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Remembering Clarence Nash. The original voice of Donald Duck in the Disney franchise (1934-1985). #ClarenceNash

@USFWSBirds I did not expect this little one to sound like Donald Duck, which makes it so much cuter.

@BBCWorld 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @elonmusk Maybe musk also wants to fire Mickey mouse and donald duck!

Oooh these Donald Duck looney tunes ass shoes I know they do the SpongeBob squeak with every step…

@realAdrianDa32 Ironic when he yelps "losers" even though donald duck lost to a man with dimentia 2020.... who is the real loser lol

@realAdrianDa32 Didnt donald duck encouraged the lotting the state capital on jan6... how ironic. 🙄

Old episode Ep117 Quackshot - Starring Donald Duck (SEGA Genesis) Donald is on a hunt for the treasure of King Garuzia! Can he find it and keep his nephews safe in this metroidvania?! Is this game worth playing? Apple:… Spotify:…

Looney Tunes Mania Necktie - Red Tartan Plaid Tie Bugs Bunny Donald Duck Porky Pig Tweety Bird - Mens Fashion Accessories - Novelty Tie Gift via @Etsy

Donald Duck wird auch als Witzfigur dargestellt. Nur weil er schwul ist.…

@DonaldTNews You should leave US because it s_cks , but it Donald duck gets President you should run

@Karin53026923 @VirtDan @Aja02537920 @EddieIzzardLab You obviously, by your own words, hate a great many people. Your soul needs work and a true realization of the world. Best of luck to you and to your realization that Eddie is cosplaying everyone for a fool. Eddie is no more a woman than Donald Duck is a mouse.

maybe porky pig and donald duck were onto something when they went without pants

Donald Duck in mathematics land was actually pretty based. Not gonna lie.…

@GovChristie Chris why did you give up on the Donald Duck thing?

@Donaldw87859064 @BronGotGame @RealSkipBayless Nigga name Donald Wilson should have been Donald Duck 🦆 😂😂

@2008Philz Donald Duck never wore pants. But whenever he’s getting out of the shower, he always wraps a towel around his waist…. I mean what is that about?

dulu pas Xodiac belum debut liat case ini biasa aja, sekarang dipake lagi liat tas donald duck nya malah inget Zayyan wkwk

Tak teruk mana la english saye, boleh tahan bunyi macam donald duck

@oofus_b His voice actor (koichi yamadera) also does the voice of donald duck in kingdom hearts!!

@7000alligators Ok but where did the Donald Duck impression come from😭

@oofus_b Often forgets how tall he is and gets clipped by door frames Preferred alcohol is white wine Has an enormous sweet tooth Will eat a head of lettuce/ cabbage like an apple Can do a scary good Donald Duck impression

Kartu Etoll MANDIRI eMoney Kartun Anime Donald Duck Couple Lucu 45 Kartun Anime e money e-Toll Vanguard Store [ SALDO NOL / 1 SISI ] 1MMISHF…

@rescuerules Dude every politician lies, including ur savior, donald duck. The political elites, like him, only look out for each other and dont care about you. This isnt breaking news, politicians on both sides lie, accept it.

interesting, seems to be hard-coded not to respond to the word "donald," which I found out when it wouldn't draw me Donald Duck (but would draw Mickey and Goofy); won't draw Biden either

@MTGrepp MTG you might tell Donald Duck that WW2 was 82 years ago he keeps calling WW3_ WW2

@bennyjohnson Why didn’t he tell the Donald Duck joke again? This was a perfect opportunity…. Such squander…

Doing the Daffy and Donald Duck piano battle with Microsoft and Sony but in your bank account

@GovChristie @realDonaldTrump Donald Duck and now Voldemort? Did you write this and show your aide giggling to each other? This post appeals to like 4 people. Disappear please.

Kartu MANDIRI E-MONEY Donald Duck Berkelahi 79 Anime Kartun etoll Custom Emoney [ SALDO NOL / 1 SISI ] PPATQQ5

man i know donald duck would hate this shit

WHO In America Can You Believe IN?NOBODY! Because America Is NOW FULL OF LIER'S The Biggest LIER'S [Besides] Donald Duck Trump Is The SUPREME COURT JUSTICE'S Next POLITICIAN'S Next GOVERNOR'S Next MAYOR'S These Are The MONEY HUNGRIEST PEOPLE And America's BIGGEST CROOKED LIER'S!

@Silver_Jesus_ Donald Duck would work better at this point. @steelers when is the head coach to be held accountable for such poor game planning ?

@uzayakesiif Bazıları saza benzetmişte ben daha çok ördeğe benzettim. Sazla ördek asdfgg çok benziyor aq. Aşık Donald Duck'tan, Brrak küçük dağlar yerinde dursun. Ah, bu şarkıların gözü kör olsun.

@honestsabe Oh he’ll debate the senile Biden, but he’s just too much of a coward to debate those who can actually go toe to toe with him. #DonaldDuck

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