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Garland’s passing is kinda crazy atm

@RonFilipkowski people of other business know, if corrupt and a criminal, you don’t run for president. not everyone is lucky to have AG’s like Sessions, Barr and Garland.

Ever Tried Practicing "Malasana" In Your Yoga Routine? Malasana, also known as Garland Pose or Yogi Squat, is a yoga asana that involves squatting with your feet close together while keeping the heels on the ground. #fitness #health #fitnesstips #healthtips #yoga #asana

i want jack garland. i am not over this man

What are you going to do @TheJusticeDept , Merrick Garland? Are you an Attorney General, or a damn coward?…

@KendrickPerkins Rigged for him to surpass Jordan. We ain’t stupid 😭😭

@ACT_FAST_ @PhillipsPOBrien Foreign policy isn’t Biden’s failure. It’s keeping a coward like Garland as AG and allowing Republican traitors to block US interests.

@SpaghettiKozak It says everything that after dragging their feet for 18 months, AG Garland had to get Jack Smith, doing duty across the fucking Atlantic Ocean, to come and actually make decisions on Trump because the DC crew were incapable of doing so.

The @ScreenDrafts Wiki is updated through the Judy Garland episode, including the Marquee of Fame and the drafter profiles for @oriananudo and @themaureenlee.

@TheHoopCentral Who gives a shit? That trophy don’t mean shit. It’s all about banners at the end of the finals!

Hell, Roger Stone still owes $2million and hasn't even been indicted. Rudy half a million. Nice job, Merrick Garland's @TheJusticeDept; you're all a bunch of Trump shills.…

@cazovejanegra @Adagium_Garland @finalfantasyxvi Wait. The "special discounted price" for the expansion is $25, but the Echoes dlc is $10. Does that mean that the second DLC price is gonna be worth more than $15 by itself, or...?

@willscharf The media has lied repeatedly to cover up both Hunter and Joe Biden’s crimes. Also, Merrick Garland has lied under oath. He needs to be prosecuted for obvious perjury and he should resign as Head of Justice.

@chetempochefa E Rammenta Che... ...La Convinzione è Peggio della Pazzia❣️ "L'Opinione è un'Idea... ...Che Possedete Voi... ...Mentre la Convinzione... ...È un'Idea che Possiede Voi❣️" John Garland Pollard

@DoctorHenryCT @MelissaDrmar If trump was investigated and indicted in a timely manner we wouldn’t have to worry about any of this. Instead we got garland.

I spent the entirety of my days off stressing over gathering all the essentials and then executing the vision for holiday decor at my parents’ house. I don’t even want to look at another garland or poinsettia flower til next year 🙅🏽‍♀️ I’m tiredt

@ReptilianinB23 @wybranowski @szymon_holownia Nie myśl, że wejdę w polemikę z gadem. Żegnam permanentnie.

@aperri Biden is well within his power to fire his AG for dereliction of duty.

Scott Garland you know donald trump said john mccain is no war hero.

Couple unreal passes in the third by the Canucks, one by Garland to set up Blueger's goal and Miller making an incredible backhand stretch pass to spring Boeser

@canucksplace So true, Pius Suter made that 3rd line one of the best in the league, Blueger has been meh with Joshua and Garland. Acquiring Zadorov should've compensated for the loss of Soucy but it hasn't, can't wait for him to come back so Juulsen will be out of the lineup.

++ It wears a huge garland made of wild leaves and flowers (vanamala). early sculptures of Kashmir both Vishnu & Shiva are provided with Vanamala. 10/n

@joelvmoran well i think hali is definitely been better atp. his frame and shooting alone makes his ceiling higher. and garland started off the year rly bad and turned the ball over a ton so that plays into his usage

Seeing a lot of Love for Conor Garland tonight #Canucks

@DemocracyDocket Republicans when it comes to SCOTUS nominees... Too close to an election for Merrick Garland, but Ruth B Ginsberg, well let's just confirm her replacement during an active election!!!! If there's a hell, it's populated with conservatives.

Scott Garland you know donald trump refused to rent to black people.

@passittobulis Hoglander is pretty much everything I thought Garland was supposed to be.

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