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@Hydukie @PHLEagleNews @Eagles I didn't realize that Dallas didn't play those games. My bad. 🤡

@BriAmaranthus @fishsports Did you know John Hussey is officiating the SNF game, and the Eagles are 7-0 in games his crew has called? 🤦🏻‍♂️

@AgentKwok 韩国土豹子,不用刀叉还站在大街上还用自己吃过的筷子给别人夹年糕,一点仪式感都没有

Anybody that's not an Eagles fan knows this schmuck shouldn't be on the sidelines for the rest of the year. Buddy has no business inserting himself into the game.…

@jasrifootball @AdamSchefter So what I smell cooking is a player brawl on the eagles sideline bc the NFL wants to get double battered and deep fried in the Weenie department

@Gaige_Rage so andy reid accomplished winning a superbowl in philly? andy reid accomplished not having a losing season ever as head coach of the eagles? andy reid accomplished having 7 division titles and having 170 wins in the nfc east? if not how is andy 20x more accomplished than mike?

@RedNiedzwiedz @tepper_anna I mogą sobie chcieć, ja też bym chciał żeby Vilnius był w Polsce. Dla dobra ogółu Europy, AfD powinno mieć jak największe poparcie (tak samo podobne partie w innych państwach). Poza tym prezeską jest lesbijka, nie mieszkająca w Niemczech. Powinno wam się podobać

Girls 🏀 (Half): Bearden 29, Rhea County 14 Lady Bulldogs defense still suffocating Lady Eagles, but the offense has stagnated a bit. @BHSLadyBulldogs

A NFL proibiu o chefe da segurança do Eagles, Dom DiSandro, de estar na sideline contra os Cowboys em Dallas. Ele se envolveu numa ‘briga’ com o LB Dre Greenlaw no último jogo.…

@creaming_eagles @sodatastic That would be fucking slander and diminishing the trauma suffered by children. You're actually revolting.

@MarieKresbach And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty. 💯✨

@waelthebaron للاسف مشاكل لا نهاية لها واساسها المجلس

GA Eagles O21 - FC Groningen O21 eindstand 1-2 (1-1) Het zit niet mee voor O21, wederom in blessuretijd (90+5) onderuit; concurrent ADO Den Haag O21 staat inmiddels 2-0 voor.

You just dont wan’t to be wrong at this point, and that’s a very bad position to be in. Step aside for who? You want to wreck this Country just for the sake of being right? C’mon man! Mukwege has Zero chance of being elected. Zero!! It’s either him or Katumbi. Choose……

@AJ3Jazz So, can we put to bed this notion that Jazz fans want players who want to play in Utah? JC is one of the few who love Utah and expresses that freely. As soon as fans think they aren’t contributing, who gives a shit if they love Utah, right?

巨人ドラ1 西館投手いいなぁ✨✨ 花巻東は素晴らしい 選手多いなぁ #Going

@StevieJPTX Guess we forget right after that pick 6 I think Prescott went on the throw for close to 400 yards a bunch of touchdowns put up 40 points on that Eagles defense, which was a future look at what they became this year. Nice try using last year’s pick 6 for debate for 2023.

@jasrifootball @ByKimberleyA Eagles and saints both regret losing there HOF coaches don’t be to smart for your own good

@Hisham_AbulNaga ليه بس ايه حصل الموضوع كله بسيط حضرتك رايك علي راسي وتحترم اختلافي بس ان في حتة صغيرة قد النمنة مش عارفة اوصلها ليك اي كان الي هنقابله في عندنا جيش عقيدته اكبر من كل شئ مصر مش قليلة ابدا ومعنويتانا في السماء الي يواجهنا هو الي يخاف المصرى قوته وقدراته مبتظهرش غير في احلك الظروف

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