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This has to come with #systemic changes, including hiring and recruiting quality teachers, TAs, supportive administrators, backed by Superintendents, and good compensations & benefits for our #teachers are essential.

ICYMI: Make sure to check out the 20 Essential Resources: Quality Contraceptive Implant Removal via @fprhknowledge!…

4. Focus on Quality and timing: Make sure the content of the emails is engaging and of the highest quality. Timing is also essential when it comes to email marketing, and sends should be sent out at the right time, when the recipient is more likely to convert.

Healthy meals, family game night, and fun family vacations! These are a few things healthy families do. Another thing is to make sure you have adequate insurance coverage. That might not sound as exciting, but it is essential to enjoying quality life.

We haven’t even seen the full effects from Iowa Republicans last property tax redistribution and now they’re pushing for what could be crippling changes which lead to defunding essential services, public safety, and quality of life amenities.…

It's time to put patients and workers above profits! We stand with healthcare workers calling for safer staffing, improved working conditions, and higher quality patient care at @HCAhealthcare.

Denpasar >> Perfect Gift Candle, Natural Essential Oils, Purest Quality Fragrances, Made in French Grasse, Gift Idea autor DomoweDekorracje via @Etsy

4/7 💪 Courage is an essential quality of a good l̶e̶a̶d̶e̶r̶ person. Brown defines courage as "showing up and letting ourselves be seen when we have no control over the outcome." Courage isn't just about the big moments, it's about all of them.

@TimberlakeLaw "trade dress is functional, and cannot serve as a trademark, if a feature of that trade dress is 'essential to the use or purpose of the article or if it affects the cost or quality of the article.'" TMEP 1202(a). Not essential here, but it affects the quality of the article.

Geographers believe that accessibility to essential goods & services is an important indicator of Quality of Life.

Our team at Natural Options Aromatherapy takes pride in delivering the best essential oils and other quality aromatherapy products to our customers! To view our online shop, follow the link below:… #essentialoil #essentialoils #aromatherapy #aromatics

In the food manufacturing industry, it is essential to ensure that food products are produced safely and efficiently. Here are five tips for streamlining food production for optimal quality and safety. #foodsafety #foodmanufacturing #manufacturers

@ConnectingLeeds Overdue. Closing the rat running is essential to giving headingley residents a better quality of life; and putting pedestrians and cyclists first will help remove barriers to alternative modes of transport and reduce the volume of motorised traffic.

As being a online marketer it's essential to understand how to generate quality potential buyers the data right here is going to teach how #VideoMarketing #BloggingTips #SuccessTip

Colombo > Perfect Gift Candle, Natural Essential Oils, Purest Quality Fragrances, Made in French Grasse, Gift Idea autor DomoweDekorracje via @Etsy

@HamilManfred @CastlesInSpace @werrafoxma @FLCartographer Glad you liked them mate! So much quality on both subs. Plenty to get through. Pristine Environments by @dohnavur_ is another classic. It came at a time when I was at my lowest! Essential to me 💙

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@200AngryBees @OneSquirreliest @BadMedicalTakes And lunch meat and multiple medications that may or may not be essential for overall quality of life, and in fact a lot of medical care in general outside of obstetric care.

🔹Data integration benefits include improved data quality and streamlined business processes. • Boosts efficiency • Enhances customer experience • Improves business agility ✅Data integration is essential step for businesses looking to maximise their data potential.

Quantity AND quality are essential. 💡 Creating content on social media is an endless game of figuring it out. Instead of stressing over the perfect balance, keep those creative juices flowing. 👉 Don't be afraid to experiment and explore the possibilities!

Quality over quantity is important when applying for a job. Find out why it is essential to have a digital CV & how you can identify relevant skills for the job you are applying for. Register for our workshop here:… #AgeAtWork @Age_NI @TNLComFundNI

18-415 fine line dropper cap is widely used for essential oil, chemical liquid and liquid medicine.High quality 18-415 dropper cap with calibrated glass pipette. can be used for cosmetic oil, essentia...…

3 NON-NEGOTIABLES your tech startup needs to start acquiring high-quality customers: 1️⃣ Necessity 2️⃣ Uniqueness 3️⃣ Trust Develop these 3 must-haves with my latest post on 5 Essential #CustomerAcquisition Pillars For #TechStartups 👇…

Happy #MotivationMonday, Bearkats! Here's some tips on how to be productive - not busy: 🧠 Focus on the tasks that are essential. 💯 Prioritize the quality of your tasks, not quantity. ✍ Emphasize achieving, not just doing. ❌ Don't be afraid to say no. #bearkatsgethired

@truth_eater @lufthansa @adrjeffries @cfarivar Large, highly regulated, essential entities like airlines are not incentized to provide high quality customer support. This is by design. You have to use them. They are the only flight to your destination and you can't justify the PJ yet. LOL fuck yo bags, you'll buy again 💯

@roydherbert @cb_doge @tearsintherain1 @elonmusk only for so long. look up sleep brain flush and how essential it is. it can only work when we get the proper range, quality, and length of sleep in one shot.

Hearing plays a vital role in our quality of life, and it's essential that you take charge of your hearing health. We're happy to help! Request your COMPLIMENTARY hearing test today ➡️ Some conditions may apply.

Your #parkingenforcementguards must possess a few essential qualities to deliver quality #securityguardservices. To figure out what they are before hiring one. read more about it on our blog:… #securityguard #securitypatrolservices #patrolservices

2/2 additional revenue and lastly, better access to healthcare, education and other essential services, improving the quality of life.…

Are you in the KNOW with our Decorator’s Pantry?! - It features an assortment of high-quality products that are ESSENTIAL in making a variety of desserts come to life! Choose from CMC Powder, Edible Glue & Glucose Syrup – or grab 1 of each at - #satinice

TOMORROW: Join @theUSAging's Aging and Disability Business Institute's webinar, "The Role of CBOs in Improving Health Care Quality Metrics." Learn which metrics are essential for health plans, how services can impact these measures & more: @ahahospitals

Essential reading if you don't know what to do. An excellent resource from @alzheimerssoc…

4. High production quality is now a must. 36% of customers consider production value to be "somewhat significant," while 28% consider it to be "extremely essential."

Muslim women deserve access to faith spaces and community, they deserve access to quality spiritual guidance. Women deserve access & inclusion. This is essential for their emotional, social & spiritual well-being. 3/4

Understanding what impact the disease is having on a patients' life is essential if they are to receive the best care possible. @Health_Compan enables patients to keep an accurate record in one place, across time, of their #symptoms, quality of life, costs and experience of care.…

Passion Grooms use Melanie Newman Essential salon Essentials, it is all about providing luxury quality high end, honest pet products that enhance health and wellbeing to dog’s skin and coat. #doggroomer #Moreton-in-Marsh #Gloucestershire

What do I mean "work together"? - good indoor air quality : air filters / corsi rosenthal boxes in all shared public spaces - good quality masks in essential spaces (grocery stores, pharmacies, Healthcare, schools, etc) -free masks -symptom screening &testing at work places

“Food is essential for a child’s health, growth & development, but when families face financial hardship, they have no choice but to reduce food quality, skip meals, cut portion sizes or go without” @EmmaLewellBuck @LEYFonline @EYAlliance @educationgovuk #EarlyNutritionMatters…

@thehistoryguy Depriving our essential public services of funds. Ruining our quality of life.

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