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We advocate for, and support, women and girls’ access to quality, multi-sectoral services essential for their safety, protection and recovery. #ZeroViolenceKE #ActivistaVoices @ActionAid_Kenya @GP_Kenya @Activista047 @susanhotieno

Warehouses are essential to store and protect food before it is distributed to people✅ @WFP has 167 warehouses across #SouthSudan and together with partners it ensures food is kept at an optimal quality🍲🥫

Essential drugs distributed in #Kerala govt hospitals fail in quality tests |…

@wyattwikky @Roy_Jenkins_ Well maybe work on your delivery, in that case. If you're talking to endurance athletes, high quality sources of carbohydrates in managed quantities are essential. Not so for most people's fitness goals.

I do not think there is any other quality so essential to success of any kind as the quality of perseverance. It overcomes almost everything, even nature.

i believe empathy is the most essential quality of civilization.

@jessehawken But if the movie is TRASH, then what? If Billy what's-his-face is annoyingly unlikable, then what? Quality MATTERS. At all levels. LGBTQ representation is utterly essential for good cinema. But think.. Look at how Black film artists greatly persevered throughout the decades🤷

Polar Bear's most heartfelt quality is Essential Essential Coffee.

Essential Metals (#ASX: $ESS) sees ‘more evidence’ pointing towards ‘high-quality’ #lithium at Pioneer Dome Project, WA… #mining @ess_asx

Creating high-quality #content is essential to the success of your brand! These are some of the key statistics to help you understand how it generates #credibility and builds trust with readers. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us now.

Physical fitness is essential as it is the ability to execute daily activities with ease. It is essentially a way to improve and maintain the quality of everyday life and good health and longevity. Visit us: #health #healthy #yoga #Exercice #workout

Uncompromising quality check is essential for all medical products. Doctors have to pass stringent ‘quality checks’ over years to get a license, so have hospitals. Why not medications? I am quoted in this article by @SumiSukanya re. deaths in Gambia.…

@Martyupnorth_2 Excellent product, you get fish and your daily amounts of 9 essential heavy metals including cadmium & lead that will help improve your quality of life, and we all know when it comes to quality, China is second to none.

@DavidPepper The essential quality of a good leader is the willingness to listen and adapt. A lesson for us all.

From MiningComAu " Essential Metals sees ???more evidence??? pointing towards ?high-quality? lithium at Pioneer Dome Project, WA " published 7/10/2022 $HLS $WOF $ESS #Lithium #Tantalum #Commodities…

Nature's Alchemy: High Quality Certified Organically Grown Essential Oils.  Attractively packaged in our more popular scents.  Competitively priced. -…

🌳✨Quality Matters Consortium Collaborative came together to re-envision a more equitable QRIS to guide the coming year by increasing equitable outcomes. Local-level input is essential.#StrongerTogether #ALLIN4EQUITY…

For our big DIYers, we know having a well-stocked toolbox is essential. For any missing pieces, head on over to Bulldog Ace Hardware—your local one-stop shop for all of your home improvement needs—and discover quality brands like DeWALT, Craftsman, and more.

@MelonieMac The quality will 60% depend on whether they removed Mario's Italian accent. It's one of his most essential iconic traits. Mario's first speaking part sounds like they may have removed it, but his second speaking part sounds like they may have kept it.

Posture and dignity while dining are essential for a noble. Even if the quality of the meal is poor.

1. The essential quality of nazis, religious fanatics, & conspiracy theorists: Their central beliefs are fabulations, psychoses, hate & violence fuel by terrible homes or governments. Logic is absent.…

Hi #Seattle. Our air quality is still awful, we feel like crap. So, what to do? I've tried lots of HEPAs. I 💗this white-labeled HEPA air cleaner from The Essential. Cleans 550 sq ft of air/ 30 minutes, quiet, $66. Your home's total SqFt/550 = # to buy…

A large age-gap is ESSENTIAL I'm not up for marriage so it's unfair that I waste the best years of a girl's life when she is best placed to attract a high quality man, only to let her down. I offer maturity, financial stability and experience in return energy vitality and respect…

Fertilizers are needed in pastures for better establishment and quality. This is due to the supply of necessary nutrients (macro and micro) that are highly essential for pasture growth. Lack of these nutrients in the soil can lead to poor growth and…

"Courage is the quality most essential to understand the language of the world."

@EricTopol A culture of mask wearing. + Lower levels of obesity + fish diet rich in Vit D and omega 3. Worth looking at quality and style of government/ Public health communication as these are essential in engaging and generating sense of collective responsibility

what this government is doing to our native forests is fucking criminal. they are destroying precious habits, ripping up essential carbon sinks, and risking our water catchments that provide some of the highest quality drinking water in the world

@justlustkurt @apathetic_NY @POTUS Politicians that CAN'T change their minds make TERRIBLE leaders Imagine the captain of a ship declaring that there's no icebergs ahead, then stubbornly refusing to steer away when proven otherwise Biden has at least now proven that he has this essential quality, albeit overdue.

Cultural concordance is “hard” but is essential for patient safety and quality— not “just” making folx feel comfortable. 1)Support pipeline programs 2)Retain and honor the Black and Latinx providers you have 3)Recruit outside your comfort zone…

This is an excellent opportunity for patients and caregivers to learn lots more about current treatments, exciting new developments, ongoing areas of research, and essential tips for patients and caregivers to enhance quality of life.

As someone who wants to sell online, understand that having a good copy is very essential just as driving quality traffic You must be able to appeal to the emotion of your prospects People buy based on emotion

Customer Service: Your Most Important Product - Legal Nurse Business service is essential for lasting attorney-LNC relationships. Providing high quality customer service will build a str....

Prepare to discover a brand-new product that represents dōTERRA's latest steps in pioneering the highest quality essential oils and wellness products - - Welcome, MetaPWR! #OilsByNem #Wellness #EssentialOil #cptg #EssentialOils #Oils4Life #MetaPWR #OilUp~!

"A simple framework can help administrators outline the essential elements of quality core Tier 1 instruction."…

Our physician assistants are essential to FOI running smoothly! We thank you for your hard work in assisting our physicians and ensuring quality patient care! #NationalPhysicianAssistantDay #physicianassistanday

@LeonMassive I've always had the idea of a flash quality top down survival game about staying off of "sunlight" (the rays of a biblical/ eldritch being). The thought of a horror game where darkness is your friend and something essential like light is the enemy is really intriguing to me.

Having access to quality healthcare across #TX23 is essential for our rural communities. This afternoon I toured the Vida Y Salud Health Systems in Crystal City to discuss the incredible work they are doing to keep Texans healthy.

@ccasf13 Air Quality Management = Singing! Singing is essential. Sing!

“Good jobs are essential for good lives. Our great challenge is not simply creating jobs but assuring that they are good &...upgrading the quality of existing work. We have the tools to achieve these goals..." --@ostermanpaul @MIT_IWER @MITSloan:

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