@ind1estar I wish you wonderous luck for your studies!!! And your finals ^o^

@camiledaa He’s such a bad dad that it’s funny Like, yeah sure he got better in the end, BUT STILL. He sucked for 13 years and a couple days. Like you should’ve come back after Hilda, your daughter, BECAME A TROLL.

I want the hammer that spider-ham gave to miles in ITSV to come back as the biggest chekhov’s gun in BTVS send tweet

@maxxflyy27 Many scientific research papers have shown that its not delusions. It's a normal part of how humanity works. Nature isn't like your third grade textbook. Wait until you learn about clownfish.

@maxxflyy27 Yeah, the reality that Trans people exist and deserve respect. Isn't that right, M'am?

@maxxflyy27 @vyxper "I don't understand it therefore it is bad" is caveman behavior Trans people have always been here, will always be here, and you either get with the times, or be written off like the bigot you are.

@maxxflyy27 @vyxper To you, because you don't understand or want to understand, so you hate what's different.

@maxxflyy27 If I kept calling you something other than your name, wouldn't you be annoyed?

@thechairalex2 Another fun fact about him: his design was also lowkey based on Bridget’s as well

@ind1estar Omg can I draw our Perrius babies together when you make yours

Thinking about how after Jake died, her and Prismo got distant due to some issues. And for a while up to Fionna and Cake, she hasn’t visited him much…

@camiledaa you are doing great bestie those weirdos better stay the FAWK away

@camiledaa why they do pressed about you blocking them?? esp cause they’re gonna forget it in like, 5 hours

Here are some references of Huntress Wizard, so you won’t have to look her up :]…

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