Top Tweets for Christie

@ScottAdamsSays If she knew, or if Christie knew, they would have thrown it back in Viveks face so fast. It was completely obvious they had no freaking idea.

@Coaches_Den Christie and hayes should not be playing over wood.

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And here is where Christie is right: none of them want to acknowledge Trump but as long as they don’t, he still sucks the most oxygen. It doesn’t matter how well Nikki Haley put Vivek or DeSantis down. If she can’t hit Trump, it’s moot…

@VivekGRamaswamy You got bodied by Christie last night you little weirdo loser.

Why am I not surprised the New York Times ranked Chris Christie has having won the 4th GOP debate? 1. Chris Christie 6.6/10 2. Nikki Haley 4.9/10 3. DeSantis 4.3/10 4. Vivek 2.0/10 The story was led with calling @VivekGRamaswamy "a clown! And not even one of the good ones."

@MollyObanna @irishvikingette @AngryBlackLady Hives with a *history of anaphylaxis* are not low priority, especially if she had any other symptoms. Given that you are not HER doctor, maybe don't tell her she shouldn't go without knowing her history?

@sincerelycavan He’s better than dlo and Christie in the big stage yall will see

@Steven_Matthew2 I’d imagine Cam/Vando/Christie at all times

@ChristyDanFan Yet Christie loves to comment on it? Ok then.

@charliekirk11 LOL...Chris Christie ended Vivek. Christie made him look like an adolescent boy.

@Nora_TheGreat1 Yes, your argument is a strawman argument. Congrats!

@DC_Draino Why not? Just be honest. Not hard. Republicans can't deliver honest. Maybe Christie right now but not dumpy trumps. But he can't afford time for the people.

It will be a lose-lose situation with the Lakers and the IST in the national media. If they lose on Saturday, then it's a pile on and confirms everything wrong with the Lakers. If they win, then either it was expected or the IST is stupid and meaningless.

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I just can’t. I tried to listen to @HolmesJosh on @megynkelly but when he said Christie was a “truth teller” i HAD TO TURN IT OFF.

@Cullen4Liberty Clearly, Chris Christie is the biggest. Who lied more is hard to say...

@PryceTheHeretic @CatholicCharm @muddymothball @ShiroSpirit Yep. Not that it's shocking, but still. I'm so tired of terrible people like her.

How can it be that no one has yet posted a “Chris Christie at the beach” meme into a GOP debate photo? If I were at all proficient at photoshop, I’d have done it last night.

@GovChristie Who the hell did you talk to. Did anyone even watch. We can’t stand Christie. Ans will keep Joe over him. You must have asked his family.

@Korak855 @TheJamesLasher @simonateba @GovChristie @NikkiHaley @VivekGRamaswamy The individual words aren't a problem. It's the fact you attempt to somehow relate being a victim to a supporter of Chris Christie. That shit doesn't make sense. But you sure seem to amuse yourself. Look, I'm sorry we never picked u to play at recess, but ur proving us right.

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