Top Tweets for Champions League

𝗠𝗪𝟮𝟱 • Stjarnan takes a leap toward Europe • A Pedersen hattrick • The new champions mount a comeback • A late surge can't help ÍBV • Fylkir snag a point with 10 men • Fram finally gets three points to send Keflavík down #bestadeildin

@gavinjohnhunt12 says he was told that he can crash out of the CAF Champions League in the first round and finish 6th in the league. This the new standard at a club like @KaizerChiefs ?🤔 #OnsideZA

El seleccionado de los Alazanes de Granma, en representación de Cuba, debutó con victoria de 3-1 ante su similar de Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks (Halcones Rojos) de Estados Unidos en la primera jornada de la I Champions League del béisbol.…

ManUnited - Copenhagen📌 Pair Available🎟️🎟️ Old Trafford, Manchester📍 24th of October📅 DM FOR INQUIRIES!✉️ #MUFCtickets #MUFCspares #unitedspares #unitedtickets #MUFC_FAMILY #MUFC #ManchesterUnited #ChampionsLeague

@ltarsenal Arsenal were unbeaten in champions league that year until that final. Arsenal got robbed that night.

@Pokemon Blue: "And now! I am the Pokémon League Champion! Do you know what that means? I'll tell you! I am the most powerful trainer in the world!" This combined with the Champion battle music always gave me goosebumps ✨

@OkeOgbonna @ChampionsLeague You need to win something, score goals, make assist, do sth reasonable other than dance around the pitch to win the ballon d'or

@ChampionsLeague Words can’t describe the great dribbler from the country of Nig where legends are made, he’s moves is unpredictable, he’s shots can’t be explained by rocket science, he’s goal quality stands test of time, even Oliver Kahn was a victim of his quality, he’s name JJ Okocha

@kazakiluana Chelsea Football Club esta mais virgem Do que Azeite Galo #ChampionsLeague

Friday footy ⚽️ ALL teams, (excluding Hoffenheim) have champions league games next week , Tuesday or Wednesday.

But i was told Barcelona paid the refs to win the titles? 1959 Champions League Final Real Madrid vs Frankfurt.

Emma Hayes: "We've lost four opening games in a row. That's my concern. I want to win on Sunday first before I win the Champions League." #CFCW @NizaarKinsella

@ChampionsLeague Funny how none of these resorted to goal.

Barcelona didn’t play in the Champions League for 2 years. What are you saying?😭😭…

@number1koko @AdeyemiOlaolu12 @AbjaFCB You didn’t answer my question, did we use laliga badge at champions league?

@ChampionsLeague Obvious rigging as you can seen here

@the_berneese_ Barcelona weren’t in the champions league advanced stages for the last couple years. Believe me no one will lose anything by banning that fraud of a club. And they’ll still watch the UCL and support every team that draws against Madrid lol.

2-for-2. Topped off a league trophy with a Champion’s League…

@Blue_Footy William said he went to Arsenal to win the champions league only for us to win it that year 😂😂😭😭

@JudeRM5 Please... can we collect 2011 and 2013 champions league too

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