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Thank you very much @ChrisHarrisADG. I really appreciate the kind words and thank you for everything you do for the #SAFEMOONARMY brah. 🙏🙏🙏…

O nosso primeiro @TwitterSpaces em português está aqui gravado para a posteridade e isto ninguém nos tira 🇵🇹🌍🚀🌑 Obrigado a TODOS pelo vosso tempo e dedicação We are #SAFEMOONARMY And #SAFEMOON is the #EVOLUTION…

If you HODL in the SFmoon WLT & want to have no ties to T/W (you input your phrase from T/W to your SFmoon WLT). Make an additional WLT inside SFmoon WLT, transfer (2% fee) to ur new one (multi WLT) now you’re not synced with T/W #safemoonV2 #safemoon @safemoon #safemoonARMY

@TheFudHound⁩ ⁦@CptHodl#safemoon #safemoonarmy Do we have the best security? Have you guys looked into this patent and spoken to Ram Pemmaraju? I just want to help make sure SFM is protected. This is a must have for the future of Metaverse.…

#Hello, #SAFEMOONARMY! Long-term investments Examples in the image 😉 Discipline and patience are two key factors when investing Remember Patience is a virtue of few 💎 #SAFEMOON IS THE #EVOLUTION 💥

@SFMoon_RO_GOTTI @CptHodl @TheFudHound @safemoon I think the buy button should be implemented the same time as the BlockChain. Whilst we’re tied to BNB, even a one-click process has to buy BNB and convert to SFM which involves 2 BNB fees. #SAFEMOONARMY #SAFEMOONWALLET #SAFEMOONBLOCKCHAIN

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