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Recreating an animal's natural, preferred environment can help prevent further stress and encourage self-feeding while in captivity. We're hopeful this bird, with their spunky and active demeanor, will survive this injury and be able to go back home!

I got a year of frustration I can’t wait to let go. Cause this celibate shit for the birds.…

I wish I could fly with the birds sometimes, just go anywhere anytime I want

Do I go to MARAUDA next weekend???

@whstancil You spent the first two weeks of the conflict screaming that TikTok was creating mobs of Hamas sympathizing college students who were going to destroy the left. How did that turn out Will? Were you right?

It’d be nice if they give us Eagles fan a solid 4 quarters of football both on offense and defense. Is that so much to ask? 😬 Go Birds. #FlyEaglesFly…

@sethjoyner @72TraThomas With all due respect Seth, didn’t you say your comment yesterday would be your last? #gobirds


There's so many birds that apparently exist in the area that I haven't seen, I want to go birdwatching so bad

I hate the @dallascowboys and their fans. I hate the stupid America’s team moniker, the stupid star, their idiot owner, their idiot coach, just everything about the Cowboys. I hope the Eagles come out and just crush them Sunday. #GoBirds #FlyEaglesFly

@bugsyberto I mean i would take him over a lot of others. He barely gets beat, a lot of times teams don’t throw his way. He doesn’t fall for the double move like most i just think we want them to press more and that’s how how they play but they should incorporate it a little more IMO

Bird would’ve told ppl to take his over and go drop 40 that same night…

@libsoftiktok They're "immigrants", not "migrants". Migrants migrate. They go from one place to another, like birds or itinerant workers. These people aren't going back and forth.

@SgtDangerCow Crybaby night bird farmers because that was always my go to for dealing with them

🏃‍♀️ TICKETS SELLING FAST 🏃‍♀️ THANK YOU! 💖 We're already 50% SOLD OUT of camping and early-bird tickets aren't far behind! Snag your spot at the best price possible before they go up! 👀

Time to show off your @Eagles Pride tomorrow! Go Birds!!! 🦅🏈

@bugsyberto Corners do play back too much but that’s how our defense has been playing the 4-5 years they don’t want to give up big plays over the top so the keep everything in front of them.

Big Dom=Big Dumbass 😂😂 Go Birds!

@Letty13Swifite In as much as we determine our own boundaries please allow celebrities, especially the ones we are fans of, that same freedom. Fans have become overly invested in celebrity life that it has become unhealthy for their own mental health. As the kids say go touch some grass people!

@rconde123 @dogbite6969 @GenoVeno73 @MarkJMessing2 @VilledDa1 What job will you be fired at?Hospital?You should have a Covid shot in order to work at a hospital on others!End of story!If you’re in Military you’re getting the shot plus many others because will probably go overseas. What other companies require a Covid shot? Please enlighten!

@jmattjmattjmatt Man, that season you won the game for me. I lost a bet to my wife and had to wear a Cowboys hat behind the bar at Prime Stache. You came in that night and saw me. When I told you what happened, you said “Mac, I got you next game”. Boy did you ever! #GoBirds

@ginnivotes Abortion is still legal. Yes, Texas needs to take another look at their laws. If I, sincerely needed/wanted an abortion I would quietly go to another state and have the procedure, not put my name out on social media, then come back to fight another day.

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