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@ZMannZilla -But also it is cool to have your stuff out there. The Bray Wyatt/Bliss shirt that was designed and then sold through WWE shop is a good example. Although no idea what agreements were made there with the designer.

Those who're attending #WWE #ExtremeRules, if the #whiterabbit is anyone other than #BrayWyatt then if the show is underway do a mass exit, if it is completed do a mass stay & don't leave, just shout #wewantbray @Windham6 Let's show @WWE @WWEUniverse @TripleH what we're made of

Listen to "Ep 132: Bray Wyatt's Nightmare!" by Beautiful Feet Podcast. ⚓…

@Ischuetter @jodiedebb @CWrestlingUK @InsidersPW Could be a possibility my friend but at the same time we may get a 6th QR code tomorrow which represents Wyatt 6 and then at Extreme Rules on Saturday we get the confirmation of Bray Wyatt whether its a video package or him showing up after the main event to close the show. 😤 👊

🚨New Episode🚨: Rabbit Season On today’s show we are joined by The Asian Rabbit @GetChoPodcast as we recap - #WWERAW - #WWENXT - #AEW - #Smackdown - White Rabbit 🐇 Bray Wyatt - RUMORS & NEWS Click here to tap in 🎧: 📺:

You mean the same dude that said the following was gonna happen at Clash at the Castle: Bray Wyatt was returning Karrion Kross was gonna be added to Drew vs Roman Sasha was also returning And Drew was 1000% winning the title…

Anybody realize that the QR code on raw takes you to a website address in binary that translates to “gacy”? Everybody thinking Bray is coming and we’re getting a Joe Gacy call up #whiterabbit #BrayWyatt #wwe #mondaynightraw #wweraw

El White Rabbit y la voz de Bray Wyatt aparecen en una publicación de la banda Code Orange…

-En el URL de la página web aparecía un Código binario que al traducirlo del binario tenía la palabra GACY, que formarían parte del nombre de un luchador de #WWENXT llamado Joe Gacy, quien más de una vez a sido comparado con Bray Wyatt.

-La imagen se relaciona de la manera en que cuando The Fiend fue traicionado por Alexa en WrestleMania 37, Bray Wyatt subió una foto de Sansón y Dalila a Twitter

Y la otra es que Azazel fue parte de la inspiración para la creación de la Sister Abigail cuando Bray Wyatt era The Eater of Worlds.

-Si buscamos este número en Google te llevará a la una ciudad llamada Windham que resulta ser el nombre real de Bray Wyatt, también en la ciudad Corbin hay un hotel con el nombre Wyndham.

-La puerta se relacionó con la antigua bio de Twitter de Bray Wyatt, que decía "He who opens the doors below". -La palabra Patricide, se traduciría como padrecidio que resulta curioso ya que en una promoción antigua de Bray Wyatt dijo que el había matado a su padre.

-Hay un círculo rojo al inicio del video algo que se vinculó rápidamente a Bray Wyatt algo que ha estado presente en varios tweets suyos. -Las primeras 5 letras que toca el conejo deletrean la palabra Demon, algo que también se ha relacionado con The Fiend...

Also bought this WWE Superstars Bray Wyatt action figure…

@KingShak05 Everybody in the wwe universe is as Stacked that the white rabbit scared Theme feed your head will Reveled and Marks the return of the Fiend Bray Wyatt this Saturday at Extreme [email protected]#WhiteRabbit @#Feedyourhead @#TheFiendBrayWyatt @#ExtremeRules

@AlexaDaGOAT The white rabbit scared Theme Riddle feed your head will finally be revealed and marks the return of the Fiend Bray Wyatt this Saturday October 8th at wwe extreme rules #@whiterabbit @#feedyourhead @#TheFiendBrayWyatt

#WWEExtremeRules predictions: Matt Riddle over Seth Rollins Brawling Brutes over IMPERIUM Bayley over Bianca Belair Karrion Kross over Drew McIntyre Liv Morgan over Ronda Rousey Finn Bálor over Edge And the White Rabbit will be.... Bray Wyatt W or L?

@Marty83461594 I would guess Bray Wyatt does appear at Extreme Rules, or there is going to be a lot of disappointed fans.

@owenmc00 Does Bray Wyatt make an appearance at WWE's Extreme Rules Event?

WWE: Sean Ross Sapp debunks head-scratching Bray Wyatt rumour ahead of return How anyone believes this guys crap is beyond me .. he’s literally wrong about everything he predicts .. Sapp has called him out several times now ..…

Or "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt vs Daniel Bryan - Universal Title Strap Match: Royal Rumble 2020

John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt - Steel Cage Match: WWE Extreme Rules 2014

@FatalStevenYT This is giving me so much hope that Bray Wyatt might still make it in the game 🤞🏽

Check out WWE “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt Shirt with Attached Championship Belt One Size New… #eBay via @eBay

Bray Wyatt is doing irreversible damage on society, I'm out here seeing rabbits in my dreams. 😭

🚨 Bray Wyatt é visto treinando Fred do Desimpedidos em vídeo do Coach Motivacional Toguro

what if there was a wrestler who had a finn balor/demon or bray wyatt/fiend alternate persona gimmick but it was their homestuck fantroll

@Vince_WF @AndradeElIdolo Yea i did read the message. I don’t believe if it were written by someone else you would’ve put it. Bray Wyatt said something similar actually. So yea, you favor Sammy.

@SethBanks_MMI @JiiheeM @CatchNewz Pas vraiment non, la WWE a eu son lot de drama ces 5 dernières années : Matt Riddle, Velveteen Dream, Enzo Amore, Sin Cara, Simon Gotch, Jimmy Uso, Sasha Banks et Naomi, Vince McMahon, Bray Wyatt, John Laurinaitis, Paige, Alberto Del Rio, Big Ca$$ etc.

Jajaj pero si no es Bray Wyatt hombre, un ecuatoriano queriendo hacerse el chistoso burlandose de alguien por su peso...…

@CWrestlingUK Have you seen that Bray Wyatt went back and liked a lot of his old tweets?

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