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TCU's RB gives off major Devonta Freeman vibes.

@juggbigt @NFL @TalkinGiants @curtis_mitchell @football_grump Miles Sanders (22)** Joe Mixon (21)** Todd Gurley (18) Devonta Freeman (16)** Jonathan Stewart (15) Ray Rice (12)* Frank Gore (12)** Shaun Alexander (05) * Winner ** Close game Name the team that struggled to compete due to the RB contract.

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@bogeybob55 @MikeBellATL @AtlantaFalcons No. Ownership dragged this team into a ditch. Julio Jones extension, Devonta Freeman, piss poor drafts on top of piss poor guy is still here through all of it. King Arthur. Always wants "explosive" players taken instead of properly building from the inside out.

Matt Ryan Devonta Freeman Tevin Coleman Julio Jones Mohamed Sanu Taylor Gabriel…

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@Flxmingoz Is he injured or sum? Bring in devonta freeman 😭

Phil Mafa out here looking like Devonta Freeman with that missed block

@carrielynnxox @Bijan5Robinson @tylerallgeier25 Its like having devonta freeman and Michael turner at the same time. I love it.

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Brightwell = DeVonta Freeman

@jasrifootball He has more yards than devonta freeman, Ahmad Bradshaw, AND Carlos Hyde?!?!?!?!

I see a lot of Devonta Freeman in Gary Brightwell. Moves very similar, and the dreads definitely help.

@guerra_crf @ATLWill_ Falcons we’re doing terrible business for several years. Overpaying players I was really really not a fan of the Devonta Freeman contract but that’s another story. If Falcons we’re in the business of winning with that regime Matt would have had a contract with less….

@CantALoupe_FF Woah Devonta Freeman is looking really good in his 9th year!!!

@CantALoupe_FF bro thats not even tyler are you an "expert" when you dont even know who devonta freeman is ??

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@MasonDoddFFN Back on 9/11 you posted this: “For everyone running to grab Justice Hill : 2022 : Kenyan Drake 2021 : Devonta Freeman + Latavius Murray Signing old washed RBs is what the Ravens do best. Welcome Kareem Hunt or Leonard Fournette” Did Hunt stop being old washed since?

Dynasty Command Center: Week 3 @RotoViz RANKINGS Tua leaps Burrow? Puka crashes the top 36 WRs Jerome Ford pushes for Top 100 STASHES Week 2 TE stash Kylen Granson scored a TD Week 3 RB stash sims include DeVonta Freeman, Bilal Powell - who is it?…

@rhormes_ How about latavius Murray and devonta freeman the best ravens rb combo in history. Both getting thrown away like trash at the end of the 2021 season

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@lgrier_ And it’s all devonta freeman and Kyle shannonhan you see the football gods ain’t blessed them 2 since 😂

Our entire RB room got hurt, Dobbins Edwards and Hill were gone and we had to sign Devonta Freeman Leveon Bell and Latavius Murray. Bateman hurt, Peters out for the year, Humphrey out. Finally Lamar himself got hurt

@SznPltts Don't compare Bijan Robinson to Devonta Freeman. It's disrespectful to Robinson.

On Sunday, Bijan Robinson became the first Falcon to record 120+ rushing yards and 45+ receiving yards in a game since Devonta Freeman on December 18, 2017.

With 41 rushing yards on Sunday, Justice Hill surpassed Devonta Freeman for the 22nd-most in Ravens history.

@SayWhichWay If you think Devonta Freeman was the problem you need to rewatch that game.

@HoodieRamey It doesn't make sense. Edwards and Hill and a healthy Keaton Mitchell is more than enough to be effective. It's not like we're rocking with Devonta Freeman and Latavious Murray and the ghost of Leveon Bell lol

@YuriyATL I said the same thing too that Bijan is better than Devonta Freeman

No way they comparing Bijan Robinson to Devonta Freeman bro this fanbase is insane lmao…

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