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amanha vo faze isso aqui, j4p3t4 eu te odeio mas vc é tao util

**Top trends in Wall Street bets: $AMC, $AAPL, $GME, $BBBY, $BBIG, $APE, $TLRY, $FAZE, $ATER, **

As soon as these mfs in power start talking about nuclear war my first thought is… MOVE TF OUTTA BUSY STATES LIKE NY, CA, NJ, etc. They not gon hesitate to take mfs out by the millions 😭

@RevanJB Your character and work ethic are a reflection of her, and that’s one hell of a standard you’ve set. So sorry for your loss brother, thinking of you and your family. Here if you need anything ❤️

qro me sentir confortável ent vo faze sb spree dnv tá mores se eu tirar alguém eh pq eh algo pessoal msm 😄

@TheRealSurberus @paizo For me, the only way I got used to my voice was exposure. Now it doesn't even faze me. Like most things, the more you do it, the easier it gets! Tweets have a limit, so if you have any more questions I'd love to talk more! Message me if you'd like.

vo limpa a shakira e faze flexao 🤤🔥

Im really enjoying JohnScarce videos he is the best gameing news youtuber ever

vo faze psicologia ta decidido (decidido por hj amanhã talvez eu mude de ideia

Too be fair, it is a really fucking sick tattoo and part of the idea is that it's hard to figure out what you're looking at and damn it fucking rocks. Pic related.

@alvark_we 要は「自分が楽しい!」が自然に守られたらいいなと。 赤黒はガチ勢ぽいと比べるのも、なに真剣に叫んでるの?も他人主体。他人を気にして揶揄したりせず、それぞれの自分の応援スタイルの集合体がなんとなくみんな方向を向いて、それが「アルバルクのスタイル」になったらいいなと思います👍

what's this talk about nuclear armageddon????????????????????????????


@Revex @Revexi come on man, it doesn't take 9 years to get 100 clips. hurry up

@badgallore Ta vendo primeiro se da pra bota a palma na mao no chão..pra dps faze na prática ne capetona MALVADONA CAVALA GOSTOSA 🚩🚩🚩👿👿

I cannot wait to go back to recording music this week I got so many beats to get on it's really gonna be up

420 blaze it? LOL! more like 720 FaZe It!

My friend just got a thigh-size tattoo and only just figured out that it's an image of a Tiger.

can I join faze plz fazeclan nordan

I wanna get drunk and scream “I TOOK THE WOKKKK TO POLAND” in the middle of a parking lot right now

If anyone is drinking tonight in San Diego, i heard gas lamp is the move?? 👀

os primeiros 15 segundos já me venderam eu amo tanto esse tipo de música principalmente vindo de grupo que não tem imagem de faze som assi!!!!!!! o último refrão com o han e o lee know macetam com gosto todas as outras partes…

@andrieleserra Prima vou aí pá se faze minha unha eu mereço kkkk

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