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I ♥️ when my fav pop girlies visit me at work! 🥹 @elliegoulding 🎥📸 . . live on #IDOLFINALE ON RN WATCH N VOTE ✔️

Yg ada ntr si salma nguji dosen2nnya di ISI wkwkwkkw... btw once agai congrats salma .... #salmasalsabil #IndonesianIdol2023 #IdolFinale…

🎉 Congratulations to Iam Tongi, the new champ of #AmericanIdol! 🏆 The judges couldn't be happier for him! 🌟 His incredible talent and vibrant personality truly earned him this victory 👏 #IdolFinale via @accesshollywood

one touch and she is even more perfect. I love you Katy Perry 💝 📱 I used presets love from AirBrushApp #AirBrushApp #KatyPerry #IdolFinale

@AmericanIdol @wtongi @megandanielle @DisneyCruise I voted for both I got really excited when Megan made it to the final #IdolFinale @megandanielle @wtongi congratulations IAM 😎

Hawaii's Iam Tongi Has Been Crowned The Newest American Idol For Its 21st Season @wtongi @AmericanIdol #iamtongi #IdolFinale

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