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Classement par étoiles de la communauté Cageside : Bray Wyatt contre LA Knight…

@WrestlingDazeYT Daze i agree with you that match was good i liked it iam happy that bray wyatt won

@DorbyAllen Def not 98%, but maybe like a low 8/10. Bray Wyatt really brought the show down as a whole, and Nia Jax didn't help either 😒

@ringsidenews_ no and take bray wyatt, Nia Jax, flop dollar and Kross with you

Pour le Pitch Black Match entre LA Knight et Bray Wyatt, vous êtes satisfait ?

@Watchthesmoke1 Once it’s up all I ask for is credit been working really hard for this to get it done because I want people to have a way of having this badass Bray Wyatt look! 😎

Some of my Wrestlemania 39 plans Seth Rollins Vs Logan Paul Edge vs Finn Balor Bianca Belair vs Rhea Ripley John Cena vs Austin Theory Sami & KO vs Usos Brock Lesnar vs Bobby Lashley Gunther vs Sheamus vs Drew Stone Cold vs LA Knight Bray Wyatt vs Karrion Kross Roman vs Cody

@ThegeXFactor @DonavanTerbay @SetherPlays @SavageCAWs @Pro2KCAW @DX4LIFEE @MisterFiendX @PHENOMCAWS @OVERRIIDE7994 Could you upload the face paint as an image? I literally cannot download another Bray Wyatt, and don’t want to delete all the images😭

@BigPanch5 @reigns_era You thought you were gonna get a classic from Bray Wyatt in a Mountain Dew sponsored match?

Wanted to share here .. so all of you can understand me a bit better about the #BrayWyatt content…

I decided to re-watch the Pitch Black Match. …If you Turn the lights on, You have a decent match with a good strong win for Bray Wyatt.

2 years waiting for the awful Bray Wyatt match 😂 😂 Crowd wasn't interested at all until that stupid dive from Uncle howdy 😂 #WWE #RoyalRumble

@freedompimp2012 @StuntCali The Bray Wyatt Dairy Queen Bluzzard ™️ match

@crxpford i think they used la knight /because/ he's so grounded. now it sets the precedent that anyone's vulnerable to it etc but yeah. underwhelming match. the idea of bray wyatt as an in-ring performer far outweighs the reality of it and it has been that way for a long time

If that was the end of the LA Knight and Bray Wyatt feud I’ll just say that this man provided some absolute gold for weeks 😂

that Mtn Dew Pitch Black match between Bray Wyatt and LA Knight was better than it had any right to be

@InsidersPW People got to stop and let the storyline & character cook a little bit more , see I consider myself @Windham6 #1 fan like everyone in this platform the match was good for me for others not so good but guess what am just happy #BrayWyatt is back in #WWE.

What’s next for @AlexaBliss_WWE? For me personally I would have her and bray Wyatt join forces and start the Wyatt 6 stable with more people joining the stable With uncle howdy on the other-hand I would have him bray and Alexa all join forces. Or he could torment them both.

@arielhelwani $7.7million and they served those fans up some Bray Wyatt bullshit 🤣

@WWEgames where is the new informations for 2k23 bray wyatt playable Bronson Reed playable cora jade playable where is entrance of The american nightmare Cody rhodes

@abadon_AEW Looks like you're about to go 6 minutes with Bray Wyatt. AND NO, NOT LIKE THAT, YOU PERVS!!!

@MrQuoty @2KFrance @WWEgames @WWEFrance Oui car hier et aujourd'hui c'est interdit pas avant le 31 janvier pour les news alors moi je dit oui dans la semaine tu balance des news dit moi qu'il y aura au moins ces 3 catcheur bray wyatt bronson Reed et Cora jade

For those who watch but don’t understand why #BrayWyatt does what he does like the #PitchBlackMatch .. he’s willing to take risks and do different things. Not just the same old wrestling matches. This was a quote from him during the press conference after #RoyalRumble

This is gonna be thought provoking 💯@Windham6 THE EVOLUTION OF BRAY WYATT | ABBY'S WINDOW: LIVE BRAY WYATT DISCUSSION via @YouTube @InsidersPW @jodiedebb @hostwththemost @D0m_Sm1th

@matthardypod @MATTHARDYBRAND #AskMatt thoughts on the pitch black match at Royal rumble between Bray Wyatt and LA knight

@ImmoralLogic @WONF4W Nah they just need to build up for months and have no pay off like Bray Wyatt and all the other horrible angles not named the Bloodline.

'WWE has a challenge in telling Bray Wyatt's storyline' via @FanSided…

Uma curiosidade sobre o desastre de sábado: - As entradas de Bray Wyatt e LA Knight (com uma promo no meio) duraram 9 minutos. O combate entre eles durou 5 minutos; - Usando como comparação, o combate entre Bianca e Alexa durou 7 minutos e 35 segundos. #RoyalRumble

@LivMaddix The Pitch Black match with Bray Wyatt and LA Knight was good. Really looking forward to seeing what they are going to do going forward

Fans have their thoughts about the Pitch Black match at #RoyalRumble but #WWE has a challenge in telling Bray Wyatt’s story going forward writes .@RGarcia_Sports…

@denverwlr The woman’s rumble was a little boring to me, the raw woman championship match had no chemistry, and the bray Wyatt match was horrible. So for me probably a 70%

@YousefiW لفتتني العبارة.. من جماهير Bray Wyatt?? 😆

Bray Wyatt always delivers in a more cinematic character driven way then his in ring work for the most part and that's perfectly okay. His characters and creations far outweigh everything else he does. It's why he's so liked by so many fans.

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