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@jj_thajetplane Man it’s the simple fact that we’ll argue about it 😭 like calculators don’t exist

@notcapnamerica @reghud That’s one thing about Eddie Murphy—he can make high grossing movies.

@denverwlr omega vs vikingo, moxley vs yuta, eddie/danielson 1, moxley/punk all exist

@MemberFrancky lol if yours is good then good for you😂

@BestFightClip They are all jumping a smaller and defenseless kids,,thats some clown stuff

@MMAUNCENSORED1 @iangarryMMA @SStricklandMMA You TOOK your Preador Wife’s EX husband Name?!!! Goof 😆

@goddeketal @elonmusk I bet the SEC is trying to make a new case against him. Hopefully he tells them the same thing. I say it's time for an "Elon Amendment" He should be able to run for President. I think the People would agree. We should at least be able to vote on it.

@Kiramyssu CLD U DRAW HIM HUGGING A PLUSH OF HELLO KITTY🥺 it’s ok omg .. u draw him v beautiful!! mayb he can be in a red outfit as well to match

@jamessmat @Kenyans Sasa tunatakiwa tukutafute kiti ya MP ama Senator. Lakini usiwe kama yule @MohaJichoPevu

Bro doesn't know about Eddie Griffin.…

@aaronjmate You’re both kapos but you’re also a Russian spy. Your dad “survived” the holocaust by ratting on other Jews just like you do today. What a lovely family

nicki please stop singing challenge gramma baby

@bdcarlos_ bruh i saw marysas tweet above and thought this was hers too so i may have showed extra enthusiasm but i still stan this song and tweet 😭😭😂😂

3061456🍣😉🌌🤭👏🌫 太原 上 门,见面满意再付钱,家里酒店公寓都可以。 QQ156490956

@Chaguta7610 @KoosdlRey Tripe. I drove from Kariba to Harare and both sides of the road for hundreds and hundreds of Km old once productive industrial scale farms were turning back to the bush. Nothing for miles and miles and miles. Zanu-pf propaganda. Goole earth shows what's really happening. Nothing.

it would be cool if someone other than nathan mackinnon contributed offense for the avalanche

@KDawgTheKid @DramaAlert ion have a problem with Doc i just pray for Keems horrific demise like Eddie Brock

Veamos rojitos así o más claro se los explicamos con lentejas Echa un vistazo al vídeo de Eddie! #TikTok

@FireballMunson lá não é lugar pra você, você merece ser amado, eu amo você, eu sei que você só conheceu a dor até agora MAS VOCÊ MERECE SER AMADO EDDIE ((se toca pelo amor de deuuuuus

@FoodNetwork I don't think you should have a cheating liar, and or her affair partner (Eddie) hosting the Christmas cookie challenge and any other shows, especially when she's blogging racist comments about Hispanics and black people.

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