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Week 5... Players Of The Week Zaxby's POTW - Armari Durham Offensive POTW - Jaxson Lawrence @Jaxsonlawrence6 Defensive POTW - Dayshuan Copeland @d1day4 For #Exit130 #BoroBoyz #PayTheFEE @RecruitGeorgia @NEGARecruits @CoachJohnson_13

The Lights will be on in Tiger Stadium This Week! MS Home games Monday and Wednesday! JV Home game on Thursday! Varsity Resting up for the "The Blueprint"! For #Exit130 #BoroBoyz #PayTheFee

When given a task under the SUN, never leave it until it’s done. Be the labor GREAT or small, do it well or not at all! #paythefee

If your product is better 🫡 If your marketing is better 🫡 If your pricing & timing is better 🫡 It is not though so you had to copy #JustPlayFair or #PayTheFee…

Players of the Week - Wilkinson County Zaxby's Team POTW - Travez Gibson - 3 Rushing TDs @travezgibson4 Special Teams POTW - Gonnie Armstrong - Fumble Recovery on Kickoff - Defensive POTW - BJ Mullens - Pick 6 #BoroBoyz #PayTheFEE For #Exit130 @NEGARecruits @RecruitGeorgia

#BenedictTigers come to Duval you already know where imma be.. 🎯✌🏾 #GoTigers #PayTheFee 💜💛💜💛💜💛

Go Tigers! It’s always great to get a word on Friday Night after the team meal. We appreciate @SCMidlandsFCA for coordinating to get us an FCA rep in Jacksonville, Florida last night! Psalms 119:97! #EyesonthePRIZE #CWCW #ColaBuilt #DigDeep #RARE #PayTheFEE #TheBESTofBC

GOD deserves the Glory! Proverbs 24:10 If you falter in a time of trouble, how small is your strength! The Boys handled the adversity of a 6pm Start on the road! The coaches had them prepared... For #Exit130 #BoroBoyz #PayTheFEE…

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