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Vintage signed Gerry's Gold Plated Metal Bowling Pins & Balls Scatter Pins Brooch Set Unisex Jewelry…

Just love the inventive nature of #rijksmuseum posts Note the wonky masterpieces…

@_i0n Doesn’t mind changing sides when it suits his wallet…

A @NASA probe is deployed to investigate a mysterious meteorite orbiting the Moon, in the #Terrahawks episode Space Cyclops! Hope they don't run into any problems...

@Blake_T_B @merricklackner @amjadt25 All heart .. god love you .. that hate will eat you from the inside .. enjoy my friend ..

@AngelofVerdant Not the founder but mine is , We use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), to help students make well-informed decisions in their study in China journey by matching them with top-tier universities and scholarship opportunities in China.

Me when k want to play minecraft(my friends want to play cod)

This is Gerry from "The Golden Bachelor" and you can tell me otherwise.

@AntibioticDoc Yeah, the nutters don't read those papers because their mantra is "fake news". What they need to see is people taking ONLY Ivermectin and getting better. Or not. Unlike Joe Rogan, who took Ivermectin (along with steroids, antivirals, and monoclonal antibodies), and survived.

@historyinmemes Tanks with one forward gear and ten reverse gears?…..🤔🤔

@WonderW97800751 I dare say he’s let go quite a few times in those.

Arrivata in tl per caso Decido per la prima volta di vedere un suo video Stacco dopo 52 secondi MAI VISTA COSI TANTA INCOMPETENZA Juve scarsa😂 2^ miglior difesa 5° miglior attacco Unica in A a mandare in svantaggio l'Inter Non perde da 810 minuti (con 2 pareggi e 3 gol subiti)…

Sunak probably told them far too busy but can spare 1 day When Johnson was pontificating yesterday on limited scope of #covidinquiryUK Baroness Hallett quietly told him he set the terms of reference…

@OostingGezinus @helena_is_here Volgens mij is het een van de voorwaarden dat zij niet elders mogen gaan boeren.

@MudiaImasuen How do you do that? Sometimes it's not their fault, clients can decide to send a brief by 11pm expecting a response by 10:30am. CS would have to drag me to a call or share a doc with deliverables after that brief comes in so I know what to prioritize.

@TVGuyGrayson Don’t feed or water it after midnight

No entiendo porque me afecta tanto este clima, me da sueño todo el día no tengo energía, me bajoneo, me pongo más de malas y encima en la noche no puedo dormirrrrr Y no entiendo por qué, si solo es frío 🙃

Onderwijl in Dubai wordt the great dictator als een vorst begroet.…

@RishiSunak Your government are getting more frightening by the day 🤬

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