Top Tweets for Good Thursday

#CivilizedDanes🌹⤵ COPENHAGEN, #Denmark A new law was passed in Denmark’s parliament on Thursday that makes it illegal to desecrate #Quran & other holy text in the country, after a recent string of public by 94-77 vote. “A good message to all #Muslims.” #مہذب_پاکستان

@JohnnyPendejo No I learned how to unhook it myself and we kept them but idk if it happened on a Thursday 😂 good questos! 😭

Good night, friends:)😴🌙 I hope everyone had a great Thursday and sweet dreams:)🙂👋🏻

The patient is now in the ward and is showing good signs of recovery, DP Gachagua says about the Kenyan economy The DP, who spoke on Thursday in Kasarani during the KMTC graduation event, said the Ruto administration is paying 70 percent of debts inherited from the Uhuru regime

@randy_holcombe0 Good morning ☺️💛 Please come & live chat with TAON on Thursday at 9pm(Japan time)💛🤗⤵️…

@tamarind147 Warrior ki emi buzz undani Thursday release chesaru ina kuda good collections vachay ap/tg lo that too with lot of difficulties

This 40yo guy came up the stairs to the G blasting liquid swords on his iphone speakers while I was having a cig and he and I spent a good 3-4 minutes bopping our heads to that shit with no one around at 1am on a thursday. Full 🌽 nyc is beautiful and wu tang is for the children

Good morning. Wrapped Thursday with a couple of delicious filets. Five bucks per seasoning blend and a free Steak Dance Roadie with every order. Ends the end of December. Have a great meat Friday!

@Bill4Christ I lived in a bad neighborhood a while back. Mexicans across the street partied and played loud music Thursday-Sunday. Eventually went over and drank with them. They always had good food. Lots of fights Saturday though.

Alright Thursday, we need to talk. I am not particularly okay with you right now. You’ve given me a headache ALL day. Let’s part on good terms. Take my headache with you. You can have it. Keep it. Bye. Friday—Hi there! Are you gonna take better care of me? Let’s chat when I’m……

#HiNanna Thursday 10.6Cr(Cyclone in AP) #AnteSundaraniki Friday 10Cr So if we consider this #HiNanna Had Very Good opening despite being having Bad talk than AS

Bloody Thursday. I remember these. Reminder to everyone, Thursdays' in ice soccer is not good. Time to listen to the best powerviolence band Hatred Surge. See ya tomorrow.

@Canucks shutout the @mnwild tonight, WOOHOO!! BTW Next game is against the @Canes Saturday, @TBLightning Tuesday, @FlaPanthers next Thursday, and next Saturday is a rematch in Minnesota good luck GO CANUCKS GO!

@_workchronicles business as usual. Boss once said: "Look, good Blue was working on weekend!" Me: "But Blue's contribution was due last Wednesday, so I could review it by Thursday and you could had have it by Friday." Boss: "Doesn't matter. To me it is important that Blue spends its weekend."

Impressed and happy that Stanford seems to have a good crowd!! Stanford already not known for high attendance whatsoever and to have this many people there at 10pm on a Thursday? Really great

Thursday evening entertainment… third night at @bodeganotts this week. @opuskink rolling into town, this sold out back in May so was eagerly anticipated. Absolutely fantastic suffice to say. Crowd surfing always a good indication it’s kicked off nicely. ‘Goth-Salsa’ at its best!

@iamnot_elon Good night X! & although this Thursday they tried too hard to correct the Rocket's thrusters, I am completely sure that they will be successful in defying the Laws of Physics!

i promise i'll do so good at keeping up with concepts and content if we could fill my tip goal before next thursday. i just know my funk will end when i'm out of this house and in my own space and i can put up my christmas tree and get some fuckin serotonin

@Hellotweety_ I need to see what they’re talking about when I say that place was jumping on a Thursday night?! lol they got something good going on and I need to be a part of it lmao

Good Morning villa 💦❤️ Yo it’s Thursday 👻😊❤️ Let’s buckle up and make the next move,Double fixed correct score as been received from the icnacio deep source ☺️ Limited slots 😂 send message on how to get yours 📥

@MissFit_ @commpro123 35 cent drafts on Thursday nights, cheap night for us NAIT students, they came in those small plastic cups, good times

You know a good Thursday from the soreness you feel the next day. My poor bum

Good night Oomfies, hope you all had a nice Thursday! sleep well and see ya in the morning!

@garyblack00 @DivesTech no price cuts on Thursday nights anymore ! Only few more weeks , margins look safe for $TSLA along with good technicals were on our way to $300 @SawyerMerritt @TSLAFanMtl

Saudi Arabia and Russia, the world’s two biggest oil exporters, called on Thursday for all OPEC+ members to join an agreement on output cuts for the good of the global economy only days after a fractious meeting of the producers’ organisation…

Good morning beautiful people Chelsea fans all over the world 🌍 how is your night and how are you doing, on Wednesday night and Thursday morning was not okay for us at all because of the ugly results and poor performance from the match against Man United which we lost 2:1 to

New #TVChristmasMovies coming out this weekend: Today, (Thursday, Dec 7): - Slient Night, Fatal Night 😂 on @LifetimeMOW - Rescuing Christmas on @HMNow - To All a Good Night on @hallmarkmovie - Never Alone for Christmas on @betplus 3/7

@pscoordsen13 @57Veronica TY Pam 🤗. The week has been going a bit busy with work. Hope you had a good one 😘. Wishing you all had a happy Thursday, too 🥰💞. #JustJayRyan #BatB #EverydayGorgeous #BeautyAndTheBeast

The Patriots BEAT the Steelers on Thursday Night Football! Is this a bad thing or a good thing for New England? Is Bailey Zappe the future? Patriots Today discusses:… #ForeverNE #TNFonPrime

Representative Bob Good (R., Va.) on Thursday reintroduced legislation to limit the ability of special-interest groups to alter federal regulations through the use of lawsuits against federal agencies. So-called “sue-and-settle” tactics result in federal agencies entering into……

Good Thursday night, and may those in Christ sleep the sleep of the redeemed. There is NO King but Christ!

Good thirsty thursday morning everyone :p

I’m really too good man, missed out on a big win cuz minkah couldn’t bring the pick home but fuck it solid overall Thursday Hmu to join my sports book

Thursday are good today. So, I am sleeping right now. Good night!

@ameliasantos746 Thank you and may your Thursday be safe, healthy and peaceful. Take care and good night.

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