wall of stupid misinfo. I almost don’t blame them.…

3ft vs 6ft - doesn’t matter it is airborne. Wear a mask in restaurant or bar except when eating. Um, how does partial masking help? It’s airborne. Wear a mask at school, but you can take it off for sporting events. Cancel school, but can still have sports. 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️…

I have supported masks, vaccines, and all mitigation from the beginning. Large gatherings of unmasked people, regardless of reason, politics, sporting event, etc are not safe. Either require masks or don’t. But stop with the pandemic theater. Just stop.

In Christ the charges against you, the indictments, the record of debt, the IOU, have all been nailed to the cross and canceled. Glorious! (Colossians 2:14)

Yes, this. Nothing in the guidance from either admin or local gov’t makes sense. The virus doesn’t care if the event, biz, gathering is “worthy” or not. And all of the exceptions that have been given from the beginning made it difficult to take any guidance seriously…

@Read4Ks @shawmissionpost Wish this report also had data on teacher/staff absences. (I didn’t see it in the story, but I might have missed it)

@drta08__ Yo hace un rato que lo bloqueé. Pero creo que es mejor tu postura para que llegue a más gente y tenga más bloqueos.

I never trusted the numbers SMSD reported. Never. I’m sure they are doing their best to report numbers, but never felt they were an accurate picture of # of cases.…

Listen to this @RuralRadioNet interview on Reinke's investment in advanced manufacturing technology to produce precision irrigation solutions for growers. #Agriculture #Farming #Sustainability

@cassiarsantos01 Ahammm... mas se for pelada ou semi, pode🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

4 whole tests. I did order mine. But 4 tests? How exactly is that supposed to help? What about addresses with more than 4 people? I’m trying to be supportive of this, I generally am, but this still doesn’t sound like a serious plan to curtail the pandemic. But 🤷‍♀️.…

@Katie_Reinke As a Longhirn it pains me to say...Roll Tide.

Sigh… now I gotta like freaking NICK SABAN?!?!!! Joe Manchin… GET IT TOGETHER!!!!…

@JeffSpiegel @MMoreno1015 But how great was every at bat HOPING he got a Ryu finally getting the HR...or Bartolo Colon getting his...Zack Greinke/Clayton Kershaw are excellent hitters...URIAS!

@MakeMineAmalgam "defamation" of brand — versus — "infringement" of brand

Why is the US making this so incredibly difficult? This is where the dearth of leadership keeps showing up. The red tape, politics, profits, and everything else just needs to stop. Do we actually care about ending the pandemic and stoping illness?…

@MakeMineAmalgam Fanbranded, inclusive cosplay/larp 😏👍🏼 You have my support! 😏💯 i have "ideas" 😏👍🏼

2012 Opening Day Lineup: Jason Kipnis 3 Junior Lake 8 Adrian belter 5 Alfonso Soriano 6 Ian Kinsler 4 Magglio Ordonez 9 AJ Pollock 7 Erik Kratz 2 Zack Greinke 1

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