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@MissKatefabe Mid 2024 we need another trios tourney: FTBriscoe, LFI, BCC, The Acclaimed, Shane Taylor Promotions, Gates of Agony, OrangeHookHausen, Undisputed Era, Light Skin Coalition ( per @RighteousReg ), Dark Order, Butcher-Blade-Kip, HOB, The Patriarchy, Iron Savages, BCG, Don Callis Fam

Nick and Matt have to align with Don Callis.

please. for the love of god. can we get kyle out of the don callis family so i can push my championship agendas without feeling bad ???? like he might get gold but at what cost

@stvnktzms literally 😭 i miss davis so so much kyle looks so out of place with this don callis family shit, take me back to earlier this year :(

@shiniestpoison hopefully davis saves him from this shit man the don callis family sucks 😭

can we free kyle from don callis please i miss the aussie open theme and his green gear :( #WatchROH


Kyle Fletcher is wearing the $109.99 Don Callis shirt. Family is priceless. #ROH

come on kyle fletcher!!! 👏👏👏 someone save him from this don callis family stuff so weird to see him not wearing green #watchROH

kyle doesn't have the aussie open theme anymore don callis i will find you and end you #WatchROH

@ThadeaTheWitch @XLoneLeeX @MovieTvfan666 And ya know what’s just as stupid in AEW lately? What has AEW done with the Don Callis Family since the “Golden Jets Experience Featuring Paul Wight” whupped their asses? Not much of anything. Takeshita? Floundering. Fletcher? Floundering. Hobbs? Uh… At least it’s not QTV!

@BossManSays_ @GetDaTables That's literally the part of AEW I dislike most Mjf, Acclaimed, Don callis

@hoemegaxx The last thing Don Callis will see as the last grain of sand falls through the hourglass

@IlFMdays @GetDaTables Because no successful wrestling has ever had a motto or tagline.... Fuck out of here. Can't be any lamer than asking another grown to scissor you. Because no faction has ever kicked out members before. Last I checked didn't Don Callis & Christian have "Families" smh.

- Creative/Booking • Don Callis runs Dynamite • Bryan Danielson, Christopher Daniels, and Chris Hero runs Collision • Maria Kanellis-Bennett and Madison Rayne runs the AEW women’s division

@iNZANE0ne69 @AidanIsStrong He’s just another guy in Don Callis’ group

2 weeks in a row. An the Don Callis family has had little to no impact on AEW programing. Meanwhile WWE factions are on TV every week. Bloodline and Judgement day An they make a powerful impact on every weekly WWE show they're on. Tony Khan still has a lot to learn.

@WrestlingHumble It could be used as one if he's away from Don Callis

@PMercier31 Callis ou pas, il mérite quand même le chant ! ☝️☝️☝️ Et Don mérite qu'on le nomme "Calisse" ! ☝️☝️☝️

@SebastienNadeau Pas de danger. Son bouclier antiheat, c'est Don Callis. Je te jure que y aura PARSONNE qui va avoir autant de heel heat que Don Callis le 27 mars.

Meilleure pancarte que j'ai vu durant #AEWDynamite hier soir: "Don Callis eats poutine with shredded cheese".

@hangmanisms YES free takeshita from don i'd love to see anyone in the callis family break away and get some deserved singles gold especially kyle, they had a banger match during cassidy's first reign and i wanna see them run it back

@KhaledKindHeart @Durandil67 @play_eFootball Why shouldn’t he be negative? Not his fault Konami sucks. They haven’t delivered on their promise. They should be called out at every opportunity.

@Bexxstarrr Complete left field wish but I’m hoping it’s Don Callis under the mask which would in turn lead to Ospreay having his first major feud once he comes in full time 🙏

@sambapete @AEW J'ai bien aimé aussi le "Don Callis, Décalisse !"

@Puto_Takagi What would you have them doing rn ? Me personally I would fast run dis don callis and Kenny bs and just have one last match at worlds end I’m guessing Kenny nd Jericho vs Hobbs and Takeshita . But when is Kenny and Jericho facing Ricky nd bill?

@SeanRossSapp YOU SICK FUCK!!!! You just passed Don Callis on the POS meter. 🤣🤣 P.S. Christian ain’t making out of Texas.

The theme song for Don Callis’ guys sounds like someone sitting on a spooky organ

@DrainBamager Don Callis family taking the tag titles works for me

There is Don Callis family then there’s Christian Cage family hahaha get em in “Family Feud” already 😂…

@THETOMMYDREAMER then Swerve and embassy feuds w/Don Callis clan -MJF comes back to sign his extension and in his corner will be Ric Flair

@davidlagreca1 -then Swerve and embassy feuds w/Don Callis clan -MJF comes back to sign his extension and in his corner will be Ric Flair

@batsdingerbonds @GriiffinNoel @KennyOmegamanX Nah Don Callis needs the theme from those jobbers Bulk and Skull.

God I hope calls the rest of the DBs The Don Callis Family…

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