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next year, the award has to go to Joshua. it's a need, not a question. #FaveTourPhotographer 🫶

@joshuahalling @HSLT28I @Louis_Tomlinson Thank you for all your phenomenal photos. We did our best at the iHeartAwards. Can't wait for FITFWOLRDTOUR2023 and all your new pics. #FaveTourPhotographer 💜

@joshuahalling @iHeartRadio Thank you @joshuahalling for being MY #FaveTourPhotographer and capturing one of my favorite moments 🖤 well done to all the photographers!…

#iHeartAwards #FaveTourPhotographer #iHeartAwards2023 📸 “Photographing... is putting one’s head, one’s eye, and one’s heart on the same axis.” Henry Cartier-Bresson. and these here are all excellent photographers.

The announcement of the #FaveTourPhotographer winner on the iHeartAwards red carpet tonight ! Congrats Lloyd, you deserve this award so much 🫶

TODAY is THE DAY wishing only good luck to @joshuahalling #JoshuaHalling for #FaveTourPhotographer at the #iHeartAwards 🤍🇵🇾 Thank u so much for my BEST ever photo with Louis. 💌

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