Top Tweets for DeSantis

@GavinNewsom There you have it folks! DeSantis is a cartoon supervillain. Which makes Newsome what? Spiderman?

@Zev804 Well also note that Donald Trump, endorsed DeSantis in the past as well. What's your point?

@JennaEllisEsq I'm a serious conservative who's supporting President Trump. And there are a lot more of us supporting President Trump than there are supporting DeSantis. President Trump will win in 2024. Hopefully DeSantis won't do anything to lose the MAGA vote in 2028. #TRUMP2024ToSaveAmerica

This is exactly who we need leading our country. #DeSantis2024 🇺🇸 Megyn Kelly: #RonDeSantis helped himself, he was tougher than we've seen and that was the DeSantis that we all fell in love with back when he was battling nasty reporters during Covid.

Time to cancel and totally rethink #bachelorinparadise it’s just not working anymore

@NateBlanchett @miguel4congress The woman in Florida said “I refuse to let Ron DeSantis ruin my child.”

@RenoCiccotta Bullshit. Trump debated Ted Cruz, who's an extremely intelligent, well-educated man & a master debater, and he's spent the last 8 yrs taking on-the-spot questions from a hostile media. DeSantis is the one you should worry about. What does Trump know about him?

@DeSantisWarRoom @RonDeSantis I watched the rerun of the debate, and just like the previous one, I did not see DeSantis standing out at all.

Barely 4m watched the last debate. The polls are fake. Desantis isn't in double digits.…

@RpsAgainstTrump FL Dem Party is playing so dirty, stripping every FL Voter of having options. Nobody wants Joe, and Marianne is polling higher than DeSantis & the rest of the other Candidtes Democrats in full Dictator mode. #Marianne2024 #Freedom #BALLOTWATCH

The right is reporting me now. I commented about it NOT being Ronald Dion DeSantis time. Not even my Rand's time yet, but Ronald should keep governing away🤦🏼‍♀️

@PastorDScott For every “hostile and abrasive” DeSantis supporter there are 100 Trump cultists that are incomparably worse.

DeSantis Responds with Genius Idea After Dems Pushed for more Gun Control…

GOV. DeSantis Responds with Genius Idea After Dems Pushed for more Gun Control

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