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@phinsforlife305 Perfect night to kick ass and take names! #FinsUp

Long time dolphin fan…ever since my pops got me a Marino jersey in ‘86 ! Inflation has been tough on us like every1 but since Coach has brought the fire we needed as well as @cheetah @D1__JW my personal favorite @HollywoodVon we will be at the game Sunday ! #FinsNation #finsup

Search “Tua and Herbert” You won’t believe how many human beings think Tua is the better QB in the National Football League. How many believe that THIS game will prove their beliefs 😂 Tua fans, ya gotta understand the MVP of this team is Tyreek Hill. F. A. C. T. S. #FinsUp

@RealSkipBayless By this logic, Tua is undefeated vs Belichick Defense, the Belichick that is a 7 time SB HC.. I guess Tua is a Hall of Famer by this logic.. #FinsUp

@ian693 anywhere in FLA to order Tyreek jersey for the boy for Christmas? Fanatics & NFLShop all out! #FinsUp

This broadcast is so awful they have to pump up Mayfield to generate interest. Miami would wallop both these scrubs. #finsup

@kingknowsball I love TUA. Burrow has been to Super Bowl so you just can’t ignore that. TUA take the @MiamiDolphins to the Super Bowl please !!!! #finsup

Anthrax, Public Enemy - Bring Tha Noize (Official Music Video) via @YouTube #FinsUp

@FIFINEMIC @FIFINEMIC it’s absolutely amazing quality ! It’s honestly imo equally as good as my Audio-Technica and my Bluebird Sparx mic I used for my music endeavors. Exquisite 👍🏽 #fifine #forthewin #DolphinsDebrief #KingDTA #MiamiDolphins #FinsUp #ContentCreator

LL COOL J - Going Back To Cali (Official Music Video) via @YouTube #FinsUp

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