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D A Y 3 🌎 Alzheimer's & Brain Health Awareness with #SIP #DYK What we do every day, can have more of an impact on your chances of developing #Alzheimers or other #dementias? Lifestyle interventions in diet, mental health, socialization & even sleep can play a major role!

An estimated 55 million people are living with Alzheimer's disease or related #dementias. The disease worsens with time, requiring caregiver assistance. @NIHAging 's Dr. Keenan Walker is exploring factors that contribute to the disease. Read: #NIH_IRP

Interested in learning more about #Alzheimers disease and related #dementias? Sign up to receive weekly emails on research, clinical trials, and resources for people living with #dementia, #caregivers, and families:

Did you know that singing-based music therapy can significantly improve the well-being of individuals with #Alzheimer's and related #dementias? Learn more:…

Session 2: Prof. Olivier Piguet This will focus on clinical aspects not in in the consensus diagnostic criteria for frontotemporal #dementias, but increase diagnostic sensitivity and specificity, including social cognition, neurophysiological, metabolic, and neuroimaging markers.

📢We are looking for two research practitioners to join our friendly & supportive multi-disciplinary team of clinicians, allied health professionals & scientists Closing date: 14/06/23 apply here➡️ #MS #MND #Parkinsons #dementias #clinicaltrials #EDINBURGH

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