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@jmsanzot Sospecho que le pagan un plus por esto. Si no, ya no se explica. O eso, o no es la bombilla que más ilumina.

@BirdQuaaludes @DestouchesHenri @CRzazade @abledoc @noclador They either get quiet or say something about it having been for the better good of Armenia or say something like they were terrorists. Literally Xinjiang and Ukraine in one.

@ArchysLife @ThatchEffendi @Fuckbooey @E__Offical Right, ASALA Denier. Dont forget to pay your respects to the Monte Melkonian Statue they are bringing back to Armenia Proper.

@UKR_token Que perseguían y mataban a todo aquel que fuera de ascendencia rusa por eso la guerra sivir en el dombas por que los gringos y europeos no hicieron lo mismo en ayudar a esa gente . Cosa que Rusia se vio en la obligación de hacer por que Armenia no intervino.? Hasta es pregunta

Realisme Beraksi di Nagorno-Karabakh Dalam penguasaan kilat Nagorno-Karabakh oleh Azerbaijan, Armenia justru tidak melawan 🇦🇲. Banyak yang menyebut ini wujud nyata realisme klasik, mengingat power Azerbaijan di kawasan 🇦🇿

@Talomo23 @chrisllayne2 @rybar_force for sure georgia armenia and so on are ridiculous but the euro-maximalists always push for ever more and gradually get their way i agree about turkey - actually i am curious what the chance of a war with turkey are and what would happen

URGENTE | El Fondo Armenia lanza la campaña de Ayuda Humanitaria para refugiados de Artsaj: kits de alimentos e higiene y artículos de necesidad para bebés y niños. En una segunda etapa incluirá la entrega de vestimenta, (hilo)

@Refugees Your "deeply concerns " brought us here. Either help them and show it or stay quiet and move on as the people of Artsakh and Armenia continue to be eliminated. Your "deep concerns" do more damage than good.

Depois de Nagorno Karabakh, será a Armênia a próxima? | Civis estão sendo evacuados em Stepanakert, a capital de Nagorno Karabakh, após o ataque azeri em 19 de setembro. Dados da administração local estimam uma população de 120 mil pessoas |

@ugc_armenia Según los principios constitucionales, ¿Cuáles son las funciones que debería usted cumplir si llega a ganar? #CandidatosGobernación #Quindío #UGC

@notgiveroff @ArchysLife @ThatchEffendi But they didn't. So what's your point. By the way, the context of these threats was the ongoing war btw. Armenia and Azerbaijan. So the "threats" did not come out of nowhere.

¿ Guerra entre Azerbaiyán y Armenia ? No más por favor 🙏 viva la paz

@clashreport Armenia woken up and understood finally who is Russia . Because Russia is not a friend and can try to take what is left after Azerbaijan. Georgia and Armenia in danger to become Belarus 2 and 3. Hope I’m wrong

@UNWatch Fled? Who are the fleeing? I didnt see anyone chasing them. They are voluntarily resettling to Armenia because after being financed & armed by Armenia for 28 yrs, the junta regime that they setup inside Azerbaijan has been dismantled, and the civilians refuse to live under……

@notgiveroff @ArchysLife @ThatchEffendi This is what I am saying. TR has no territorial claims on Armenia.

@AirbnbHelp @Airbnb_in @Airbnb it’s unimaginable that airbnb will force a solid traveler to bear cancellation cost owing to political unrest in Armenia where over 1 lakh refugees have entered in 24 hours. Having explained the situation over call and in writing they’re still

@ArchysLife @ThatchEffendi @Fuckbooey @E__Offical So you want to make me believe that ASALA had nothing to do with Armenia. Not the current one, not with the soviet state of Armenia, nothing at all. And you call other people "deniers." Ridiculous.

@supergaussian @ArchysLife @ThatchEffendi Armenia barely has any territory. Turks took most of it. Turkey can't have territorial claims otherwise it can't be in NATO.

@Aleksandros111 No, we need peace with Azerbaijan and Armenia and this is the step. If we have peace, we can build pipeline from Kazakhstan to Europe through Azerbaijan , Armenia and Turkey making up for the lost Russian gas.

President Aliyev's message to those who disseminate alarming predictions about Azerbaijan's intentions to invade Armenia's Southern territory: "Had we harbored such intentions, we wouldn't have ceased military operations on September 20."

@War_Mapper 28/28 Con todo esto finaliza el conflicto. Esperemos que no haya limpiezas etnicas de parte de Azerbaiyán a la población armenia en la región. Aunque decenas de miles de armenios se fueron a Armenia, aún hay más de 50.000 armenios viviendo en el Karabakh.

🎙️🇷🇺🇦🇿 #Kremlin spokesman #Peskov on the possibility of extending the mission of #Russian peacekeepers in Nagorno-Karabakh: This is #Azerbaijan's territory, and the issue will be discussed with #Baku. #NagornoKarabakh #Armenia #Karabakh #Putin

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